Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Upper hand and wanting to seek Wangfeis favor

Being called useless right under your nose is really an unfortunate thing to happen. Lin Chujiu wanted to curse him back because she feels sorry for herself. But

When Lin Chujiu saw Xiao Tianyaos deep and cold eyes, she tried to extinguish the anger that had ignited in her heart instead. Then, she lowered her head and said: Being called useless is better than being dead. She wont be able to accept it more if she will die soon.

But, Lin Chujiu think that if shell just endure him forever, then one day shell go outbreak in abnormal silence.

Really useless! Xiao Tianyao took two steps away from her first before he turned around and said those words with a tone that is full of disgust and contemptuous attitude. So obviously, a person would definitely get offended.

At that moment, Lin Chujiu gritted her teeth and said: You youre too much! Seriously, her heart is as soft as a persimmon, but why does he keep on pinching her temper?

She had really tolerated Xiao Tianyao for many times now!

Too much? Benwang is too much, how can you say so? Xiao Tianyao looks at her in her eyes while sitting on his wheelchair.

Earlier, Xiao Tianyaos tall body was blocking the light. So, when he sat in his wheelchair, Lin Chujius line of sight instantly got brighten so she noticed the contempt expression on his eyes.

When she saw the look in his eyes, Lin Chujiu felt like she got stabbed in the heart. After all, she didnt do anything to him. She didnt cause him any trouble. So, why is he looking at her as if she was a garbage?

Does he know that even an orphan who got transported to a foreign land could also have a proud heart and self-esteem too?

Lin Chujius eyes got a bit teary in humiliation and couldnt hold back her emotion anymore. So, she stares back at him angrily. Her stare was so fierce as if she is willing to cut off his throat and took Xiao Tianyaos life.

What? You have the courage now? Xiao Tianyao said while stroking the tip of the arrows head.

If its just the usual situation, Lin Chujiu will just stand still. However, right now, she really had enough.What did she do wrong anyway for them to threaten her?

Earlier, the Emperor, the Empress, and the Crown Prince had bullied her but now that she got back., Xiao Tianyao was bullying her. Why does everyone is trying to bully her?

Wangye, dont forget, I was bestowed by the Emperor to be your wangfei. Lin Chujius face turns cold and said it slowly word for word.

What? Are you trying to pressure benwang now? A flashed of disappointment was shown on Xiao Tianyaos eyes.

Is she finally going to exposed herself?

He knew that she wouldnt be that simple because she was given by the Emperor.

No, I am not trying to pressure you, your highness. I just wanted to remind you that not unless I would commit adultery or made an unforgivable mistake or I died, I will still be your Wangfei. Similarly, even if Wangye died I will still stay as your Wangfei. Lin Chujius tone particularly got heavy when she said her last sentence. Her tone seems threatening him.

Are you threatening benwang? Xiao Tianyaos face still looks so cold but didnt show any trace of anger.

Lin Chujiu shook her head and said:, No, I wouldnt dare to threaten wangye. I just wanted to state these facts. She just wanted to state these things if ever Xiao Tianyao failed to remember who is she.

Didnt she cooperate enough? After entering his mansion, didnt she behave well? She doesnt want to intervene in any of his business, so she sent away all the Lin Familys maidservant. She really cant understand what else is keeping him unsatisfied with her?

Even if you wanted to take benwangs life, you still dont have the ability. Xiao Tianyao sneers, but he no longer has the contempt look in his face.

He only just realized and found out that Lin Chujiu was also a proud and sensitive woman. And it seems she really hate it when a person was looking at her with full of contempt. He knows that shes an arrogant lady, so how would he expect her to have a sensitive temper?

Xiao Tianyao thought that Lin Chujiu will no longer say anything, so he didnt expect her to sneer back at him and look at him with a haughty face while saying arrogantly: If a doctor had planned to kill you, it will be really hard to detect. So, dont go and look for one unless your life is really in danger.

After she finished saying her words, Lin Chujiu just left and no longer bother if Xiao Tianyao will get angry or not.

