Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day

Chapter 1469 - 1469 Three Years Later

1469 Three Years Later

The base was already empty. Lin Jing brought people to search inside. Jun Shiling stood at the entrance of the base and quietly looked at the furnishings.

After a while, Lin Jing came out with his men. “CEO Jun, it’s been confirmed that no one exists inside. Everything has been destroyed. Yu Qian and the rest are missing.”

“Where are our people?”

Jun Shiling frowned. The base had always been tightly controlled.

“CEO Jun.” Speaking of this, Lin Jing’s eyes were a little surprised. “Yu Qian brought Madam away indiscriminately. His core forces were all killed in this operation.”

Jun Shiling’s expression was very ugly. “Even if they left, there will be some clues. Go and find them immediately.”


Lin Jing left with his men, while Jun Shiling entered the base himself.

He walked around the base and finally stopped in an elegant courtyard.

The entire base was gray, except for this place. Not only were there pavilions, but there were also fish in the garden. It was extremely beautiful.

There was a swing wrapped in flowers in the garden. Beside it was a zither and a chessboard. On a stone table not far away, there were a few tea leaves floating at the edge of the teacup.

Everything showed that the owner of the courtyard had not left for long.

Jun Shiling walked into the bedroom. The faint fragrance on Xia Wanyuan lingered in the room. Almost instantly, Jun Shiling’s eyes turned red.

Jun Shiling observed the room carefully and happened to see the wrinkled edge by the bed. He lifted the blanket and saw a chip that was a few millimeters long lying peacefully on the bed.

Jun Shiling picked up the chip and held it in his hand before walking out of the room.

Outside the room, his subordinates were methodically searching for any possible traces.

However, even when the sun set, there were no signs of Yu Qian leaving.

Lin Jing was still assigning missions to his subordinates when there was news from China.

The Lin family officially moved from Linxi to Beijing, and the Lin family’s business core was also placed in Beijing. The Jiang family and the Lin family joined forces and posed a huge threat to the Jun Corporation.

“CEO Jun, what should we do now?” Lin Jing looked at Jun Shiling.

Jun Shiling glanced at the chip in his hand. “Back to Beijing.”


Lin Jing thought that Jun Shiling would return to Continent F to look for her after settling his matters in Beijing. However, to his surprise, Jun Shiling never came to Continent F again.

Lin Qingyuan and the Jiang family had completely formed an alliance and fought Jun Shiling in all aspects. The entire Beijing was in a state of panic.

Internationally, Prince Charlie gradually controlled the royal family of England. An Luo, who had recently taken over, gradually stood out and began to build his trusted forces in Continent O.

Chu Yi did not find Xia Wei, and the search for the sacred artifact was gradually put on hold. The entire Chu family hid in Continent F again.

Under a strange balance, the entire world entered a tug-of-war again.

As time passed, the most discussed topic on Weibo was “Where did Xia Wanyuan go?”

Some fans tried to call the police, but they were told by the police that Xia Wanyuan’s relatives did not agree with the disappearance.

Wasn’t Xia Wanyuan’s relative Jun Shiling?? The fans watched as Jun Shiling entered and left all sorts of official venues every day, but there was no trace of Xia Wanyuan beside him. All sorts of criticisms arose.

Winter passed and spring came. Time changed.

In the blink of an eye, it was already spring three years later.

On the wide grassland, a beautiful little girl who was like a doll was sitting on the horse. Her eyes were curved and there were shallow dimples on her face.

“Uncle Yu, when is Mommy coming back?”

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