Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 1263 - Disappointed

Chapter 1263: Disappointed

Just as Helian Xiong and Yun Xuerou were about to reach climax, the door was kicked open by an army boot.

The impact made both of them jumped from the bed.

Yun Xuerou shrieked when she saw that it was Helian Qingyu who had kicked the door down and pushed Helian Xiong aside while covering herself with a sheet.


“Don’t you dare call my name!” Helian Qingyu scolded as he stared at them with killing intent. “I have been calling your phone for quite a few times, and you did not pick up. I thought you were busy, but…”

“Please, let me explain…” Yun Xuerou begged.

“There’s nothing for you to explain! You are cheating on dad! How am I supposed to forgive you?” Helian Qingyu roared as he took his gun out and pointed at Helian Xiong. “And you! How dare you do this! You’re my uncle! My father’s brother! I thought you were a gentleman but looks like you’re just another filthy animal! I’m going to kill you!”

Helian Qingyu aimed at Helian Xiong. Yun Xuerou noticed that Helian Qingyu was not bluffing and kicked Helian Xiong to the side.

Helian Qingyu fired three shots at Helian Xiong, but because Yun Xuerou was fast enough to move Helian Xiong away, he missed them, and the bullets dug themselves into the wall next to Helian Xiong.

Yun Xuerou quickly grabbed her son’s hand while shooting at Helian Xiong, “Run!”

Helian Xiong quickly ran, not even grabbing his clothes.

Helian Qingyu did not chase after Helian Xiong and instead threw his mother away in disgust.

“Yu’er, please forgive me…” Yun Xuerou sobbed as she laid on the floor.

“I was calling you to tell you that dad is suffering from a heart attack, but you… What a disappointment! I see now why dad wants a divorce with you! I’m never helping you anymore!”

Helian Qingyu turned and left without saying goodbye.

“Yu’er… Yu’er…”

No matter how Yun Xuerou called out to her son, he did not turn back.

She sat on the ground, worried about her future.

Yun Xuerou was not afraid if Helian Wei found out about her cheating with Helian Xiong, but she was terrified of Helian Qingyu finding out. And he did in the end, toppling the mother image that he had of her.

Helian Qingyu returned to the hospital with disappointment.

He walked with his head down and did not notice that Huo Yunshen was approaching him.

“Qingyu!” Huo Yunshen called out.


“What’s wrong? Why are you back?”

Huo Yunshen was on his way to get a few commodities when he noticed Helian Qingyu was at the hospital too.

“I’m here to visit my father. He’s admitted into the hospital too.”

“What? What happened?”

“Heart attack,” Helian Qingyu sighed.

“Come, I’ll accompany you,” Huo Yunshen said as he patted Helian Qingyu on his shoulder.

“Thank you.”

Both of them headed towards the room that Helian Wei was staying in.

Helian Qingyu looked at his father and asked Le Xiu, “Did he wake up just now?”

“Not yet.”

“Wait outside. I’ll stay here with him.”

Le Xiu exited the room, leaving only Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu in it.

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