If a doctor had planned to kill benwang, it will be really hard to detect?Xiao Tianyao said while looking at the departing figure of Lin Chujiu and only diverted his line of sight when a guard came in to report the situation that had happened outside.

Unsurprisingly, the assassin had run away and wasnt even got discovered by the guardsmen. Xiao Tianyao didnt hesitate to throw the arrow he took in front of the guard and said: Go and check where this arrow came from.

The arrows head is a new model, but the fine iron that was used in it is the same in the military and no ordinary workshop could attain it.

Yes, the guard immediately answered and retreated, but before the guard passed through the door. Xiao Tianyao added: And also, find Liu Bai and tell him to come.

However, when Liu Bai heard about the assassination attempt. He didnt wait to be called by Xiao Tianyao and just took the initiative to come to his place to see if he didnt get injured. And when Liu Bai gets inside, he saw all the scars on the wall.

Although the arrow is a new model, but based on its force and style. Its definitely Zhou Si. Zhou Si might be a notorious murderer, but he has a good reputation when it comes to his job. Once he took the job, he will not give up no matter what, even if the employer himself ask him to stop. Liu Bai said while looking at Xiao Tianyao with full of worries.

At the night of Xiao Tianyaos wedding, Zhou Si also sent out three arrows towards the room and almost shot Lin Chujiu.

So, to be targeted by such a person is definitely not good.

Zhou Si?Xiao Tianyao sneers while tapping the table: He is only an assassin so benwang will not put him in his eyes. He may have a good reputation but he is still a runaway killer. Such impudent person is not qualified to stand in front of benwang.

What do you want to do? Liu Bais eyes got brighter, he knew Xiao Tianyao will definitely fight back. This Zhou Si will soon face his death.

Only an assassin could go against an assassin. And benwang doesnt have time to play with him, so just go and find an assassin. Benwang is willing to spend money to buy his life. Xiao Tianyao turns back his wheelchair and slowly said: Give 100,000 liang to anyone that will take Zhou Sis life for benwang.

An assassin could understand an assassin the most, so Xiao Tianyao only needs to use his silvers to solve this matter and he no longer needs to get worried.

Ok, I know what to do. Liu Bai immediately nodded his head because he could no longer wait to solve this matter. But, when he turned around to go, Xiao Tianyao stopped him: Wait.

Is there anything else?Liu Bai turns around again and asked.

Go and tell Divine Doctor Mo to wait for another 10 days to treat Benwangs legs. Lin Chujiu reminded him to be careful so he need to be cautious: In addition, tell him to give us a list of all the medicine he will use for benwangs treatment.

Huh? Is there a problem? Liu Bai had sensed that there is a problem, but he couldnt identify what exactly is it.

None, just do as benwang said. Xiao Tianyao did not explain much to Liu Bai unlike when he is with Su Cha.

I know, but Liu Bai bluntly said while touching his head and embarrassingly said: Wont it make Divine Doctor Mo unhappy? What will we do if he lost his interest to treat you?

At first, they had tried everything to please Divine Doctor Mu, but now it seems like they dont trust his medicine skills anymore. So, he would definitely be unhappy about it.

Tell Divine Doctor Mo, benwangs wangfei loves medicine so she wants to know what could be those medicine that will cure benwangs injury. So, benwang is asking for the list of medicine to pleased wangfei. Xiao Tianyao just bluntly said and didnt even hesitated to use Lin Chujiu as his shield.

Lin Chujiu know some medicine, so if Divine Doctor Mo learn that its because of her. Divine Doctor Mo could only believe that it has nothing to with him. Additionally, he didnt make him lose his face.

Is this reason really ok? Liu Bai got stunned for a moment. Then, felt like things are not quite right. After all, Xiao Tianyao could think for a more believable reason than this.

Why not? Benwang likes wangfei, so its only natural to please her. Xiao Tianyao said while taking advantage of the situation. Completely ignoring the coldness in his eyes and emotionless tone

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