Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Nightmare and the king of the night

Translated by: Ai Hrist

Edited by: WonderWoman

Lin Chujiu knew that Lin Furen (Madam Lin) doesnt want to give in, but today she wont let her do so. She received such a poor body because of her. She should at least get a little bit of compensation.

Lin Chujiu looked at Lin Furen (Madam Lin) and faintly smiled: Lin Furen (Madam Lin), my time is limited. But, because youve given me so much love, I will also give you a little love in return. I hope you can give me at least two hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold. You know my temper

Lin Chujiu hadnt said the meaning behind those words, but of course, she implied it as a threat. Lin Furen (Madam Lin) was able to understand it clearly: Her time is limited. If she didnt give the money to Lin Chujiu before the wedding, then Lin Chujiu wouldnt make things easy for her.

Lin Chujius reputation has already been destroyed. She no longer cares about it, but, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) is different. She is known as a loving wife and a good mother. And, her biological daughter will marry the Crown Prince. She would never let Lin Chujiu destroy her reputation.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) has no other choice but to resign herself and ask: Will you take the money and withdraw your threat?

Life is not short. She will let Lin Chujiu win this time, as she also wants to see if Lin Chujiu would be able to lead a flowery life after her marriage. Of course, sooner or later, she will make her pay for todays account.

A cancellation fee for your past misdeeds. Lin Chujiu got up and looked into Lin Furens (Madam Lin) eyes. She slightly smiled: Lin Furen (Madam Lin), I want to see the banknote tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow? Its impossible Lin Furen (Madam Lin) wished to personally drag Lin Chujiu down to her death. But, since Prince Xiao has a very bad temper and his cruelty is known to everyone, she will give him the honor.

That is your problem. As Lin Chujiu got up to see her off, she had suddenly thought of something: Lin Furen (Madam Lin) When you go out, can you remind the maidservant to serve me rice porridge? Oh! and if Lin Furen (Madam Lin) wont give me food, I might change my mind again and ask you to give me five hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold instead!

After she finished, Lin Chujiu turned around and walked toward her bed, leaving Lin Furen (Madam Lin) standing stiffly in the same place.

Two hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold are worth of two million and five hundred thousand taels of silver. This amount is definitely an astronomical figure, even if she uses a banknote she still needs a thousand pieces of them


At night, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) simply couldnt get that much money in silver or bank notes. During the whole night, she was stressed and worried on how she would be able to get two million and five hundred thousand taels of silver!

But, that was exactly what Lin Chujiu wanted!

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) was busy enough that night that she didnt have time to think up any plans for her. Lin Chujiu currently is able safely spend her last day in Lin Familys mansion, and as for tomorrow

Lin Chujiu is not a pessimistic person, thinking about things that hasnt happened is useless. She doesnt know what kind of person Prince Xiao is and she doesnt know how powerful he is. All she can do now is wait for their wedding.

Anyway, even if Prince Xiao is a cruel and influential man, he will not poison her like Lin Furen (Madam Lin), right?

Lin Chujiu firmly believed that as long as shes alive, there is hope.

At night, Lin Chujiu was eating a bowl of white rice. Although she still wanted to eat, she knew that a hungry person shouldnt eat too much. So, she restrains herself and rested for a moment. She then asked the servants to fetch her water since she wanted to bathe.

Lin Chujiu had lived a miserable life for the whole three days, but now she can finally enjoy a bath with rose petals, just like those ancient rich ladies.

However, when she entered the bath tub, Lin Chujiu found out that the bathtub is not only large but also quite deep, like a bucket. Lin Chujiu really wanted to have a comfortable bath, she missed her jacuzzi at home. Of course, this was because she refused the service of her maidservants.

Lin Chujiu didnt want to enjoy her last moment with her maidservants, she was afraid of being locked down again with their black hands. All of the servants in Lin Mansion had been dominated by Lin Furen (Madam Lin) for too a long time now. The maidservants that were assigned to her were also Lin Furens (Madam Lin) personal maidservants.

And to be on the safe side, Lin Chujiu didnt want anyone to touch her.

After a nice bath, she hadnt needed to worry about Lin Furen (Madam Lin) taking advantage of her or harming her. Lin Chujiu was able to take her medicine in peace and go to sleep.

Even though todays event forced her to say a few foul words, her mood was really good and it didnt affect her sleep. When she lied down on her bed, she instantly fell asleep. Lin Chujiu couldnt wait to face her new life tomorrow.

Tonight, Lin Chujiu was sleeping soundly. But, there are two people that could not sleep all night because of her. One of them was Lin Furen (Madam Lin) who is preparing the money and the other one was


In a study room inside a large mansion, a man was sitting in a wheelchair. Half of his face was hidden in the darkness and the other half was exposed to the candle light. His face looked fuzzy and unclear, which added a sense of mystery to him.

