Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 1661 - Showed Their True Colors

Chapter 1661: Showed Their True Colors

David straightened his suit and said, “Well, we decided to test it with Angela. It should be more popular this way.”

Bull shit!

Testing what?

“Director, it is my song. You released it under her name, actually her new name. You’re obviously making me your girlfriend’s ghost singer!”

Jing Xi exposed his dirty deal, outraged. Seeing their interaction previously she was sure that they were together.

David took a glance at her and knew that she was not a fool. So he did not make any further excuses. “True. I am making you her ghost singer. Don’t you think it’s a multi-winning campaign for you, for her and for the company?”

David stood up and came to her. He stared at her face and said, “What do you think people like nowadays? Pretty faces! A star can only survive with a pretty face. But what do you have? Do you think anyone would actually like it if we put your face there? I used Angela’s face to match your voice and created a new top song. Don’t you agree it’s a perfect idea?”

She understood what he meant. People all like pretty things. She did look scary. But what they did was fraud!

Jing Xi questioned him, saying, “But you are cheating the audience and fans!”

“As long as we make money, who cares about the audience or fans? Whoever makes them pay is the boss. Longwei sells songs. What else should we care about?”

David finally showed his true colors. He was a businessman with money-stink, not a producer who truly loved music.

Jing Xi realized that they had a fundamental conflict between their values and that there was a world of difference between them. She was no longer willing to work for him.

“Director, that being said, I will not sing for you again. You should go find someone else!”

Jing Xi did not want to be somebody’s ghost singer, not to mention to help a greedy man like David to cheat the fans who loved her music.”

But before she could leave, David scolded, “Stop! Jin Xiaoxi!”

Jing Xi had to stop and listen. David added, “Do you think you can simply walk away? I’m telling you, you are in a two-year contract with Longwei. According to our agreement you have to work for the company for two whole years, not a single day less. If you choose to terminate the contract, you will have to pay a 10 million dollar penalty. Otherwise, we’ll sue you.”

Jing Xi was shocked. She’d almost forgotten that she was in a two-year contract.

And the penalty was as high as 10 million dollars!

No way! She could neither afford the penalty nor being sued.

What could she do next?

Jing Xi thought it through. If she really broke the contract, she would not be able to handle the penalty or a lawsuit.

Therefore she had to stay and see.

So she turned around and asked, “You said when the song was released I would get my pay…so how much is that?”

David knew that she was ready to compromise. So he applied his gentle voice again and said, “I assure you we will never treat you shabbily. Here you go. It’s 10 thousand dollars. You deserve it. As long as you follow our plan, you will make handsome money.”

David handed her an envelope. Jing Xi stood there looking at it.

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