Power and Wealth

Chapter 32 – iPhone 4

Chapter 32 – iPhone 4

Yansha Youyi Shopping City.

It was almost Autumn, and the shopping mall’s air condition was still blowing cold air. It was a bit chilly.

Many people were walking in and out of the mall. Qu Yunxuan was wearing heels, and she almost fell when she tried to avoid a woman carrying a child. She grabbed onto Dong Xuebing’s arm. She continued to hold on to Dong Xuebing’s arm into the mall. Dong Xuebing was nervous. Aunt Xuan was holding on to him. He looked at her holding on to his arm and secretly peeped at her chest.

The first floor was mostly selling cosmetics and perfumes. The place was filled with sweet scent.

Both of them went upstairs and stop by the section selling men’s apparels.

Qu Yunxuan squeezed Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Xiao Bing, Aunt suggest that you should buy a suit. You will leave a good impression with your leaders.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Okay. I will listen to you.” Having a beauty like Aunt Xuan shopping with him was more important than buying anything.

A sales assistant walked over to serve them. She got a surprised look on her face when she saw Qu Yunxuan. Qu Yunxuan was too beautiful. “Hi, what sort of suit are you looking for?” Dong Xuebing noticed that the nearby sales assistants and customers were looking at their direction. They were all looking at Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan started to choose the clothes for Dong Xuebing. “Do you have anything more casual?”

“Yes.” The sales assistant pointed to the back. “Over here please.”

Qu Yunxuan immediately spotted a beautiful design. “This shirt is not bad. Xiao Bing, come over here.” She picked up the shirt and place it in front of Dong Xuebing. “Hmmm…. Quite nice.”

The sales assistant smiled: “Yes. I think this shirt suits your friend.”

Your friend?

Dong Xuebing was very sensitive to this word. In Beijing, people will associate “friend” as being in a relationship. For example, if Dong Xuebing were to introduce his girlfriend to others, he will say “This is my friend.” It meant his girlfriend. It was the same as the others. For instances, “Oh, I heard that Xuebing have a new friend.”

Dong Xuebing starts to imagine things.

Suit, leather shoes, belt.

Long sleeve shirt, long pants, sports attire.

Dong Xuebing had bought a set of new presentable clothes selected by Qu Yunxuan. Of course, the whole set was not cheap.

Dong Xuebing saw the sales assistant packing all the clothes and shoes, he took out his wallet. “Where is the cashier?”

Qu Yunxuan tugged his arm and laughed. “Let’s go. I have already paid when you are trying the clothes.”

“Ah?” Dong Xuebing gasped in surprised. “Aunt Xuan, how can you pay for me? No. How much do all these cost? I will return you the money.” Aunt Xuan had been taking care of him by washing his clothes and cooking for him. He was still thinking of getting her a gift since he had the money now. Instead, she bought the clothes for him.

Qu Yunxuan lifted her fist and said with a straight face: “If you say one more word, I will hit you. Let’s go.”

Dong Xuebing shut his mouth unwillingly and carried all the shopping bags. He followed Qu Yunxuan out of the mall. He was still feeling bad for letting her pay for the clothes. Oh yes. It was time to change the handphone. The battery life was getting shorter and shorter, and the buttons were not responding. This type of imitation phones was also quite embarrassing. Aunt Xuan was also using an old Nokia phone for almost 3 years. Yes. I will buy her a new phone too.

“Aunt Xuan. I am thinking of changing my handphone. Shall we go to the Electronic Mall to have a look?”

“Okay. There is a Suning not far ahead. Let’s go.”

The skies turned dark, and stars appeared.

200 meters away, Suning Electronics.

It was almost National Day, and there were lots of people in the shop. The carpark in front of the shop was fully parked. The moment they stepped into the store, they saw rows of counters selling computers and handphones. Around the corner, it was the home appliances section. It was also full of people. It seems that there was a promotion before the National Day.

Qu Yunxuan helped Dong Xuebing to carry 3 bags. “What brand of handphone are you buying?”

Dong Xuebing does not mind about the brand of handphone. He was more concern which brand of phone Qu Yunxuan likes. “What brand do you think is good?”

“Nokia, Sony, Motorola, are all good brands.”

After walking one round in the handphone section of the mall, Dong Xuebing saw iPhone 4 advertisement on a lightbox. This was the latest model of Apple phone. A while before, it had been out of stock. Apple fans had queue up since 4 am to buy this phone. Dong Xuebing had also heard Qu Yunxuan talking about this phone. She was also an iPhone fan. But because it was too expensive, she could only envy others.

Dong Xuebing said. “iPhone 4 seems to be very popular.”

“Of course. The design and specs are outstanding. But it was too expensive.”

“You think it is nice?”

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “Of course, it’s nice. If not, why would so many buy it? I remember when iPhone 4 was launched in China, the prices had reached more than 10,000 RMB per phone. Now, the prices had fallen. It is also about 6,000 RMB. Haha. I just think that this phone is pretty. Wait for the launch of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 prices will drop further. I will buy one then. I cannot afford it now.”

Dong Xuebing made his decision in his heart. “Go over and take a look?”

“Okay. Taking a look will also not cost money. Hahaha.” Qu Yunxuan really likes this phone. She stood in front of the counter and stared at the iPhone 4 on display. She even asked the staff to show her a display set.

The staff was a young girl who was good with her words. “Sister, iPhone 4 currently has two colors. White and black. We are having a promotion for our black color model. 16G for only 5,580 RMB. You are so pretty, and this iPhone 4 really suits you.”

Qu Yunxuan looked at the display set and did not say a word.

“If you buy now, we will give you a screen protector and a leather casing. Also……” The sales girl could tell that Qu Yunxuan really likes this phone and starts to recommend.

Qu Yunxuan was hesitating. She seems to be thinking about something. But she looked at the price tag again and shook her head.

Dong Xuebing stepped forward and said: “Okay. Give us 1 set……. No….. 2 sets.”

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