Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 1643 - Could Be Of Some Use

Chapter 1643: Could Be Of Some Use

It seemed like plain congee, but smelled herbal.

“I made yam congee. It’s very good for the stomach.” Jing Xi introduced the meal.

It reminded Huo Yunshen of Jing Xi, who used to cook herbal cuisine. Her cooking was always appealing.

Fine. I’ll try it for Jing Xi’s sake.

Huo Yunshen tried a spoonful. He did not expect anything tasty, but it was surprisingly good.

He could not help continuing.

In a short while, the bowl was empty. He felt much better with his stomach satisfied by the warm congee.

Huo Yunshen had calmed down and no longer blamed Jin Xiaoxi for her abruptness just now.

Seeing him finishing the congee, Jing Xi picked up the bowl and said, “Your Majesty. I’ll leave shortly and come back in the morning.”

“Em.” He answered indifferently.

When Jing Xi stepped out of the room she reminded, “Your Majesty, don’t forget to take the medicine.”

Instead of answering, he looked at her quietly. He obviously had heard her. Jing Xi said nothing further and turned to leave.

She returned to their suburb home in the shuttle.

It was not only little Tieniu who waited for her by the gate. His father was there too. The two of them stood there as if they were some door-gods.

Mo Yutian and little Tieniu were both happy to see her home. Little Tieniu threw himself in her arms and complained, “Mommy, why are you home late?”

“I’m sorry. It was a busy day.”

Jing Xi lifted little Tieniu and turned to Mo Yutian. “Brother Heiniu, why are you here too?”

“It’s late. I was a bit worried.”

Mo Yutian would have picked her up if it was not for his disability.

“No worries. The shuttle drops me right there every day. It’s safe and convenient. Let’s go home!”

Jing Xi held the boy and entered the gate together with Mo Yutian.

“Have you had dinner?” Jing Xi asked upon entering.

“They did. We were waiting for you.”

Jing Xi knew that he was talking about the Jin family. They would never bother to take care of the father and son if she did not keep telling them so.

Getting back to their room, Jing Xi saw a few dishes placed on the table. The man had taken the trouble to cook for her.

“Thank you, Brother Heiniu. You should have waited for me to make our dinner.”

Jing Xi placed the boy in his chair, helped the man sit down, and washed her hands before joining them.

“Xiaoxi, see if you like it.”

Mo Yutian placed some food on her plate.


Jing Xi took a bite.

Although the food did not look nice, it did taste good.

“Not bad! Brother Heiniu, you are making great progress!” Jing Xi praised him.


“Yeah, yummy.”

Mo Yutian was flattered. Finally, he could be of some use now.

He recalled when he was jealous about Huo Yunshen who was able to cook well and had won over Jing Xi.

Who would have expected him to cook for others one day? And who would believe that the first one to taste it would be Jin Xiaoxoi?

What a life!

He was no longer the person he used to be. Now Mo Yutian wished for nothing extravagant for the rest of his life.

He just wanted something like this, to stay with his “wife” and “child,” and to live a simple life.

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