Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Conspiracy and almost married Lin Chujiu

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Xiao Zians legs did not shrink and dont have any problems. Additionally, it looks very normal just like the other people, but he cant walk. Lin Chujiu had already completed her diagnosis, but for some reason, she still couldnt understand what is wrong with him.

Imperial Aunt, is there something wrong? Xiao Zian looks at Lin Chujiu and frown. He couldnt help but ask her a question.

Oh nothing, but the condition of your legs make me feel strange. After the medical system inform Lin Chujiu that the diagnosis is now complete, she finally withdrew her hands.

Is there really no problem? I just couldnt walk? Xiao Zian asks Lin Chujiu with doubt.

It is not a secret that the emperors son to Imperial Concubine Zhou has a leg problem, so he missed the chance to get the throne. But, he was still able to get the emperors favor.

So, in order to cure his legs.The emperor invited a lot of different doctors, but unfortunately, no matter how famous those doctors are they couldnt cure his legs because they dont know whats the problem.

He doesnt have any problem on his, but he couldnt walk.

Lin Chujiu look at Xiao Zian and bluntly said her diagnosis without trying to conceal anything: I have never seen or encountered such a disease, but I could say that your legs are not injured. Lin Chujiu had been performing surgery for years. So, she also encountered a lot of patient with bone fractures. But still, she never encounters such a situation like Xiao Zian. And it seems his case is more like a psychological problem.

Lin Chujiu couldnt find and identify the cause of his disease even though he couldnt walk. However, its not just her because even the medical system itself cannot give her the exact diagnosis. And because of that, the medical system wont give her any punishment even if she couldnt treat him. So right now, Lin Chujiu felt relieved because she doesnt want to die in the palace.

Xiao Zian lowered his eyes to cover up the disappointment in his eyes and just said: It seems Fourth Imperial Uncle and I doesnt have the same disease. Im afraid that I cannot offer any help to Imperial Aunt.

Ah? Lin Chujiu got froze at that moment. She just remembers her wonderful reason for their collaboration, so she busily waves her hands and said: Its ok, its really nothing. I only have a little knowledge in medicine. When I got back, I will send some medicine for your royal highness. But, you should ask the Imperial Physician first if you could use them.

The medical system prepared a set of massage oil for Xiao Zian. It looks like a traditional Chinese medicine, but when Lin Chujiu smells that it has a flower scent. She doesnt know if Xiao Zian would really dare to use them.

Thank you, Imperial Aunt. Xiao Zian didnt refuse and didnt dare to say that he wont use them.

The two of them continue their talk. But, after a few more minutes, the Seventh Prince and the doctor finally arrive. The Seventh Princes eyes got red from crying and his tears keep falling so he looks so pitiful.

Xiao Zian is naturally a kind person so his heart got very soft and couldnt bear to see him look so pitiful even though he knows that the Seventh Prince is actually not that really simple.

While the Imperial Doctor is diagnosing and treating Lin Chujiu. Third Prince Xiao Zian called the Seventh Prince and took out a clean handkerchief to wipe the tears on his face: Zimo, dont worry. Imperial Aunt will be fine.

After he said that, the Seventh Prince just lightly cry and didnt dare speak loudly again just like any normal child who did something wrong.

And because there is really nothing wrong about Lin Chujius condition. The Imperial Doctor can only say that she had experience abdominal cramps due to walking around the palace too fast after having lunch. So, the Imperial Doctor gave her pills for indigestion and water. Then, the Imperial Doctor also advice her to take a rest more for about half an hour.

The medical system didnt detect any problem to the pills. So, in order for them to not to get suspicious. Lin Chujiu swallow the pills and said that she was feeling better in less than half an hour. However, Third Prince Xiao Zian and Seventh Prince Xiao Zimo insisted that she should follow the Imperial Doctors instruction and they will just let her go after completing the said time.

So after half an hour, Xiao Zian personally sent out Lin Chujiu and the Seventh Prince on his private courtyard. The Seventh Prince didnt dare to pull Lin Chujiu around and didnt dare to ask her to accompany him to play anymore. So, after another half an hour, they finally arrive to the Empresss quarter to pay a respect before she left. When she arrive, the Empress repeatedly apologize to her and personally sent her out to palace.

