Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 594 - Little Devil’s Teeth [5]

Chapter 594: Chapter 594 Little Devil’s Teeth [5]

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Alright, I won’t understand if I don’t understand.

Luo Anning took the opportunity to lie down on his side, her head resting on his muscular chest. Rong Yan did not push her away, but he did not take the initiative to hug her like before either.

This realization made Luo Anning feel a little disappointed.

“Rong Yan, are you still angry with me?”Her tender and white index finger drew circles on his bare chest. Naked. Drawing circles on his chest.

After letting go of her wrist, Rong Yan turned around and stood up. He untied the towel, tied the strap of his robe, and started to walk out.

Throughout the whole process, he was like a cold ice cube. He didn’t say a word, and his whole body emitted an aura that no one was allowed to enter.

“You’re not allowed to leave!”After a low shout, Luo Anning rushed up and hugged him tightly from behind.

Because she rushed too fiercely, she carried him and staggered a few steps forward. Rong Yan was caught off guard and also staggered a few steps before he finally managed to stabilize himself.

He lowered his head and looked at the two lotus-like arms on his waist. He was secretly annoyed. What on Earth was this woman doing?

She was the one who threw her anger at the door and left. In the end, she was also the one who did not understand why she came back. What on Earth was she trying to do?

“Let go.”In the end, two words came out of her thin, crimson lips.

“I won’t let go. If I let you go, I’ll disappear.”Luo Anning started to argue with him, as if afraid that he would escape, she tightened her arms around him. She looked like a stubborn child who was protecting his beloved toy from others.

What did she mean by ‘If I let you go, I’ll disappear’?

Rong Yan was both angry and amused. He raised his hand and tried to pry her arms apart. Just as he exerted force.., the woman behind him said aggrievedly, “Rong Yan, don’t you dare to pry me away. Try pushing me away. I know you’re angry. Well, if I Were you, I would be angry too. However, even though I’m angry, I can’t let my emotions get the best of me. I still have to be rational. There were some things that I really couldn’t help myself with. Moreover, I was really relieved that handsome was being taken care of by you, Grandpa, and Mom. That was why I dared to go to Canada. If you think that this means that I don’t care that you don’t care about handsome, then you’re dead wrong! Because I owe shallow song and silent too much, and I’ve accepted too much of their good deeds. At this time, I need to use my own actions to repay them and make up for them. “But you and little handsome are different. “You’re both my family. Now that I’ve owed you, I still have a lifetime to make up for it. Qian ge and Mo Mo can’t wait any longer!”

The man’s long body didn’t move at all. It was as if he had heard it, but also as if he hadn’t heard it.

A deathly silence.

Luo Anning was anxious. She let go of him slightly and turned to him. She raised her head and looked at him nervously. “Rongyan, say something. Don’t keep silent. I’m not confident.”

Rongyan lowered his head and looked at her nervous little face. His crystal clear and unusually bright eyes were flashing with anxiety. His eyes darkened and his red thin lips lifted slightly. “I want to see little handsome. Aren’t you allowed to do that?”

“AH… ?”Luo Anning did not expect him to suddenly say that. She was so stunned that she could not react.

“Ha…”a light laugh escaped from her red thin lips. Rongyan moved away from her and walked out.

When the bedroom door opened and his figure disappeared from her sight, Luo Anning finally remembered to chase after him.

In the nursery, she really saw a man in a sleeping robe squatting beside the rocking bed. The little guy in the rocking bed was already asleep. Even if he was asleep, he would suck his little finger.

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