Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Into the palace and wont easily die

April 14, 2017Ai Hrist

When Cao Lin woke up, he is coherent and his brain didnt get damage at all. His injuries are also in a good condition. If they wont let get infected like before. There wont be any more problem.

Now that Cao Lin is safe. Housekeeper Cao feels so grateful to Lin Chujiu. He wanted to do his best to make her plans perfect and make Lin Chujiu very satisfied.

So, Housekeeper Cao deliberately made things quiet more noticeable. He posted the note to the officials board while his people where playing gongs and drums to make noises around the place. So, within the day the people was able to read what it was all about. Early next morning, Lin Xiangs corruption way of selling their maidservant spread.

Are those maidservants worth of one thousand silvers?

The people under the Lin Family is worth that much?

Lin Xiang tried to explain that he didnt sell that maidservant for a high price and that the only reason he sent a thousand liang to Xiao Wangfu is because he is afraid to make Prince Xiao un satisfied again, so he added some of his private money.

Lin Xiang knows how to figure out the emperors heart, he knows that the emperor doesnt care about Lin Chujiu and only cares about Xiao Tianyao. So, when he sent those silvers, he didnt mentions Lin Chujius name and only mention Xiao Tianyaos name.

Lin Xiang cried that he doesnt mean it that way. His son-in-laws position is much higher than him, so no matter what his son-in-law said he will accept it all and just tried to satisfied him more. However, he didnt expect that things would turn out like this.

So, when he was accused as corrupt, he felt very wronged. After all, he worked so hard as a government official for more than twenty years. And even if his salary is very low, he tried to send a thousand liang.

Lin Xiang tried to explain more but it was no used. The whole capital now knows that the people under Lin Family are so precious and their servants are worth thousand liang. So, how about if they will sell their children?

When Lin Xiang heard this, he almost spits out blood. However, he no longer dares to argue and just kneel on the floor and kowtow. He also directly admitted that everything is his fault, but if he knew that Prince Xiao will do this then he wouldnt send the money to Xiao Wangfu.

Yes, if he knew that Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu will tear off his face then he would rather let his earlier humiliation pass by and wont send the money. He wouldnt try to humiliate Prince Xiaos face just to get on the emperors good side.

However, he did not only failed to humiliate Prince Xiaos face, but rather attracted a lot of fish.

Although Xiao Tianyao no longer attend officials meeting for a long time. But that doesnt mean that any court official wont speak for him. And because Lin Xiangs words are very shameless. A Court Official came forward to point his finger at him and scold him:

Prime Minister Lin Xiang, you sent those maidservants to Xiao Wangfu as part of the dowry, but the contract was still in the Lins Mansion? Does that makes any sense? And when Xiao Wangfu sent back those maidservants, you sold them for a thousand liang so that you can give it to Prince Xiao and satisfy him, am I right? Then, in the end, why did you shamelessly said that what they have done is wrong? This old one couldnt help but wonder how did you became a prime minister.

The old white haired man who speaks is called Zhou Mingzheng. He is a very upright person, so even the emperor couldnt help but show respect for him.

However, Lin Xiang didnt expect that Zhou Mingzheng who is always on a neutral side will come forward to defend Xiao Tianyao and put him in a tight spot. So at that moment, his face immediately turn red in embarrassment and couldnt look the other people.

But then, Lin Xiang tried to come forward once again. He wanted to explain that everything is just a misunderstanding and that it was Lin Furen who cheated and hide the contract. However, Lin Furen came from a big family so he needs to keep covering for her.

Zhou Mingzheng no longer listens to him and just return to his position.

All the court officials got so noisy, but obviously its just their normal chores. However, they keep mentioning about the political position so the emperor couldnt help but look at them coldly.

Hes not afraid of the courtiers quarrel, but hes worried to see how many people are still standing on Xiao Tianyaos side.

So early in the morning, the court officials didnt stop discussing the Lin Family and Xiao Wangfus conflict until they have decided who is right and wrong.

The court officials clearly wanted to make their chores looks difficult, which is very easy to notice. Fortunately, the emperor himself doesnt want to discard the issue until the two opposing side almost quarrel. But, in the end, the emperor decided to punish Lin Xiang by cutting off half of his month salary, while Xiao Tianyaos one month salary will be cut off.

When Xiao Tianyao received the news, he didnt even bother to lift up his eyebrows.

Because he is a Prince his salary is not low. However, even though he depends on it to keep his people. Deducting his month salary is such a small punishment as a payment for his action.

After receiving the news, Xiao Tianyao once again called Lin Chujiu. But this time, he didnt use his deadly force to intimidate her. Instead, he simply told her about the emperors punishment to her actions.

After that, Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu and ask: Do you regretted it?

After all, tomorrow is the day that Lin Chujiu will go and visit the palace. So, in order to entertain himself. Prince Xiao always looks trouble for Lin Chujiu.

I dont regret it. Lin Chujiu didnt hesitate to answer him.

She has nothing to do with the emperor and the empress, so why would they make things difficult for her? Arent them the one who told her to marry this heartless man?

If you dont regret it, then tomorrow dont give benwang any reason to break your hands. Do not regret it, tomorrows things you know yourself, do not let the king have reason to break your hands. Xiao Tianyao said to Lin Chujiu. After all, he will not help Lin Chujiu in the palace whatever might happen.

Lin Chujiu already know that Xiao Tianyao will not help him. So, she didnt get disappointed but only want to ask one thing: But, if I get bullied. Can I fight back?

You will enter the palace as benwangs representative. In other words, no matter what she does, she shouldnt let Xiao Tianyao lose his face.

However, when Lin Chujiu heard it, it feels like: Whoever bully you, you should fight back. Any consequences of your actions will be bear by benwang.

Lin Chujiu nodded her said to inform him that she understood.

Leave. Xiao Tianyao has no intention to mind her much. He believed that Lin Chujiu is very clever, but she cherished her life.

When Lin Chujiu got out, she fiercely exhaled for a breath. And if only she didnt need to keep her image as a princess. Lin Chujiu really wanted to shout out loud to vent her frustrations.

After all, Xiao Tianyao is very annoying. He wanted the horse to run, but he doesnt feed the horse. Shes not allowed to let him lose his face, but he doesnt want to help her. What is she, a god!?

Besides, if she is a god then wouldnt she left this era already. After all, the palace is someone else territory. Her position might be high, but its not the highest. So, she doesnt know who will bully her.

Lin Chujius face looks very depressed when she get back to her yard. She noticed that every time she will go and see Xiao Tianyao. She and Xiao Tianyao absolutely have an opposite character.

When the four maidservants saw Lin Chujiu look very depressed. They dont know how they will comfort her. They could only hope that Lin Chujiu would get happy once she saw a beautiful dress and jewelry.

After all, there is no woman that doesnt really love a beautiful dress and jewelry. Lin Chujiu actually love them, but just by thinking that she will go to the palace tomorrow, her head started aching

However, the only fortunate thing is that she wont easily die because she is Princess Xiao!

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