Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 46 - Young Madam Who Behaves Atrociously In A Drunken Stupor

Chapter 46: Young Madam Who Behaves Atrociously In A Drunken Stupor

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Luo Anning took a long time to realize that Rong Yan was standing right in front of her. Supporting herself against the wall with one hand, she patted his face with the other and chuckled. “Hunk, you look really familiar… ”

“Luo Anning, where did you go at such a late hour?” Rong Yan hollered angrily, smacking her hand away.

“Ouch… it hurts.” Luo Anning pouted and stared at him with half-squinted eyes. “I remember it now. You look a lot like the scumbag at home, hehe… ”

She giggled in silly manner while Rong Yan’s face grew sullen. Scumbag? How dare she call me a scumbag when I am right in front of her. Is she courting death!?!

“Luo Anning, you’re in need of a beating!” Rong Yan barked as he picked her up and brought her back into the room where he thumped her down into the bathtub.


Luo Anning winced in pain while lying down in the bathtub. She pouted her red lips while her thick eyelashes quivered. How pitiful!

Rong Yan could easily see her full cleavage and her long, fair legs, all of which stimulated his visual senses.

He swallowed his saliva and suddenly felt a little hoarse and parched. Tension also began to build up in his abdomen.

He reckoned that he must have been out of his mind. How could I have felt attracted to this drunkard!?!

Not wanting to continue looking at her, he filled the bathtub with water and shoved some shower gel into her hand before hollering angrily, “Wash yourself clean. Otherwise, I’ll throw you out!”

Rong Yan hurriedly left after he finished speaking.

As soon as he left the bathroom, he scurried downstairs to get some iced water. He chugged two large glasses of iced water, feeling much less frustrated and warm than before.

Even Rong Yan found it rather strange, for he had always been proud of his own willpower. However, why did he lose his willpower and determination when it came to Luo Anning?

Fortunately, she was drunk. Otherwise, she would have seen my reaction and used it to poke fun at me in the future.

After drinking some water, Rong Yan began to sit in the backyard to enjoy the breeze. He only returned to his room after the tension was relieved.

He returned to the bedroom to see that Luo Anning was not around at all. The door of the bathroom was also in the same position as it was before he let. Rong Yan muttered under his breath angrily before dashing into the bathroom.

“Luo Anning, you idiot, are you courting death!?!” Rong Yan barked in exasperation. He then stepped forth and carried her out of the bathroom like the male lead of a novel would.

Luo Anning had dozed off in the bathtub with her head against the side of the tub. The water had already reached her chin and was about to touch her nose.

After being shouted at and tugged by Rong Yan,she woke up, rubbed her eyes and exclaimed in displeasure, “Don’t disturb me, leave… ”

“Luo Anning, wake up!”

She leaned against his chest and rubbed her face against it like a kitten.

His handsome face had become extremely petulant. He grabbed her arm in a bid to shirk her away. However, he hesitated when he saw her calm and peaceful face.

This moment of hesitation made Rong Yan live in regret for the rest of the night.

Luo Anning behaved horrendously whenever she was drunk and she acted just like a female gangster. Whenever she threw a fit, he wished he could throw her into the sea and feed her to the fishes.

Rong Yan removed her clothes and lowered his pride to help her shower. Although he enjoyed the process, he hated it too.

She did behave herself, however. She remained still and allowed him to bathe her.

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