Pregnant with Twins: Poison Doctor Consort is Too Hard to Please

Chapter 556 - Chapter 556: Although a Handsome Man Was Good, She Wasn’t Interested.

Chapter 556: Although a Handsome Man Was Good, She Wasn’t Interested.

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Seeing that the young ladies at the door were all looking at Xiao Huaxu with adoration, Su Qian quickly glanced at them before withdrawing her gaze.

Although a handsome man was good, she wasn’t interested.

“Hey hey hey, Master, why are you leaving?” Black Ball flapped its little wings with all its might and chased after her. It asked in confusion, “Such a handsome man actually couldn’t keep you!”

“From the looks of it, you seem to like pretty men?” Su Qian wandered aimlessly in the temple and teased Black Ball, “Aren’t you a male? Why do you like handsome men too?”

When Black Ball heard this, it revealed a proud expression. “Master, I’m a divine beast. Before a divine beast transforms into a human form, it doesn’t have an accurate gender.”


“You can transform into a human?” Su Qian looked at Black Ball in surprise and asked incredulously.

“That’s right! I’m amazing!” Black Ball raised its head high and said proudly, “After I can transform into a human, I can choose my own gender. At that time, I can decide whether to become a man or a woman. Of course, once the gender is determined, it cannot be changed.”

“So impressive! Are you planning to become a man or a woman?” Xiao Yin asked curiously.

When Black Ball heard this, it fell into deep thought. Then, it said seriously, “Hehehe, we’ll have to see if there are more beautiful women or handsome men in this world. I’ll choose the one I fancy the most.”

“Little rascal.” Su Qian rubbed Black Ball’s head and smiled helplessly.

Black Ball puffed out its chest proudly, and Xiao Yin asked with even more anticipation, “Then how long will it take to transform into human form?”

Black Ball pondered for a moment. “Not long. In another two to three hundred years.”

“Pfft!” Xiao Yin’s eyes widened in shock, and even Su Qian looked incredulous.

“Why does it take so long?” Su Qian asked in shock.

“I’m still young, and I don’t have enough energy in my body. Of course, I can’t transform into a human. However, this time can be shortened. For example, if I can obtain some heavenly treasures and obtain more energy, I can transform into a human as soon as possible.” After saying this, Black Ball raised its head in a showy manner. “When the time comes, you will be able to admire my heroic figure!”

“Forget it. By the time you transform into a human, it’ll be too late,” Xiao Yin said disdainfully.

Black Ball was about to speak when Su Qian raised her hand and gestured for her to keep quiet. Then, she quickened her pace and walked to the Bodhi tree in the courtyard.

Su Qian raised her head and looked at the towering Bodhi tree in front of her. As she smelled the faint sandalwood fragrance, she felt as if all the fatigue in her body had been swept away. The tranquility was so refreshing that it felt unreal.

Not long after Su Qian stood still, she heard footsteps behind her.

Su Qian turned around and saw a monk wearing a plain monk robe walking over.

“Patron, my Abbot would like to meet you.” The monk smiled kindly and bowed to Su Qian with his palms together.

Su Qian reciprocated the gesture and then asked curiously, “Why is the Abbot looking for me? Master, you knew I would come here?”

She had been walking aimlessly, and the monk had been standing at a distance, only approaching when she arrived. It was as if he had known that she would come in advance.

This made Su Qian curious.. How did the monk in front of her, or the Abbot she had just met, know that she would come?

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