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Chapter 403 – Museum

Chapter 403 – Museum

10 pm. Beijing International Airport.

It’s a starry night.

Dong Xuebing is chain-smoking in front of the terminal building while waiting. Lesser people are departing at this hour, and mostly are arrival passengers. Passengers are walking past him with their luggage. Some are from tour groups, businessmen, and some are here to visit relatives.

At this time, a black Hyundai Elantra with a civilian registration number plate stopped in front of the terminal building.

Dong Xuebing saw the car and snubbed his cigarette before boarding the front passenger seat.

“Chief Dong. It’s been a while since we met.” The driver is Beijing State Security Western District Bureau’s Sixth Division Deputy Chief, Old Qian. Dong Xuebing is quite close with him when he was still in the General Affairs Office. Dong Xuebing had also helped him when he wrongly arrested the City Bureau Chief Jiang’s relative.

Dong Xuebing forced a smile when he saw his former colleague. “Old Qian, why did you come personally?”

“How can I not treat this seriously?” Old Qian knew Dong Xuebing is in a rush and did not waste time. He took out a passport and some items from his bag. “This is specially approved by Chief Xu and had not gone through other departments because there’s not enough time. This is using our State Security internal paperwork, but the passport looks the same as other passports. Take it.”

Dong Xuebing took it and nodded.

“This is 100,000 Yen and an air ticket. The money is from Chief Xu… Haha…” Old Qian looks at his watch and quickly said. “Oh, your flight is departing soon. It is a delayed flight and was supposed to depart at 9 pm. But there was a delay in its arrival, and its departure is postponed until now. Your ticket is last minute as there is an empty seat in the economy class. I had already spoken to the airlines, and you better hurry up, or you will miss it. I will arrange for your return flight. Just call me when you are about to come back.”

Dong Xuebing quickly keeps the passport and money. “Thank you.”

Old Qian laughed. “We are old friends. What’s there to thank?”

“If everything goes smoothly, I should be coming back the day after tomorrow. Help me thank Chief Xu too. I will return her the money when I am back.”

“Ok. Chief Xu asked me to remind you to take care and don’t cause trouble there.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and did not say anything else. This time, he is going to Tokyo is to wreak havoc there. How can he not cause trouble?

Dong Xuebing alighted and ran into the departure customs.

After checking the passport, the customs officer let Dong Xuebing enter. Dong Xuebing rushed to the boarding gate for secondary checks.

Dong Xuebing is the last person to board the flight. If Deputy Chief Qian had not contacted the airlines, he might not even get to board because the gates were already closed. Dong Xuebing’s seat is beside an old lady, and all other passengers are looking at Dong Xuebing, wondering why he can still board the flight so late.

This is a big plane. There are two rows by the windows and a row in the center.

Dong Xuebing has no luggage and went straight to his seat.

Ring… ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang suddenly. It is Xie Hao.

The plane had not departed yet, and Dong Xuebing still have not switched off his phone. “Hello, Xiao Hao.”

Xie Hao asked. “Brother Dong, are you still at the hospital?”

“No. I have something on and had left the hospital.”

“Ah… we thought you were waiting downstairs and went looking for you. Oh, my Sis’s phone battery had died, and she asks me to tell you that she will accompany my Aunt at the hospital tonight. My Second Sis and I had just left the hospital. My Aunt’s birthday celebration tomorrow might be postponed to Monday or canceled. No one has the mood to celebrate after losing the Buddha.”

The flight stewardess frowned and signaled to Dong Xuebing to switch off his phone.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I know. Xiao Hao, I have some urgent matters now, and I might not be back tomorrow. Help me tell your Big Sis. Call my phone to look for me.” Dong Xuebing’s phone has auto-roaming services and can be used in Japan.

“Oh… alright.” Xie Hao ended the call.

Dong Xuebing did not want to tell them because he is afraid Xie Huilan and Madam Han will be worried.

