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Chapter 1563 - Three-Road Junction

Chapter 1563: Three-Road Junction

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“Reporting to the head, I have nothing to say!”


It was the ruler hitting the same place again. Mu Jianxin’s technique was very crafty. The second stroke of the ruler caused Mu Yuan to bleed. Mu Yuan kneeled straightly. He was beaten more than 10 times by the ruler consecutively. His back was a blur of flesh and blood.

Mu Jianshou frowned. Mother Mu was choking with sobs.

“Xiaoyuan, speak. He is your comrade. Didn’t you say comrade?”

Mu Jianxin said, “What comrade? He is multiracial. You can’t pass the political investigation. There’s not a word of truth coming out from your mouth. Do you think I am blind?”

Mu Yuan shut his mouth and did not say anything.

Mu Jianxin had a fiery temper. “Alright, if you don’t speak, I’ll beat you to death today!”

The moment he flung his arm, it was more than 10 strokes of the ruler. Mu Yuan was beaten until his flesh and blood became a blur. Just when Mu Jianshou wanted to talk, Mother Mu, who was at the side, could not bear to watch anymore. She hurriedly went to stop him.

“Go away!” Mu Jianxin yelled.

“What are you doing? You did not distinguish between right and wrong. Do you want to beat our child to death?”

“How did I raise a son whose mouth is full of lies? I’ll beat him to death today. Take it that I have never given birth to him.”

“Of course you have never given birth. I am the one who carried him for 10 months and gave birth to him. I even nearly died from a difficult delivery when I gave birth to him. Of course you have never given birth!”

Both husband and wife quarreled. Mu Yuan was still kneeling straight. The ancestral hall was filled with the smell of blood and incense. Mu Jianshou said, “Xiaoyuan, what is the specific situation? Tell the truth. Don’t anger your father.”

Mu Yuan shut his mouth tightly.

“Xiaoyuan!” Mu Jianxin wanted to beat him again. Mother Mu hurriedly stopped him and tried so hard to say soft words for Mu Yuan.

Mu Yuan bit his teeth and endured the pain on his back. “My conscience is clear. He is my friend!”

“What friend!”

“His country’s comrade. He is here to attend Ye Ling’s wedding. You can go and ask Ye Ling.”

“What is your relationship with him?”

Mu Yuan shut his mouth tightly again and did not say anything. Mu Jianxin only felt a surge of anger rushing up. He pushed Mother Mu away. The ruler came down and hit him until his blood splashed.

Mu Yuan did not even blink his eyes.

“Alright, your bones are hard. You have a backbone. If you don’t speak, you’ll keep kneeling in the ancestral hall. Bring his cell phone over!”

Mother Mu did not dare to resist him. He took Mu Yuan’s cell phone over.

Mu Yuan also did not dare to snatch the phone back.

Mu Jianxin had always been bad-tempered. From when he was young to middle-aged, he had always had a fiery temper. He was also the strictest instructor for the soldiers who trained below him. He did not expect his own son, whom he was the proudest of, to actually be so rebellious. His whole back had been beaten until it was rotten, but he persisted and was unwilling to reveal a word.

Fine, if he doesn’t speak, I will look for Ye Ling!

Someone will tell the truth.

Shen Qianshu received a phone call from Mu Jianxin at two o’clock late in the night. She got a fright. “Ye Ling, he’s drunk. He is asleep.”

“Wake him up!” Mu Jianxin roared. He already could not care about Ye Ling’s wedding night tonight.

Shen Qianshu felt anxious. This old person’s temper is very fiery. 

She also knew that Mu Yuan’s background was deep and did not dare to tell any lies. She hurriedly woke Ye Ling up. One word from Mu Jianshou made Ye Ling feel much soberer.

“Who exactly is that friend of Mu Yuan?”

Mu Yuan kneeled in the ancestral hall. The fresh blood on his back was flowing continuously. He developed a high fever in the later part of the night. There was a security guard who was guarding outside. Without Mu Jianxin’s order, he did not dare to call for a doctor.

Mu Yuan kneeled all alone in the ancestral hall. However, he was thinking of another matter in his heart.

He and Jack… had walked until a three-way junction.

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