Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Respect and I am your elder

April 16, 2017Ai Hrist

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui was still far, but Lin Chujiu had already seen him. She got worried that the situation might still change so she urge Prince Xiaos guardsmen to hurry.

Prince Xiaos guardsmen understands her worries, so they immediate came forward to tie and take the palace guards. However, the palace guards saw the crown prince is coming so they desperately tried to struggle.

Prince Xiaos guardsmen are retired soldiers from war, so they couldnt just take or kill those palace guards in front of the gate of the palace. If they will do so, the emperor could brand them as rebels and go against them.

So, Prince Xiaos guardsmen had taken that possibility into account. They didnt move so fast and aggressive but made sure their actions are accurate. However, the palace guardsmen struggling had caught the crown princes attention. Hes still one hundred meters away from the gate, but the crown prince shouted: Stop, Stop!

After shouting, he sent a eunuch immediately. The eunuch didnt even greet Lin Chujiu when he arrived at the gate and just shouted at Prince Xiaos guardsmen to stop. Prince Xiaos guardsmen didnt stop at once and just look at Lin Chujiu first. When Lin Chujiu nodded her head, thats only when they stop their actions.

When the eunuch saw that things get settle down, he look at the palace guards and ask what had happened. But, the palaces guards exaggerated answers made the eunuchs face turn cold and look towards Lin Chujiu: How dare you to make trouble? Do you still want to live?

The eunuchs arrogance and insolent attitude had made Lin Chujiu change her target.

So, she look at where the crown prince is. And when Lin Chujiu learns that the crown prince was still ten meters away from her. Lin Chujius red lips curved into smile and said: Slap his mouth!

Dont you dare bully her. After all, before she left Xiao Wangfu she made up her mind to act as Princess Xiao. So, her authority is beyond your imaginations.

Prince Xiaos guardsmen learn whos their new enemy, so they approached and hold the eunuchs arm. The eunuchs face immediately turn pale and got angry: You will dare to hit me? What are you ah? Do you know who I am I am

This princess doesnt want to listen. Lin Chujiu didnt even look at him. Seeing their princess boldness, they didnt hesitate to obey her command. Additionally, before they left Xiao Wangfu. Prince Xiao also commanded them to obey all Lin Chujius order.

Pa-Pa-Pa- Prince Xiaos guard slap hard the eunuchs face four to five times in a row. So, the eunuchs tears burst even up to his nose.

Stop it, stop it! Lin Chujiu I cant believe you have such a big courage to even dare to fight a lowly servants. Is there no law that exist in your eyes? Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui approached her and angrily shouted.

Actually, he is not distressed because the eunuch was being beaten. He is angry because Lin Chujiu didnt even give him a face. She hit his people in front of the palace gate, so doesnt that mean she also hit his face?

Lin Chujiu looked at the crown prince and coldly ordered: Continue slapping!

Yes. Prince Xiaos guards hand was already hurting, so someone else takes his post.

The slapping sound resounded and the eunuch started asking for mercy. So at that moment, the crown princes face turn white and stretch out his hand to Lin Chujiu: Lin Chujiu you really are something. You even dare to start a trouble in front of the palaces gate. If I wont teach you a lesson today, you wont know the law!

Pa-, Lin Chujiu slapped away the crown princes hand and ignored his rage. Instead, she sarcastically said: Sure enough, what else can a master teach to his men. The crown princes dog started barking immediately when he saw me and the crown prince do the same.

You, are you calling me a dog? Crown Prince Xiao Tianruis eyes instantly got wide. He was about to shout to Prince Xiaos guardsmen but was interrupted by Lin Chujius words.

It seems the crown princes ears are defected. I never said that you are a dog. So, dont falsely accuse me. The emperor is a dragon, so arent you supposed to be a dragon too? Unfortunately, people are unique individuals.

Lin Chujiu! How dare you to scold this crown prince? Do you know what crime you are committing if you criticize a member of the royal family? Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui said while fixing his sleeve. However, this time, his voice is extremely frightening.

But, Lin Chujiu just keep smiling: Your highness, do you have a fever thats why you are getting confused? Do you think I would dare to scold you if I am not also a member of the royal family?

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui was about to refute her words, but Lin Chujiu added: Your highness, you will be the next emperor of this dynasty. You are the first and filial son of the emperor. But, seeing that you didnt only pay respect to me, but also keep calling me by my name when your the one who refers me to marry Prince Xiao. Isnt that a bit disappointing?

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui doesnt understand why Lin Chujiu suddenly changes the topic. So, he just said: Lin

He was about to open his mouth, but Lin Chujiu interrupted him again and continue teaching him manners just like a real elder: Your highness, you should call me Imperial Aunt and dont forget that I am your elder. It feels so good to be an elder, so shouldnt the original owner of the body thank me because the crown prince will pay her a respect now?

Lin Chujiu slightly fix her sleeves and faintly smile while looking at Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui: Your highness, shouldnt you and your people greet me because I am your Imperial Aunt?

Lin Chujius line of sight fell on the eunuch who is being beaten. She havent stop Prince Xiaos guard, so the guard was still slapping the eunuchs face. The eunuchs face now have some blood and his eyes become muddled and doesnt know where to look.

So, Lin Chujiu generously stop Prince Xiaos guard: You can stop now. Lets give the crown prince some face.

Lin Chujiu didnt directly said that the crown prince is more ruthless if he doesnt like the person. However, she said it in front of him. So, isnt it still simply

An insult.

When PrinceXiaos guard heard her order, he immediately stop and withdrew. The eunuch completely got scared, so even if Prince Xiaos guard was far from him. He kneel on the ground and vaguely said: This slave greets Princess Xiao.

The Crown Princes people is really polite. You can rise! Lin Chujiu said to the eunuch. But, her eyes are looking at the crown prince. So, her meaning is very obvious.

Crown Prince Xiao Tianruis face turns red and clenched his hand tightly into a fist. After all, he really doesnt want to pay respect and greet Lin Chujiu.

Before, Lin Chujiu always kneel in front him and greet him. So, he couldnt really do it.

But now, Lin Chujiu doesnt greet him and just quietly stand there. At that moment, the palace guards also realized that she is no longer just a member of Lin Family. And whether Prince Xiao values her or not, she is now Prince Xiaos wangfei.

This humble servant greets Princess Xiao, may the princess live a thousand more times. This humble servant has offended the princess, so this humble servant also want to asked for forgiveness, The palace guards realized that they are not the crown prince and the crown prince wont save their lives. So, they decided to greet her and pay respect.

You can rise. Lin Chujiu felt good and satisfied now that palace guards also pays respect to her. And even if the crown prince didnt greet her, its still over for him. So, obviously she doesnt need to stay in front of the gate.

Justice still prevail.

Thanking the princess for her grace. The palace guard stood up and respectfully retreated. Lin Chujiu ignored the crown prince and asked: Can this princess enter the palace now?

This The palace guards look at Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui. So, Crown Prince Xiao Tianruis face got complicated and weigh the situation. In the end, he could only angrily said: Lin Imperial Aunt will meet the emperor. So, naturally, no one would dare to block your way.

Your highness got it wrong. This princess wont visit the emperor, but the empress. The empress was the one who called for me. After Lin Chujiu simply explain. She didnt give the crown prince an opportunity to open his mouth. She immediately turn around and get on her carriage

If you have an identity and confidence, the palace isnt that terrible!

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