Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 1211 - Call Daddy!!

Chapter 1211: Call Daddy!!

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Ye Ling’s gaze was scarily burning. He was a man of action and had always followed his principle of “more action, less talk,” immediately stripping her clean. He carelessly tossed the clothes aside, and without anyone teaching him, he tugged his tie off and tied her two hands together. Shen Qianshu’s hands were both tied and could only helplessly lie on the bed as Ye Ling’s body covered her, nibbling her ear.

“Call me Daddy!”

Shen Qianshu was speechless. “… ”

What the hell!!!

You are so perverted!!

She could no longer see the word “daddy” in the same way again.

She did not have time to freely roast it before Ye Ling became uncontrollable and started to enjoy this sweet meal. Shen Qianshu wanted to cry, but no tears came. If she knew that such an address would have made him so crazy, she would not have yelled anything at all.

Tong Hua and the few security guards had just finished playing golf. He skipped back and picked a flower happily. The living room was extremely silent. Burger had been following him around in his crazy doings for the entire day. He grew quickly, was very strong, and had been trained by Tong Hua to be very obedient.

“Mommy, your cute baby is back.”

No one answered.

The chefs were preparing dinner.

“Zhong Ran, is Mommy not back yet?”

Zhong Ran lied without blushing or skipping a beat. “She’s not back from work.”

“I saw her car.”

Zhong Ran was calm. “She had other business and left with another car.”

“Oh, okay,” Tong Hua said. “Where’s Daddy?”

“He’s working overtime!”

Tong Hua looked at Zhong Ran suspiciously. “If he is working overtime, what are you doing here so idly instead of attending to him? Oh right, security guard brothers, why are all of you downstairs?”

Ah Da said, “Little Master, we made a drone today. Do you want to play with it? It can film from the sky.”

Tong Hua jumped up in happiness. “I want to, I want to. I love to play with drones the most. Teach me, teach me.”

“Yes, young master.” Ah Da and a few security guards went to retrieve the drone, and Zhong Ran lifted up his thumb silently. When it came to distracting Tong Hua, Ah Da was always the better one.

The drone was like an automated robot cleaner. It was extremely thin and was not very big. Its functions were very comprehensive. Not only could it film from the sky, but it could also attack. It was initially meant to be a weapon.

Ye Tingyun had since long discovered the huge commercial opportunity that the drones harbored and had been researching on drones since a few years ago. Ye Ling also planned to enter the country’s drones market and had been testing the waters recently.

Ah Da switched the multiple functions and only opened the aerial photography function. He taught Tong Hua how to play with the drone. Tong Hua could use the remote control to control the drone’s directions, and the remote was connected to a palm-sized computer which allowed one to view the scenes that the drone filmed in real-time.

Tong Hua was attracted by this new toy and immediately forgot about Daddy and Mommy not being home, solely focusing on playing with the drone’s aerial photography function.

He had just played for half an hour.

Tong Hua suddenly let out a ‘huh’ sound and asked with a slight confusion, “Ah Da, aren’t we on private property? There’s someone behind the forest doing something suspicious.”

It was coincidental how the drone that he was controlling suddenly ventured far away to the border between the golf course and the forest. Ah Da looked at it and saw two men who were preparing to cross the forest.

Ah Da picked up the wireless phone and ordered a few security guards to go over and check it out without making a big fuss.

“Could it be Yang Ping?”

“I don’t know. Just take a look first.”

The two men were also very smart. Upon noticing the drone, they quickly escaped in a car. Ah Da sent another team to chase after them.

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