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Chapter 592 - Little Devil’s Long Tooth [3]

Chapter 592: Chapter 592 Little Devil’s Long Tooth [3]

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The young commander cried suddenly and stopped quickly. At this moment, he had already stretched out his small hand to play with his numb hair. He was extremely obedient.

Jiang Peihua walked to the side of her silent son and slapped him on the back. She said angrily, “You little brat, tell me honestly. Did you bully Anning?”

Young Master Rong loosened his tie in frustration and walked upstairs. “That’s not true!”

“This…”Jiang Peihua choked on her words. She looked at his back as he walked upstairs and sighed softly.

The young master in her arms was tired from playing, and his little stomach was also hungry. His little hands moved to pull on Mama’s clothes on her chest, and his little mouth smacked loudly.

Luo Anning looked up at Jiang Peihua and said, “Mom, Young Master is hungry. I’ll go up and feed him first.”

“Go, go. The child can’t be hungry.”

Back in the nursery, the little guy fell asleep after eating his fill. He slept comfortably in Mama’s arms.

She gently put the little guy into the rocking bed, leaned over and kissed his little face. She told the baby breeder to take good care of the little guy. Only then did Luo Anning leave the nursery.

When she returned to the bedroom, she found that young master Rong was not there. The sound of running water came from the bathroom. It was obvious that he was taking a bath.

She looked down and saw that on the carpet was the tie and suit that he had thrown away. It was a mess. It was clear that he was really angry.

Luo Anning bent down and picked them up one by one. She placed them on the chair and sat on the sofa, waiting for him to come out.

The bathroom door opened. Young Master Rong, who only had a loose towel wrapped around his waist, was wiping his wet hair with a towel in his hand. He was a little surprised when he suddenly saw her sitting on the sofa.

However, the surprise only lasted for a moment. In the next second, he returned to his expressionless face and walked towards the wardrobe.

Luo Anning stood up and quickly walked forward. She hugged him from behind and said, “Rong Yan.”

The man stopped wiping his hair. He slightly lowered his head and looked at the pair of soft hands that were wrapped around his lower abdomen. His gaze was deep.

“Don’t be angry. I have to go and take care of Qian ge and Mo Mo. . Are you sure you’re angry with me when I’m leaving?”

“What else?”He pried her hand away and humphed as he took out a set of home clothes from the wardrobe.

Luo Anning took the towel and pulled him to the bed. She sat down and half-knelt on the bed. She went up and helped him dry his hair.

“You can be angry, but can you delay it a little? Can you be angry after I leave? After I leave money, I still want to get along well with you and handsome. At least I won’t have so many worries and worries when I leave, right?”

Young Master Rong curled his lips and snorted. “You wish.”

If I let you leave without any worries, who the hell would care about him and his son?

What a joke. Would he do such a loss? Would he do it!

“Yes, yes, I wish. Then do you want to satisfy me?”Luo Anning wrapped her arms around his neck and poked her head out from behind him to look at his handsome side profile.

“HMPH. If I satisfy you, then who will satisfy me?”

“I’ll satisfy you!”Luo Anning said confidently.

Young Master Rong turned to look at her and said gently, “Then don’t go.”

Luo Anning bit her lip and looked troubled. “Rong Yan, you know that this is impossible. Other than this, I’ll agree to anything you say.”

“I only want you to satisfy this one wish of mine. That’s all.”

It was obvious that they couldn’t come to an agreement.

Luo Anning was annoyed. She threw away the towel in her hand and jumped out of bed angrily. “If you don’t agree, then I won’t agree. Whether you agree or not, I’m leaving! I’ll sleep with Handsome Tonight and leave Tomorrow Morning!”

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