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Chapter 27 – The share prices rise again!

Chapter 27 – The share prices rise again!

Zhou Changchun’s office.

Dong Xuebing was still furious when he followed Zhou Changchun into his office. If this were in the past, he would surely complain to Zhou Changchun and let him know the true colors of Guo Shunjie. But now, Dong Xuebing would not do this. He had learned how to matter such matters. If he told the leader about this matter, this matter might also not be solved. The leader would also look down on him for not being able to resolve such a petty issue himself.

“Xiao Dong, are you unwell?” Zhou Changchun could see something was wrong with Dong Xuebing and asked him out of concern.

Dong Xuebing recollected himself. “Thank you for your concern. I did not sleep well last night.”

“You must take care of yourself and rest well.” Zhou Changchun sat down. “Bring the chair over. Trading is about to start.”

Dong Xuebing immediately said: “No need. I will just stand.”

Zhou Changchun unhappily said: “I am asking you to sit beside me. Stop saying all those things.”

“Thank you, Chief Zhou.” Dong Xuebing was aware of his posture now. Even this was a small round stool, he also sat down on half his buttocks.

Dong Xuebing looked at the o’clock computer screen, and it was 09.50 am. Trade orders were coming in for the stock markets of 2 cities. These orders were competing, and it was still considered unofficial. The more people that buy the shares, the higher the share prices will rise when the market opens.

“Xiao Dong, how long have you been trading shares?”

“About 3 to 4 years.” Dong Xuebing lied.

“Do you have any tricks or secret techniques? How come you are so confident Hainan Rubber share prices will rise that day?”

Dong Xuebing wanted to say that he has no secret techniques. But that will make the leader feel that he does not want to share and will hate him for being selfish. So, Dong Xuebing continued to make up stories. “It is also not considered secret techniques. Look at this chart. This trade volume and this fluctuation mean the probability of this share rising is higher. You still need to look at the candlestick chart, daily average, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and KDJ indicator to analyze the market.”

Zhou Changchun does not know about this but pretends he knows it all. “Good. You are right. We must analyze all these to understand the market well.” He was feeling good. Although he did not make much money from Hainan Rubber shares, he must admit that Dong Xuebing have a good eye for the stock market. He could only blame himself for being unlucky that the share prices fell the next day again.

Market opens.

The index rises a little.

Zhou Changchun was staring at the monitor. “Come. Help me pick a share.”

“I am only confident in the ultra short term trading. The rest….. errr…… if the shares did not rise later, you……”

Haha. Ultrashort-term is good enough. Don’t give yourself pressure. Just pick a good share.”

Dong Xuebing agreed and click on the trading software’s overview. He had discovered this function of the software in the morning. It will indicate the prices of all the shares and the latest trade information. For example, which big player had sold a high volume of shares, which stock had risen. With this overview, Dong Xuebing does not need to look for stocks like a headless chicken.

This time, news of a few railway companies had appeared on the smaller overview window in the bottom right corner of the monitor.

Daqin Railway – High volume of shares were sold.

Guoheng Railway – Share prices plunged

Guangshen Railway - High volume of shares were sold.

Daqin Railway - Share prices plunged

“The big boys are selling the shares.” Because Zhou Changchun had bought Daqin Railway shares a few days ago, he monitored this share closely. “Railway shares are done. The past two days, the share prices had increased too high and were overrated. I think it will not be able to recover in the next few months.”

Dong Xuebing also thinks this way. He continues to look at other shares.

Both of them were looking at the pharmaceutical shares when an update appeared on the bottom right corner’s window. Dong Xuebing and Zhou Changchun were shocked by that update.

Daqin Railways – Trading stopped for reaching the higher daily limits.

Dong Xuebing thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

A while ago, there were still many trades selling this company’s shares. How come it had reached higher daily limits?



Time was returned to one minute ago. Dong Xuebing saw the update “Daqin Railway - Share prices plunged” in the small window.

He immediately clicks on the share’s average graph. The share prices had fallen 0.78%. The share prices did not drop too much. But compared to yesterday, today’s index had increased a lot. But the big boys were starting to sell off their shares, and the share prices had plunged suddenly. From this trend, it might reach the lower daily limit and ordered to stop trading.

“The big boys are selling the shares.” Zhou Changchun smiled. “Railway shares are done. The past two days, the share prices had increased too high and were overrated. I think it will not be able to recover in the next few months.”

“Chief Zhou.” Dong Xuebing could not wait any longer. “Hurry and buy Daqin Railway shares. The share prices will rise soon.”

Chief Zhou was surprised. “Daqin Railway? Rise? Isn’t it falling now?”

“It should be the big players trying to scare the smaller players to sell their shares.”

Chief Zhou shook his head. “Railway shares cannot make it. Look, the share prices are still falling.”

Dong Xuebing quickly said: “Trust me. I can tell from the Ultrashort term that the prices will rise a lot. It’s true.”

“Errrr……” Chief Zhou was still hesitating. But because Dong Xuebing was accurate the previous two times, he moved forward. “Fine. I will listen to you.” Zhou Changchun had medical conditions, and his legs were weak. But this stock addict’s hands were very agile. Click, click, click. He typed on the keyboard. As Chief Zhou was not very confident of Daqin Railway shares, he only bought 3,000 shares.

Will the share price really rise? Zhou Changchun wonders.

Dong Xuebing also could not believe what he saw. After all, the share prices were in the red and had risen to reach higher daily limits and stopped trading. The trade volume must be enormous. But Dong Xuebing did not have to time to see the reason for the rise. So, he could only stare at the monitor now to find out what caused the sudden increase.

Huh? Did the overview show the wrong information?

Dong Xuebing’s hands turned cold when he thought of this possibility.



The share prices fell by a few more cents.

Dong Xuebing’s palms were all sweaty. Please rise……

Suddenly, a string of numbers appeared, and the colors of the graph changed.

Dong Xuebing and Zhou Changchun blinked. They saw a huge trade order to buy Daqin Railway shares coming in, and the share prices became +3.58%.






The price shot up and reached the daily limit.

The shares stopped trading.

Zhou Changchun took in a deep breath and slapped his thighs 3 times. “Good, good, good!”

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