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Chapter 39 – Becoming a Party Member

Chapter 39 – Becoming a Party Member

Beijing Jiangong Hospital.

Orthopedic inpatient ward.

Dong Xuebing was sent to the hospital by the ambulance. Zhuang Zhi who had accompanied him helped to get him admitted into the hospital. After a whole afternoon of checks and treatment, Dong Xuebing’s injuries were under controlled. His arms and legs had some first-degree burns. He also sprained his shoulders and ankles. The cuts caused by the fluorescent lights were also bandaged. Overall, he was not too severely injured.

In the evening, everyone from the General Affairs Office, including the leaders, arrived at the hospital to visit him.

Dong Xuebing who was lying on the bed had just taken his temperature. 37.3 degrees. As the nurse took the thermometer away, Li Qing and Zhou Changchun walked into the ward. Dong Xuebing immediately tried to sit up. “Director Li, Chief Zhou.” But Dong Xuebing’s shoulders were hurting and could not sit upright.

Li Qing quickly steps forward and stop Dong Xuebing. “Don’t get up. Just lie on the bed.”

Guo Panwei looked at Dong Xuebing who was wearing the hospital gown and did not say a word. Instead, he carried two chairs over for the leaders.

Zhou Changchun and Li Qing sat down by the bed and asked. “Xiao Dong, how are your injuries?”

Dong Xuebing was not used to be surrounded by so many people. He coughed. “Errr…. Thank you for asking. I feel well now. I think I can be discharged tomorrow.”

Li Qing had asked Zhuang Zhi about Dong Xuebing’s condition and knew that Dong Xuebing was putting up a brave front. He frowned: “How can you be discharged tomorrow? You can’t even get off the bed now, how can the hospital discharge you tomorrow? Xiao Dong, don’t worry about your work. Old Zhou and I will take care of your probation performance report and your hospital bills. You don’t need to do anything and focus on recovering well.”

Zhou Changchun nodded. “That’s right. You need to rest well.”

Li Qing and Zhou Changchun had escaped from being forced to resign because of Dong Xuebing. Both of them were grateful to him. Even Li Qing helped Dong Xuebing poured a glass of water personally. Guo Shunjie and Guo Panwei had never seen Li Qing and Zhou Changchun treating a subordinate so well. They were jealous of Dong Xuebing, but they could not show it. After all, Dong Xuebing had done something great.

Dong Xuebing had also said it casually. Seeing the leaders granting him permission to recuperate in the hospital, he did not insist on discharging. He did not want to be discharged. First, he was still injured, and his mother was not in Beijing. There will be no one taking care of him at home. Secondly, if he discharged too early, Li Qing and Zhou Changchun will not feel that they owe him a lot. He had to pretend to be “seriously injured” to show the leaders that he risked his life to help them.

Dong Xuebing was not very smart but was still quick-witted.

Li Qing and Zhou Changchun took turns to say some pleasantries to Dong Xuebing. After a while, Li Qing’s mobile phone rang. He took a look at the number and left the ward with Zhou Changchun to answer the call.

After the leaders were gone, Dong Xuebing’s colleagues were more at ease.

Tan Limei laughed and showed Dong Xuebing a thumbs up. “Bing Zhi, I am impressed by your guts. The fire was so big, and you dare to rush in. I was so stunned back then.

Changjuan also laughed: “You think you are the only one? Everyone out there was stunned. Luckily you are alright.”

Old Yan said gently: “Xiao Dong, you did us proud.”

Dong Xuebing was feeling great, but he modestly replied: “Stop praising me. I did not think much and just know that if the documents were destroyed by the fire, the whole General Affairs Office would be in trouble. That’s why I rushed in.”

Guo Shunjie knew Dong Xuebing was talking rubbish.

Guo Panwei was also thinking the same thing. If there is no credit for doing this, will you still risk your life by running into the office? Who are you trying to fool?

But they could only say all these in their hearts. No matter what, Guo Shunjie and Guo Panwei were impressed by Dong Xuebing’s guts. If given a chance again, Guo Shunjie and Guo Panwei will still not enter the office to risk their lives.

The door opened.

Li Qing and Zhou Changchun entered the ward again. The people surrounding Dong Xuebing’s bed moved aside to make way for the leaders.

Li Qing sat down beside the bed and patted Dong Xuebing’s hand. “I have just received news that the Bureau had approved your application and you are now a Party member.”

Tan Limei and the rest were surprised. “Didn’t Bing Zhi submit his application two weeks ago?”

Dong Xuebing was also shocked to hear this. “Me? Approved?” He had not even submitted a periodical report and had not enrolled in any of the courses. He needs at least one year to qualify as a Party Activist and another year to become a Probationary Party member. How come he become a Party member two weeks after submitting his application? This was not right.

Zhou Changchun laughed. “Your approval is an exceptional case.”

Everyone in the ward understood why.

Joining the Party through exceptional approval happens quite frequently during the rescue efforts of natural disasters like earthquakes, or war. Those individuals with exceptional performances and contributions are allowed to join the Party immediately.

Li Qing explained. “This afternoon, after we put out the fire, Old Zhou and I had a discussion and decided to submit your application letter to the higher-ups. We applied for an exceptional approval for you. The phone call earlier was to inform us that the application is approved and when you return to work, you will be sworn in. After that, you will be Probationary Party member.” Actually, Dong Xuebing’s performance in the afternoon was still not good enough to qualify for exceptional approval. But to repay Dong Xuebing, Li Qing and Zhou Changchun made a few trips to their leaders’ offices to talk about this exceptional approval. Director Yan had also seen Dong Xuebing’s bravery, and with his help, the approval was granted.

Gou Panwei and Guo Shunjie were jealous. It was rare to see someone getting exceptional approval.

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed! This was not what he expected. He will be a party member, and it will look good on his resume. He showed a “grateful” expression: “Thank you, Director Li, Thank you, Chief Zhou. I will not let you all down. I will work harder for the Communist Party and will be prepared to sacrifice myself for the party and people……”

Li Qing laughed: “This is not the place for you to pledge your loyalty to the Party.”

“Hahahaha…….” Everyone laughs.

After all the visitors left, Dong Xuebing covered his whole body under the blanket and laughed. All these injuries were worth it. Not only he had gained the trust of Li Qing and Zhou Changchun, even the Director and all his colleagues were impressed by him. Most importantly, he had successfully joined the CPC.

Hahahaha…….. I am a Party member now!!!

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