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Chapter 1469 - Why Won't You Tell Me

Chapter 1469: Why Won’t You Tell Me

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Gu Yuan An did not expect the assassinations to come one after another. At that time, he already had a premonition that every assassination was related to Black Rose. He also felt that Gu Yuanli always behaved like he had something to say, yet he never did, and he always seemed guilty. Gu Yuanli must be hiding something. He had also stopped several assassinations against him but failed to stop Black Rose’s quick pace.

He thought that his brother would not want him to die. He thought maybe his brother had something in the hands of Black Rose, so he had to. No matter what, he did not seem to fit in well in Ghost City.

So he planned a good escape to disappear.

He wanted to go right at every step. The only thing was that he felt sorry for his younger brothers and fathers, but he really did not want to be involved in the matters of Ghost City and the Black Rose again. He also did not want Gu Yuanli and him to turn their heads against each other at the end.

The cruelest thing was when brothers fight.

His disappearance would do everyone good.

He planned a perfect disappearance but was betrayed. People really wanted his life, and Li Chen got in the car instead of him and took on the ride that would definitely take his life.

He never thought that Li Chen would do that for him.

He originally wanted to cancel the plan and discuss things with Gu Yuanli again. Who knew that it would come so coincidentally and decidedly? He also completely lost the opportunity. Li Chen was killed by him, and he even left him a suicide note. There was no person that Li Chen missed in the world, and his family was not particularly good to him. He only had this brother who he loved since he was young.

The person who liked him died for him and gave him a suicide note, wishing him and Yun An a long-lasting time together. There was no way that Gu Yuanan would take it for granted.

The memories were too dark. This love was too dark, and he could not accept it.

In his own way, Li Chen lived in his heart. This life was replaced by Li Chen. He broke away from Ghost City but was burdened with a lifetime of “feelings debt”. He had planned to abandon everything and to escape to a place where no one knew him and live the life he wanted.

Before he left, he went to visit Yun An.

Ever since the news of his death, he troubled Gu Xingchen to take care of Yun An. He thought Yun An could survive. Gu Xingchen said he was unhappy, but he still went to work, eat, make friends, and take a walk, and that there was no difference. Then, Gu Yuanan was finally at ease until he went to see Yun An and saw a broken Yun An. A Yun An who gathered with a group of juvenile adolescents. A Yun An who had given up on life.

He could not get out of his state, and he was trapped.

He turned himself into Li Chen to stay by his side. He wanted to help him out of his plight. Yun An had come out of the state, but he had gotten another illness. An illness that made him rely on him. No matter what, he could not leave. Human skin masks and intimate love would still be exposed in the end.

So he just changed his entire face.

Surgery after surgery, he turned his face into Li Chen’s face and completely survived with Li Chen’s identity. He also intended to take care of him, cherish him, and bury all the past in his life under Li Chen’s identity. He felt guilty for Li Chen. Whatever that he owed Li Chen, he would see Li Chen in his next life and then return it, but he did not expect that he still could not hide the secret.

Gu Yuanan said, “Xiao An, I did not intend to hide this from you on purpose. Neither did I want to hurt you. The person that I want to hurt least is you. Don’t… cry.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

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