Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2151 - A Threat

Chapter 2151: A Threat

“I got it, Mom. I saw on the news that the land in our old town has been bought. Is our house going to be demolished too?”

“That’s right. The buyers have already visited us and urged us to move. But no one else has moved, and we haven’t moved either. Your father and I want to wait for you to come back and discuss it.”

“Okay, I know. I’ll go back this weekend.”

After hanging up, Wandou continued to work.

Wandou had learned a little about the management of Chenguang Music in the past two days. Now, her main task was to help the company’s public relations department carry out some minor training and pass on her previous public relations experience at Juxing to the public relations team of Chenguang Music.

After the training was over, she would accompany Xue Ziqi for a recording when she had time. They were as close as sisters.

In Chenguang Music, many people knew that Wandou was their boss’s girlfriend. She was the future lady boss. Everyone viewed her with respect.

However, many of the female employees were also heartbroken because the president already had a girlfriend. They would never have another chance!

Three days later, a guest came to the Wan family.

Li Mei’en brought her nephew, Li Liang, to the Wan family mansion. They brought a lot of gifts with them. The living room was almost filled with gifts.

It was Li Mei’en’s first time in a slum like this. He felt that the place was very dirty and messy. He held back his disgust and said to the Wan parents, “Old Wan, and Mrs. Wan, look, we came here with sincerity today. We came specially to propose a marriage! This is my nephew Li Liang! His marriage is all up to me.”

Li Liang was very cooperative and took the initiative to bow and greet them. “Hello, Uncle and Auntie!”

Li Liang was wearing a suit. He looked tall and strong, but his face was full of muscles. When he did not smile, it was a little scary.

Moreover, he did not come alone with Li Meien. Instead, he brought many of his men with him. All of them were fierce and vicious. People were crowding from the Wan family’s door to the stairs.

Instead of saying that they were here to propose marriage, it was more like they were here to force an engagement!

“Did you see that? My nephew is a talented man. He’s more than enough for your daughter.”

Li Meien gave Wan Dehai a three-day deadline. But after learning that his daughter was still in Chenguang Company and spent all day with Mu Chenguang, it meant that Wan Dehai would not listen to her orders at all.

Since that was the case, she had to carry out the second plan—to knock on their doors and propose marriage.

Wan Dehai exchanged glances with his wife. Both of them were very embarrassed. In the end, Wan Dehai said, “I’m really sorry, Mrs. Dong. Our family is so poor. I really don’t dare to befriend your Li family.”

“Nonsense!” Li Mei’en chided. “You keep saying that you don’t dare to marry into the Li family. Then why did you let your daughter marry into the Mu family? Or did you not persuade your daughter at all? In that case, this engagement shall be set!”

Mother Wan could not stand Li Meien’s behavior and said angrily, “Mrs. Li, what era are we in now? How can you still force a marriage? Our daughter is free to look for anyone she wants! Please leave! Please take these things away too!”

Li Mei’en exchanged glances with Mrs. Wan and said, “Is this how you talk to me? Don’t forget which family is providing for you? Whose house do you live in? Who gave you the money when you were in trouble? It’s all the Wen family. Just one word from me and you’ll lose your job! Do you believe that I can make you lose your job?”

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