So all the way out, Lin Chujiu didnt encounter any problem and everything went smoothly. Finally, Lin Chujius hanging heart could relax: Today, dealing with those people in the palace is temporarily over. But, those people are too shameless even if their act is not too direct.

Lin Chujiu sat comfortably in the carriage to take a break, but her heart couldnt calm down. After all, her mind was constantly thinking about Xiao Zians disease and the poison on the tea cup.

Thankfully, the medical system didnt force her to treat Xiao Zian earlier. But, she wont dare to abandon his case if the medical system ask her to treat him again.

There is no problem with his legs, but he couldnt walk. What could really be the reason for it?

Lin Chujiu tried to think for a long time, but she hasnt encountered a similar case. So, she could only conclude that Xiao Zian couldnt walk because of psychological problem.

And although the medical system was built with a large scale of diagnostic system, but it couldnt detect a persons feeling. So, if there is a person that performed hypnosis to Xiao Zian for him to think that he really couldnt walk. That person would likely be..

Who could that be? The more Lin Chujiu think the more things got complicated. And when she thinks that its because of conspiracy for power. She got scared and divert her thoughts.

Now, she cant even guarantee her own life. So, why would she try to mingle about the problem of other people? Originally, she and Xiao Zian are not familiar with each other. And if the medical system didnt force her to treat him earlier, she wouldnt talk about such things to him.


While Lin Chujiu is thinking about Xiao Zians condition.

Xiao Zian and Imperial Concubine Zhou was talking about her. After all, Xiao Zian got so curious about her: Mu fei (imperial mother), did you know that Imperial Aunt has medical skills?

Lin Chujiu has medical skills? Who said that to you? Imperial Concubine Zhous eyes that look so beautiful just like the autumn instantly got widen in surprise.

Imperial Concubine Zhou is the daughter of the Imperial Strategist of the previous emperor. So, she and the current emperor grew up together and have deep feelings for each other. But, if only the Empresss family are not strong, who knows who will be the East Countrys empress really is

After all, who gave birth to a son who doesnt have any slightest flaw of criticism ah? Especially, Imperial Concubine Zhous beauty is not bad. Her black eyes look so bright and clear and every move she makes look so elegant. Even the Emperor had praised her a couple of times.

Mu fei doesnt know? Xiao Zian got curious even more: If she doesnt have any medical skills, then how could she tell that there is really strange with my legs? Although my situation is not a secret, but she shouldnt have known that much.

She had seen your legs? Imperial Concubine Zhou somewhat got curious: What exactly Lin Chujiu want to do?

Didnt Lin Chujiu like the Crown Prince? When did she ever got interested in her son? And based on Lin Chujius identity, she shouldnt have known that much.

Earlier, she and Seventh younger brother went near to the vicinity of Qing Palace. Then, she suddenly felt uncomfortable so I invited her in to rest for a short moment. Xiao Zian briefly explains the situation.

After listening, Imperial Concubine Zhou just helplessly sighs: Zian, you know that your seventh younger brother is not just a simple child. So, how can you missed to understand his calculations?

Mu fei, why would he still take me so seriously? My legs are useless so I would never get the throne. And also, I dont want to fight for that position. With seventh younger brothers witty personality, he can read those things on my head. Xiao Zian softly persuades because he doesnt want his mother to feel unhappy for such small things.

Who said that he couldnt figure out whats on your head? Thats why he even wanted you to marry Lin Chujiu before. If your Mu fei didnt learn that in advance, you might be now be married to her. Imperial Concubine Zhou looks at Xiao Zian seriously.

Her son was born inside the palace, where people could just eat you alive in just a blink of an eye. So, how could she not get worried.

Mu fei, what are you talking about? I was going to marry Lin , No, I mean Imperial Aunt? Xiao Zian got so surprised and his ears turn red. He couldnt help but remember when Lin Chujiu squats in front of him and touches his legs

At that moment, Lin Chujiu looks so serious and doesnt appear to be so annoying just like the rumor says!

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