The half of his face that was hidden in the darkness clearly sent a dangerous feeling, and the half of his face that was exposed by the candlelight, was glowing like jade and sent an unspeakable charm

His sharp eyebrows, deep and quiet eyes, high nose and thin light pink lips. If those refine qualities of him combined together, his handsomeness is truly fatal!

Although the man is sitting in a wheelchair his imposing aura didnt even reduce in half. He was only sitting there, but the coldness that was enveloping his whole body would make a person hesitate to look at him directly

This man is the king of the night!

Under the candlelight, there was a man dressed in black that was kneeling in front of him. The man was obviously kneeling there, but you wouldnt be able to sense his presence and even his breathing could not be heard.

The black man was still motionlessly kneeling in front of the man that was tapping the arm of his wheelchair and reported: Master, Lin Chujiu repeatedly attempted suicide and is not willing to get married. She was locked in her room for three days and was only given a bowl of rice.

Three days have passed until this evening, but Lin Chujiu was still full of spirit and have no signs of weakness and even took the opportunity to accused Lin Furen (Madam Lin) in poisoning her. Because of this, she was able to blackmail Lin Furen (Madam Lin) to give her two hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold.

Thinking about the scene he had seen this evening, his heart secretly praises her. This eldest miss of Lin Family is really a fox, if he didnt witness todays event with his own eyes he will certainly be misled by rumors that she is an idiot.

Well before, he also thinks that Lin Chujiu is an idiot, so he was also played by her hands.

When the man in the wheelchair heard the report, he didnt speak. But his eyes slightly move down, his thin lips slightly pursed and his face turns cold

His right thumb was continuously cracking his joints in his left hand. It looks like an unconscious action that can be done by any man, but with this man, it gives a sense of oppression in a persons heart.

*crack* *crack*

The sweat from the black mans forehead fell and splash like a blood to the ground

More and more sweat soon came in his forehead, but he didnt wipe them off and just continue kneeling on the floor.

When the mans action stopped, the suffocating air in the study room lessen. However, the black man secretly swallowed his saliva, when the mans low and deep voice came: What happened three days ago?

The mans tone is very slow and doesnt sound creepy, but no one will mistakenly believe that this man is a gentle person

The black man kowtows and said: Please master punished this useless one.

Ben Wang (This prince) wants to know, what happened three days ago? The mans voice didnt change, you wont be able to recognize if its joyful or unforgiving.

Ben Wang (This prince)?

Yes, this man is the rumored paralyzed and crippled former God of War. And now was called Prince Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao leans his head on his right hand and his eyes slightly move down while waiting for the black mans answer.

The black man didnt dare to hide what had happened three days ago and carefully reported his unfinished report: Master, this subordinate swear that I really hit Lin Chujiu. When she fell to the ground, she didnt move and even didnt breath for a full time of two sticks of incense. This subordinate doesnt know how, but later on Lin Chujiu suddenly stood up.

Speaking of these events, the black man wanted to cry. Three days ago, he was ordered to assassinate Lin Chujiu. Obviously, he succeeded but he doesnt know why she actually didnt die, so this is simply a shame for him.

And in this short time, he has no way to wash away this shame.

Are you Xiao Tianyao gently opens his mouth, he doesnt want to believe his report. The black man got more nervous and the sweat in his forehead got more visible.

This subordinate wont dare to deceive Master. The black mans heart palpitates and the sound of his heart beats got very strong. He has confidence in his skill, so the problem lies within Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Tianyao lifted his eyes and sweep over to the black man. The black man got nervous and was waiting for Xiao Tianyao to say his punishment: Take ten lashes.

Ten lashes at least he will only lie in bed for half a month. But this is the lightest punishment he received. After all, this time he seriously performs his duty.

The black man didnt dare to say those words and immediately kowtow to retire.

When he went out, the black man sighed in relief and raise his hand to wiped off his sweat on his forehead. But, he found out that his sleeves are already wet. The black man smiles and took a big step forward. He didnt dare stay any longer.

Inside the house, Xiao Tianyao continues cracking his joints. His light pink colored lips said: Lin Chujiu, Ben Wang (This prince) will remember you.

The sound of his voice is very light as if he was whispering for her to be careful.


At the same time, Lin Chujiu who was asleep suddenly awakened and bounced up from the bed. She put her hand over to her heart and deeply gasp for breath. Under the moonlight, a sense of panic and helplessness can be vaguely seen in her pale face and eyes.

Lin Chujiu got scared.

Wooohhh, Wooohhh Lin Chujiu breathed a few more times and slowly patted her chest, but also pinches her cheek to determine that she just had a nightmare.

It was only a nightmare ah. Fortunately, I didnt fall into the hands of M countrys NBI or else Ill be miserable.

Lin Chujiu lean against the bed, thinking about her dream she couldnt help but remember her previous life. She was secretly glad that she came to this world, rather than being captured in the M country and accept their torture to extract her confession.

She would rather live here than fell to the hands of the NBI.

Now, at least she can counterattack and the possibility of survival is rather high. If she will fall into the hands of the NBI, she will certainly die

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