After a while, the stewardess announced to the passengers to fasten their seatbelts, and the plane is about to depart. Bigger planes are more stable than small planes and are more comfortable. After liftoff, Dong Xuebing closed his eyes and thought about his plan.

One hour…

Two hours…

Three hours…

The flight from Beijing to Tokyo takes about the same time from Beijing to China’s southern cities. But the difference is the time zone.

It was already past midnight when Dong Xuebing arrived in Tokyo.

Dong Xuebing is not familiar with the area and doesn’t speak Japanese. He boarded a taxi, and luckily the driver can understand simple English. His revision of English words some time ago had come in handy now. He asked the driver to bring him to a hotel and arrived around ten minutes later. He managed to get a room with his simple English.

Level six, standard room.

After taking a shower, Dong Xuebing fell asleep immediately.

Early next morning, Dong Xuebing took a taxi to the National Museum.

It’s Sunday, but after walking around Ueno Park, Dong Xuebing noticed not many people visit the Museum compared to the Museums in China.

The Museum ticket cost 600 Yen.

After getting the tickets, Dong Xuebing entered the Museum.

The Museum is very different from China’s Museum. Dong Xuebing did not see any security features on the exterior walls, and anyone can climb over it easily. Compared to The Palace Museum in China, this place looks more like a university.

After walking a few meters, Dong Xuebing saw the main entrance.

The steps are brownish-white, and it is a three stories building.

But Dong Xuebing is not here for sight-seeing. He walked around the building like other tourists and did not enter. He would look at the perimeter walls, the hidden CCTV cameras’ locations, and estimate the distance to the building’s entrance. Before he was transferred to the Public Security Bureau, he had entered the State Security’s Party School for training and knew what to look out for.

About 40 minutes later, Dong Xuebing entered the museum building.

There is a security check with metal detectors at the entrance. In the lobby, Dong Xuebing checked the guards and CCTV cameras’ locations before entering the National Treasures Hall. He does not know a lot about Japanese antiques, and there are lots of Japanese paintings, Buddha statues, and Samurai swords on display. The only painting Dong Xuebing recognized is . This is a famous painting in Japan and is Japan’s national treasures. Its status is equivalent to China’s Liu Shen Jade Suit Sewn with Golden Thread.

Dong Xuebing pretended to be a tourist and look around before leaving the hall.

The National Museum is Japan’s No. 1 Museum. Its main Gallery, which Dong Xuebing was in, is exhibiting Japan’s national treasures. There are other galleries like Heisei Gallery, Asian Gallery, Gallery of Horyoji Treasures, Congratulatory Gallery, and Research and Information Center. The majority of Asia and overseas art pieces are displayed in Asian Gallery.

Dong Xuebing went straight to his target. Asian Gallery.

Dong Xuebing walks around Asian Gallery looking at the art pieces and checking the CCTV cameras’ locations. These are not hidden cameras, and it’s easy to spot. He even checked the cameras’ blind spots and made a trip to the toilet inside. He spent nearly two to three hours scouting the Museum.

It’s almost noon, and after Dong Xuebing had formulated a plan, he turned his attention to the displays.

Dong Xuebing is furious when he saw the displayed relics. More than a few hundred artifacts displayed are from China. These are stolen from China in the past, and it did not include the rest stored in the safe. Some are even tier-one and tier-two relics.

One artifact…

Ten artifacts…

Hundred artifacts…

Finally, Dong Xuebing spotted a Buddha statue on display in a corner.

The Buddha in the glass showcase has a peaceful and dignified expression. Its legs are crossed and look natural. At first look, the statue looks ordinary, but if you look closer, you will notice it is beautiful.

Dong Xuebing’s eyes narrowed and grew cold.

This is it!

This is the Tang Dynasty Tianlong Mountain sandstone Buddha Statue! The Xie Family’s heirloom!

I finally found you!

Ueno Park

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