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Chapter 13 - Returning To Old Mr. Rong's Place (2)

Chapter 13: Returning To Old Mr. Rong’s Place (2)

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Old Mr. Rong was seated in the living room, appearing rather strong and energetic despite being 80 years old. He was at the peak of his health and was very fit too, because he often worked out and trained hard. Rong Yan’s father passed away at a young age, leaving behind only his mother, Jiang Peihua.

Although Jiang Peihua was middle-aged, she still looked rather young and beautiful like women who were in their thirties, all thanks to her meticulous skin care techniques that helped maintain her youthful looks. She exuded a natural elegance.

Rong Yan was rather compliant towards his two remaining kinsmen and even allowed Old Mr. Rong to decide his marriage.

“Grandpa, Mother, I’m sorry to have made you guys wait so long for me,” Luo Anning greeted politely. Her obedience was to the joy of Old Mr. Rong who grinned widely from ear to ear.

Rong Yan said with a faint smile, “Grandpa, Mother, we’re home.”

Old Mr. Rong chuckled and said to Luo Anning, “Lass, come over here and sit with Grandpa.”

Luo Anning walked towards Old Mr. Rong obediently, after which he swiftly whipped out a rectangular embroidered box and placed it in front of her. “Lass, open it and see if you like it or not.”

Jiang Peihua chimed in, “Anning, Father has been looking forward to seeing you and he even prepared a gift for you beforehand. He just bought a green diamond ring during an auction in New York last week so he got the little rascal to bring you here.”

Luo Anning opened the embroidered box to see that there was a bright and shiny emerald green diamond ring inside the box. She fell in love with it at first sight. “Thank you, Grandpa. I really like this gift. I’m sorry to have made you splurge again.”

“Hahaha, what matters is you like it, Anning. It’s hard to buy happiness with money. As long as it makes you happy, I won’t mind spending an exorbitant amount of money,” Old Mr. Rong said smilingly.

Unlike Old Mr. Rong and Jiang Peihua who were both in high spirits, Rong Yan was a little upset for he felt like he had been neglected.

Since when did Luo Anning become the apple of Grandpa’s and Mother’s eyes?

Since dinner was not ready yet, Old Mr. Rong decided to play a game of chess with Luo Anning while Jiang Peihua cut some fruits and served it to them, leaving Rong Yan all alone on the couch. He decided to watch some television out of boredom.

He would occasionally steal a glance at Luo Anning and Old Mr. Rong who were in the midst of a joyous game, only to feel a little sad.

What rights does that darned woman have to enjoy getting pampered while I am here being neglected?

I really feel indignant.

“Mother, I’m hungry… ” Rong Yan said calmly while staring at his mother who was as beautiful as ever.

Usually, Jiang Peihua would immediately panic and get him to bear with him before proceeding to rush the cooks to hurry up, for she could not bear to let her dearest son go hungry.

Rong Yan raised his brows and waited for Jiang Peihua to show him her concern. To his surprise, she merely glanced at him and said, “Aren’t there some snacks and pastries in front of you? Just eat them to fill your stomach up temporarily.”

He dropped the remote control onto the ground.

What a bully. This was plain favoritism!

Upon hearing the noises, Old Mr. Rong and Luo Anning immediately turned their heads, only to see that Rong Yan was glowering at Luo Anning, seemingly trying to say, “What are you staring at? Haven’t you seen a handsome hunk before!?!”

Luo Anning pursed her lips in disdain, seemingly trying to say,”I’ve never seen such a narcissistic person before. Shameless!”

The two of them shot each other some glances, making Old Mr. Rong and Jiang Peihua feel incredibly amused.

They both thought, it seems like those two are going to bear a child soon. They actually made such quick progress in two years. So much for thinking and worrying that they would not feel anything for each other.

This is a good sign!

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