Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 43 - Look Whose Territory You’re On

Chapter 43: Look Whose Territory You’re On

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There were clothes scattered all over the floor. Luo Xinya walked towards Rong Yan who was glaring at her coldly with a slight squint.

Luo Xinya was blushing and she seemed to be shy about being around Rong Yan. Biting her lower lip, she lowered her head and walked towards the dashing Rong Yan.

“Young Master Rong, will you please take me? I promise I won’t be worse than Luo Anning. I’m not asking for you to give me a status. I just want to be by your side, even if that means I have to be your clandestine mistress,” Luo Xinya said feebly while staring at Rong Yan smittenly.

Luo Xinya is planning to bed Rong Yan?

Luo Anning sneered and thought, what good manners she has. She was actually thinking of bedding her cousin’s husband.

She would tolerate it and turn a blind eye if the woman was not Luo Xinya.

She cleared her throat and walked towards Rong Yan, pretending not to know anything. She rubbed her eyes and said gently, “Hubby, who’s this woman? Surely she can’t be a hostess from the bar?”

Upon sight of Luo Anning, Rong Yan smiled. Luo Anning sat on his lap and draped her arms around his neck while snuggling up into his embrace, not bothered about whether he minded it or not.

Rong Yan’s body stiffened but he did not push her away, thus giving her a peace of mind.

Luo Xinya did not expect that Luo Anning would be present. Standing stark naked in front of the both of them, she felt extremely embarrassed and awkward. She hurriedly picked up her clothes and covered her private areas before barking angrily, “Luo Anning, what are you doing here!?!”

Luo Anning laughed and said, “Luo Xinya, this is my husband, why can’t I be here? I should be asking you this instead. What are you doing, standing naked in front of my husband? Are you planning to seduce him?”

Rong Yan was extremely displeased with her words. He smacked her on her hips and said, “I’m very picky.”

He was just trying to say that he did not fancy Luo Xinya and that she was not fit enough.

Upon hearing Rong Yan’s word, Luo Anning bore with it and smiled at Luo Xinya who was pale and flushed.

She could not deny that she indeed felt thrilled to see how pathetic of a state Luo Xinya was in.

“You! Luo Anning, don’t you be too smug. One day, you will be stripped of your position too. I’m waiting for that day to arrive!” Luo Xinya knew that she would be embarrassed further if she were to stay behind. Hence, she grabbed her clothes in a bid to put them back on.

Rong Yan smirked sinisterly and pressed a button to beckon for his bodyguards to enter.

The door of the office was opened and Luo Xinya shrieked in terror. She grabbed her clothes frantically and covered herself. “Who said you could come in? Hurry and scram!”

Luo Anning humphed and gibed, “Luo Anning, take a look at whose territory you’re on. Who are you to cause a stir here?”

Rong Yan detested noisy women like Luo Xinya too. After hearing her shriek, he wished he could rush forth to kick her.

“Bring her away. Since she likes Baina International that much, make her stand at the entrance,” Rong Yan said while waving his arm in disdain. The men in black then took Luo Xinya away.

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