Power and Wealth

Chapter 1105: On the plane

Chapter 1105: On the plane

Next day.


Today is the third day Dong Xuebing has returned to Beijing.

The County had given them one week to get money from the Central Government. Dong Xuebing does not know if he can return in time, but he does not care. He received a phone call and switched off his phone. He will temporarily cut off communications with his friends and relatives to prevent them from knowing his location. He met Yan Yizhi and Chen Xiaomei again before leaving for the airport.


Departure hall.

Dong Xuebing did not bring any luggage. He waited at a corner in the departure hall with his hands in his pocket.

A young man walked up to him.

Dong Xuebing looked at him.

“Are you Mr. Dong?” That man asked.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I am Dong Xuebing.”

The young man said. “Sorry, I need to confirm your identity.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and took out his identification card.

The young man confirmed Dong Xuebing’s identity and nodded. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Dong. This is for you. My leader instructed me to give it to you. Please check the contents.”

“Thank you.” Dong Xuebing took the package and checked.

Fake passport….

Fake identification card….

Boarding pass….

Dong Xuebing replied. “Help me thank your leader.”

The young man nodded and said. “The flight is departing at 9 am. Please don’t be late. Alright, I need to go back now.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The young man left quickly.

Dong Xuebing looked at that man leave and walked towards the immigration hall with his fake documents. He checked the time and walked faster. He cleared immigration and boarded the plane. His document had no problem clearing the immigration and boarding the plane. After all, the document was prepared by the State Security, and he was formerly from there. If he was not from State Security previously, Sister Xu might not get a fake identity for him.

On board the plane.

The passengers were mainly Chinese and Americans.

Dong Xuebing checked his boarding pass and found his seat. He sat next to the window and closed his eyes.

“Friend….” A man said.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes. “What is it?”

A man in his mid-thirties said. “I think you are in my seat.”

Dong Xuebing took out his boarding pass and checked the seat number. He had sat on the wrong seat. “Sorry.” His English is not good, and he made this mistake. 

“It’s fine. Do you have air sickness?” That man asked.

Dong Xuebing replied. “A little.”

That man replied. “Then it’s alright. You can continue to sit there. Where is your seat?”

Dong Xuebing pointed to the seat beside him. “It should be here.”

“Ok.” That man sat beside Dong Xuebing without saying anything.

Dong Xuebing apologized again. “Sorry.”

That man waves his hand. “It’s fine. Are you going on a holiday?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Yes. What about you?”

That man shook his head. “I am going to work.”

Dong Xuebing chatted with that man and got to know his name. His fake identity’s surname is also Dong, and he tells that man his name is Xiao Dong. That man’s name is Zhai Lei, and he is working in a Beijing internet company. He is going to the US for work.

“Brother Zhai. This is my first time going to Florida. How is it there? I read many travel books, but I am still unsure.” Dong Xuebing asked. He wants to know more about that place.

Zhai Lei thought for a while and said. “I had only been there twice. It is a city in the west, and it’s quite secluded. There are not many tourist attractions.”


“Yes. You should join a tour group if you are going on a holiday.”

“There are too many restrictions in a tour group. I prefer to be free and easy.”

Zhai Lei seemed to be a quiet person, and he did not talk much.

Dong Xuebing stopped asking and closed his eyes to sleep. He needs to prepare himself and might not get to sleep after he reaches the US.

The plane took off.

Dong Xuebing fell asleep quickly.

Although Zhai Lei closed his eyes, he did not sleep. He was deep in thought.

Zhai Lei is not a software engineer from an internet company. He is going to the US for an important mission. The higher-ups had sent him to the US to investigate the location of the research center and rescue Zhong Lizhen. The higher-up wanted her to be rescued at all costs. He knew what this meant. His comrades and he has to sacrifice themselves to save her. He cannot tell others about his identity and lies about working for an internet company.

Zhong Lizhen….

Research center….

Zhai Lei was thinking about how he would find Zhong Lizhen’s location and rescue her.

This is too difficult.

Zhai Lei felt this mission is almost impossible to succeed.

The military guards the research center, and they do not know Zhong Lizhen’s exact location. How are they going to save her with just a few of them?

Unless someone can fight against a whole army, they will not succeed.

Weirdly, Zhai Lei was seated next to Dong Xuebing. The State Security had arranged for them to sit together. Of course, Dong Xuebing’s identity is Zhen Shui County Executive Deputy Mayor. It has nothing to do with State Security. Sister Xu also does not know why he is going to the US.

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