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Chapter 590 - little demon king’s long tooth [1]

Chapter 590: Chapter 590 little demon king’s long tooth [1]

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A child?

He’s really crazy!

Why would he suddenly want to have a child? Could it be that he was really stimulated by Rong Yan?

Feng Churui facepalmed and laughed softly. He felt that he must be crazy.

But on second thought, it was also time for him to get married and have children.

Get Married?


Young Master Rong was displeased when he saw his son being trampled by the Tang dynasty. He snatched his son back and hugged him tightly. He said impatiently, “You like giving birth to your own son so much. Don’t bully my son.”

Little Handsome, who had returned to his embrace, squirmed uneasily. His rosy little mouth opened and closed. Young Master Rong lowered his head to take a look and held him tightly in his arms, not allowing him to escape.

Little handsome protested, but no one could understand his Martian language. In the end, he patted Tuoba’s face with both hands, and his little mouth moved closer, drooling all over his face.

That warm and moist touch made young master Rong’s body suddenly stiffen. Little handsome was having a lot of fun. After a while, he raised his head again to look at his masterpiece. Suddenly, he giggled and looked at the beautiful mummy beside him, he clapped his hands as if he was cheering for his prank.

Luo Anning reached out her index finger and pointed at the tip of his little nose. “You only know how to play with your father.”

After saying that, she took out a handkerchief to wipe away the crystal-clear saliva that handsome had made on young master Rong’s face.

Tang Chao blew on the bangs on his forehead with his hands in his pockets as he looked at the warm family of three in front of him, he said frivolously, “How could I give up the entire forest for a big tree? Stop joking. It’s one thing to like a child, but it’s another thing to give birth to it yourself.”

Giving birth to a child really meant that a heavy responsibility was placed on his shoulders.

As for the child’s mother..


When the commander was seven months old, there was news from Canada that Lu Momo had fallen ill.

Luo Anning’s heart tightened for no reason. Even Momo, who was taking care of Qian ‘Ge, had fallen ill. What should she do.

In order to cover up the news that Mo Qian ‘GE had become a vegetable, Mo Shi and the imperial court were doing their best to manage the operation of the company. Naturally, uncle Mo and Aunt Mo did not have the strength to do so.

Luo Anning was not at ease just letting the servants take care of Qian ‘Ge and momo.

After much thought, Luo Anning made a decision. She wanted to personally go to Canada to take care of Qian ge and Mo Mo. .

After making this decision, what she got in return was the general’s crying and young master Rong’s expressionless face.

He had just returned from work and had rejected all the social engagements. When he returned home and heard this news, the smile on young master Rong’s face instantly disappeared.

Taking the general from her hands, whose eyes and nose were red from crying, Young Master Rong hugged him. His movements were clumsy but gentle as he patted him gently. “Alright, a man shouldn’t Cry all day.”

Luo Anning did not feel good either. The young marshal was still so young. She did not want him to suffer for more than ten hours on a plane, so she definitely could not bring him along.

Not only could she not, but if she really wanted to bring him along, Jiang Peihua and grandfather Rong would definitely not agree.

However, when she thought about the unconscious Qian ge and the sick Mo Mo, Luo Anning could not live with her conscience. They were her close friends, and she could not stay out of this.

It would have been fine if young master Rong had not opened his mouth. However, once he finished speaking, the young commander in his arms cried even harder. His cries were extremely miserable, and his small body twitched as he extended his trembling hands towards Luo Anning.

Young Master Rong’s heart tightened as he looked at Luo Anning. “Young commander is still so young. Do you have the heart to let him leave Mother?”

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