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Chapter 1012: Ending V

Chapter 1012: Ending V

The Central Empire suffered a disastrous defeat, and the Eldest Prince held peace talks with Xiao Tianyao on behalf of the Central Empire.

There was nothing to talk about. Xiao Tianyao’s request was very simple. He wanted the Central Empire to return the territory belonging to the Shengyuan Dynasty, and return the treasures that the Central Empire has taken away from the Shengyuan Dynasty over the years.

As a defeated country, the Eldest Prince lacked confidence and had very little room for negotiation. The territory was non-negotiable and had to be returned to the Shengyuan Dynasty. The only thing the Eldest Prince wanted to negotiate was the issue of compensation.

Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao still gave the Eldest Prince face. He made some concessions in terms of monetary compensation. As long as the eldest prince returned all the treasures in the palace of the Shengyuan Dynasty, he was willing to make some concessions.

As for the gold and silver that the Central Empire had stolen from the Shengyuan Dynasty over the years, he didn’t want the Central Empire to return them very much.

The Shengyuan Dynasty has accumulated for nearly a thousand years, and the treasures in the palace were extraordinary. Each of them was a good thing and hard to find in the world. The Eldest Prince was naturally unwilling to do so, but Xiao Tianyao refused to give up in this regard. He even speaks loudly that he will take them back because they were treasures belonging to the Shengyuan Dynasty. He fully devoted himself to bringing back everything for the country.

In the end, the negotiation team headed by the Eldest Prince made concessions and agreed to return the treasures belonging to the Shengyuan Dynasty. If any were damaged or lost, they would be compensated with treasures or gold and silver of equal value.

After the negotiation, the Eldest Prince did not leave in a hurry but deliberately stayed. After everyone left, he looked at Xiao Tianyao and asked: “Did you expect that today would happen?” He also expected that the Dongyang Family and the Hua Family wouldn’t dare to persuade him.

What Xiao Tianyao wanted was not only to recover what was lost but also to win the battle. Only in this way can he show his sage as an emperor and give the people of the Shengyuan Dynasty a strong sense of belonging and glory.

Only in this way can the people of the Shengyuan Dynasty know that only the Shengyuan Dynasty can bring them everything they have and make them straighten their backs and behave as human beings.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao admitted readily.

He understood very well what the Dongyang Family and the Hua Family were thinking, and Young Master Dongyang was a smart person. He didn’t need to say much to understand his intentions. He would naturally try his best to cooperate with him.

“In terms of conspiracy, I am far behind you.” He was not as good as Xiao Tianyao in calculating people’s hearts, so he didn’t care about people’s hearts. He only treats people with sincerity. This was what he learned from Xiao Tianyao.

And relying on this, he has made it to this day. Although he has not yet ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor, he can already represent the Central Empire to the outside world.

“You don’t need to.” The Eldest Prince was different from him. No matter how bad the Eldest Prince’s situation was, it was not as difficult as his life. The Eldest Prince doesn’t need to learn from him.

“By the way, I have a relative in the Central Empire. You can help me look for it later. If you find it, you don’t have to send it back. You can just settle it on the spot. Of course, I don’t want a third person to know about this, let alone for her identity to be discovered.” He knew a long time ago that Princess Fushou Shang was in the Central Empire, but he never intended to interfere with it too early.

Since she dared to scheme against Lin Chujiu, Princess Fushou Shang had to pay the price. But the situation was different now. Princess Fushou Shang was not afraid of shame, but he was.

“Okay.” The Eldest Prince agreed without asking any more questions.

He and Xiao Tianyao were both enemies and friends. He could not regard Xiao Tianyao as an enemy, or an ally like before.

From now on, the two of them were people from two countries and could cooperate, but there were conditions.

It only took half a month before and after the peace talks between the two countries to finalize all the details.

This was not because the two countries were easy to talk to, but because the civil strife in the Central Empire had not subsided, and the Third Prince was still jumping around. The Eldest Prince was anxious to finish the affairs of the Shengyuan Dynasty so that he could go back and solve the Third Prince, so he had to take advantage of Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao reaped enough benefits from the Central Empire and moved back to the imperial court with satisfaction.

However, Xiao Tianyao did not go with the army camp but returned quietly to the palace.

Xiao Tianyao was in a hurry to return to the palace, naturally not to deal with government affairs, but to climb into the Empress’s bed!

He can’t be blamed for this. He hasn’t returned to the Capital for three full years. Although there were letters exchanged every month, he hadn’t seen her. He hasn’t been with women for three full years. So when he closed his eyes, his mind was full of Lin Chujiu.

He wished he could fly back to the capital, and just let the army walk slowly.

Xiao Tianyao arrived in the capital five days earlier than the army, but he didn’t show up in front of anyone. Instead, he quietly entered the palace, climbed into Lin Chujiu’s bed, and pestered Lin Chujiu to accompany him in the bed for five days and five nights. In the end, was Lin Chujiu kicked out of bed.

If the palace wasn’t full of Xiao Tianyao’s confidants, the news might spread that the Empress was meeting someone in secret.

Of course, even if the palace was full of Xiao Tianyao’s confidants, there were still some rumors. Lin Chujiu has always been hardworking. In the past few years, when Xiao Tianyao went out to fight, Lin Chujiu has been trembling and did not dare to relax for even a moment. Even if she was sick, she wouldn’t miss a morning meeting and would pay a lot of attention.

This time, no one had seen her for five days, nor had talked to her for five days. How could the ministers not think more about it?

However, five days later, when the army entered the city, they saw their Emperor accompanying the Empress, and the ministers understood.

The truth was the Emperor was back, so the Empress had no time to care about them.

The relationship between the Emperor and the Empress was still as good as before. The Emperor went on an expedition for three years but didn’t bring back a woman. However, when he came back, instead of intervening in government affairs, he went to see the Empress……

Under such circumstances, how could these old ministers dare to persuade the Emperor to take a concubine? They were afraid of death.

No matter what, the Empress was not a petty person who loved to seize power. She was very low-key. She had no family to support, and there was no chaos at all.

As for the Meng Family, who were close to the Empress, they only held empty positions and did not take power to participate in politics. There would never be any chaos among relatives.

Although the Emperor and the Empress did not have many heirs, the Emperor’s only son was now ten years old.

He was smart and well-informed. He was extraordinary at a young age. He was also the disciple of Shi Qianqian, the best martial art master in the world. He was both capable in literary and martial arts. What else could they be dissatisfied with?

Seeing the Emperor and Empress walking side by side, the outstanding Crown Prince, the heroic Jinwuwei Army, and the well-dressed common people, the civil and military officials couldn’t help but smile.

The Emperor and Empress are harmonious, the prince is smart, the people are healthy, the country is rich, and the army is strong, the prosperous age of the Holy Yuan is just around the corner, they should be satisfied!

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