Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 586.2 - Subdue, offends the Dongyang Family (Part 2)

Chapter 586: Subdue, offends the Dongyang Family (Part 2)

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu…” The man checked the woman’s breath. He sighed with relief when he saw that the woman was still breathing. He then quickly took the medicine from his body and put it between the woman’s nose.

Not long after, the woman woke up and said weakly, “Brother Qi, are you okay?”

“I am alright.” The man helped the woman to sit up, but the woman exclaimed: “Ah…it hurts.”

“Xiao Wu, where does it hurt?” The man looked concerned but didn’t dare to move her.

Xiao Wu took a breath and said with a pale face: “My back, legs, and ribs are broken. Brother Qi, my legs didn’t have any strength.”

Xiao Wu looked at her twisted legs as fear flashed in her eyes: “Brother Qi, are my legs broken?” Can her legs be saved?

“Of course not, you are just injured. Brother Qi will take you back to the Central Empire and let the Imperial Doctors treat you. You will be fine soon.” The man busily comforted the woman, but when the woman was not paying attention, his eyes flashed with self-blame and guilt.

Xiao Wu’s leg…it can’t be cured.

“Brother Qi, can my legs be really cured? The woman was like a drowning person grabbing driftwood and asked nervously.

The man nodded his head heavily: “You believe me, it will be good. If the imperial doctor can’t treat it, I will find you a dragon soul grass. It will be better once you take a dragon soul grass.”

“I believe Brother Qi.” Xiao Wu calmed down when she heard this, then looked at the black big python not far away and asked: “Brother Qi, where’s the snake gall? Have you got it?”

“No, the snake gall was broken by me.” The man said with regret.

Xiao Wu’s face paled, “The snake gall is gone? Brother Qi… then did we struggle for nothing?” Xiao Wu looked at her legs as tears falling: “Brother Qi, it’s all my fault. If it wasn’t for me… …You would be able to get the snake. Without the snake gall, how would we save eldest brother’s eyes? It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, Brother Qi, if I didn’t get into trouble, we should have the snake gall by now. Eldest brother’s eyes may be restored. Brother Qi… …”

“It’s none of your business. It is I who didn’t protect you.” The man also regretted it. For the black big python’s gall, they traveled all over the four countries of the north, the south, the west, and the east, and finally found one. They finally found a 100-year-old black big python, but in the end, they didn’t get the snake gall.

“No, it’s nothing to do with BrotherQi, it’s… that woman. Yes, it’s that woman, she didn’t help. Brother Qi, it was all her fault, if it wasn’t for her to be timid and afraid of death. How could we not get the snake gall? How could something happen to my leg?” Xiao Wu refused to admit her own shortcoming. And refused to admit that her brother was at fault, so she pushed all the faults on Lin Chujiu.

The man naturally knew that this matter had nothing to do with Lin Chujiu, but he saw Xiao Wu’s hideous look. He was afraid that something wrong might happen to her, so he only followed her words: “Yes, it’s all that woman’s fault. Don’t be sad Xiao Wu.”

Xiao Wu nodded her head vigorously, echoing the man’s words: “Brother Qi, that woman is vicious. I want to kill her, I must kill her. I, Dongyang Ruowu, swear in the name of the Dongyang family, I must kill the one who hurt my legs and made my eldest brother’s eyes unable to recover. Brother Qi, so are you. When you see that woman, you must never let her go. You must kill her to avenge me and my brother.”

Seeing that Xiao Wu had turned into a pampered devil, the man was afraid that retorting her might lose her control, so he nodded in agreement: “Okay, let’s kill her to avenge you and the eldest brother.”

That’s right, these brothers and sisters were a young master and a young lady of the Dongyang Family, the head of the Seven Great Aristocratic Families in the Central Empire… …

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