Power and Wealth

Chapter 1101: Xie Huilan is mad

Chapter 1101: Xie Huilan is mad

Before noon.

Xie Family mansion.

The living room is quiet.

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Guobang and said. “Dad, is it impossible to save her through the diplomatic process?”

Xie Guobang nodded. “Lizhen and her relative had become US citizens. It’s hard to do it.”

Dong Xuebing said. “What about going through legal means? They cannot keep Aunt in custody forever.”

Xie Guojian interrupted. “When it comes to the benefits of a country, anything can happen. We are prepared for the worse and estimate Lizhen will not be in contact with the outside world for at least five years. We must wait until the research is over, but they might also keep her under house arrest. That’s why the higher-ups want to rescue her and order to bring her back at all costs. I should not be telling you all these, but it’s fine as we are family.”


Bring her back at all costs?!

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. This technology must be critical for the military to give this order.

Xie Guojian looked at Dong Xuebing and asked. “Xiao Bing, tell me the truth. How confident are you to bring back your Aunt safely?”

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “Tell me about the situation there first.”

Xie Guojian asked. “What do you want to know?”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Is the information about the research center accurate? Could Aunt be locked up somewhere else?”

Xie Guojian hesitated. “Our intel only states the possibility of her locked up at that location is high.”

Dong Xuebing blinked. “What about the research center map?”

Xie Guojian replied. “We have confirmed the location of the research center.” He took out a map and pointed to a location. “This is the place. This information is confidential, and you must not reveal it to anyone else.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the map. It is a map of a US city in the West. There’s a direct flight to that city, but the research center is secluded. “Is this everything you got?”

“That’s all.”

“What about the research center’s map?”

“We don’t have it for now.”

“What about the military stationed there?”

“This is an important research center, and the military will be stationed there. But their equipment and numbers…. We do not have the details yet.”

“It’s easy to go. I can get a tourist visa. But what about our return flight? How is Aunt going to come back after she is rescued?”

“This matter cannot be brought to the surface and concerns two nations’ diplomatic relationships. We can only smuggle her back by the sea. We still have not made the arrangements.”

This is not sure….

That is not confirmed….

Everything has not been arranged.

How can someone be confident in this situation?!

Dong Xuebing replied. “I don’t have any confidence at all. First, we cannot confirm if Aunt is locked up there. Second, there’s a military station there. Third, we don’t even have a map of the research center. Lastly, bringing her back after being rescued is too dangerous and difficult. Sorry, Second Uncle, Mum, I can’t do anything.”

“Oh….” Xie Guojian sighed. He is not surprised.

Dong Xuebing was speaking the truth. Although he had not used his powers for a few months and saved time, he was not invincible. He is not going to steal some relics or items. He is going to bring a living person back. He would not hesitate if we captured Huilan. But it is Zhong Lizhen, an Aunt he had never met before. There’s no need to take this risk. The military had sent many people there and could not rescue her.

Xie Guojian knew this task was impossible, but he still wanted to ask Dong Xuebing. After all, Xiao Dong had performed too many miracles.

Han Jing paused for a few seconds and said. “Never mind. It’s fine, Xuebing. Mum is too anxious. Your Aunt…. Forget it. I don’t want you to take the risk even if you are confident. I will prepare lunch for you. It’s almost noon.” She wants someone to save Zhong Lizhen, but she is afraid something might happen to Xiao Bing if he goes.

“Let me help.”

Han Jing forced a smile. “It’s fine. Stay here and chat with your Dad.”

Suddenly, Han Jing’s phone rang.

“Huilan?” Han Jing answered. “Hello?”

Xie Huilan asked calmly. “Aunt is in US custody?”

Han Jing sighed. “You are well-informed. We have not told you. Yes. We lost contact with your Aunt two months ago, and your Second Uncle is considering ways to rescue her.”

“What solutions does he have?”

“……. He still does not have any ideas.”

“How come I heard Xiao Bing is there? Are you all considering asking him to go to the US to save her?!” Han Jing paused briefly and was about to deny it, and Xie Huilan noticed it. Her tone changed. “Is Second Uncle there?”

Han Jing replied. “Yes.”

“Pass him the phone!” Xie Huilan was mad.

Han Jing looked at Xie Guobang and waved her phone. “Huilan is looking for you.”

Xie Guojian smiled wearily. “Sister-in-law, you should have told her I am not around.” His elder brother, Xie Guobang, is correct. Everyone in the family knows about Xie Huilan’s temper. She doesn’t care who you are when she is mad. If she knew he had tried to persuade Xiao Bing to go to the US, she would fallout with him. This is why he does not want to speak to her now. Furthermore, this mission is too risky, and no one can guarantee Dong Xuebing’s safety.

Han Jing said. “Huilan is smarter than all of us. We cannot hide it from her.”

Xie Guojian hesitated and answered. “Hello, Huilan. Why are you looking for me? We are about to have lunch. Let’s talk after lunch.”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Second, Uncle, I heard you are asking my husband to go to the US to get killed. Is this true?”

Xie Guojian quickly replied. “It’s not me. It’s the higher-ups who asked me to speak with him. You should know the military has Xiao Bing’s files, and I am only asking on behalf of the higher-ups.”

“What did my husband say?”

“He? He says he is not going and is not confidently rescuing your Aunt.”

“Ok. What did you reply?”

“What else can I say? I don’t want Xiao Bing to go too. I know it is dangerous, and I am only asking on behalf of the higher-ups. I also want to know if he has any ideas. You should know his capabilities. I will not let him go if he is not confident. Who do you think I am? I will speak to the higher-ups, and they will not send your husband to the US. They know he is from our Xie family.”


“Don’t worry about it.”

“But I need to state this clearly. Second Uncle, I know you liked Aunt Lizhen since you were young and cannot forget her…….”

Xie Guojian got mad. “You brat! What nonsense are you talking about?!”

Xie Huilan smiled. “You should know if I am speaking nonsense. Everyone in the family knows about it. Oh, except for Second Aunt.”

Xie Guojian shouted angrily. “You are being disrespectful.”

Dong Xuebing and Han Jian sat near Xie Guojian and could hear their conversation.

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. No wonder Second Uncle is so concerned about Aunt Lizhen.

Han Jing was mad too. Her daughter dares to say anything and doesn’t care who the other party is. She pretended not to hear anything.

Xie Guojian stood up and walked a few steps away.

Xie Huilan laughed coldly. “Second, Uncle, I am not disrespecting you. Don’t blame me if whoever dares to ask my husband to risk his life or force him to do anything he does not want. You should know me well. Haha…. I am not angry with you. I am just letting you know this. My son is due soon. How are we going to live if anything happens to his father?”

Xie Guojian was too mad to say anything.

Xie Huilan and Xie Guojian talked for a while, and he passed the phone to Dong Xuebing. “Your wife is looking for you.”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and answered. “Huilan.” He was touched to know she was so concerned for his safety.

Xie Huilan said slowly. “Eldest Uncle told me you went to the Finance Ministry for work. You have completed your work there and should return to Zhen Shui County after a few days’ rest.”

“Yes. I know.”

“You don’t need to care about my Second Uncle. Do you understand?”

“I understand. I know what to do.”

“That’s it.”

Dong Xuebing returned the phone to Han Jing.

Han Jing pretended not to know anything and asked Xie Guojian. “What did Huilan say?”

Xie Guojian replied angrily. “She gave me a lecture! This brat! I had doted on her, and this is how she treats me! She is ridiculous.”

Dong Xuebing tried to calm Xie Guojian. “Just ignore her, Second Uncle. She got a bad temper and always scolded me every day. I will tell her off when I get back.”

Han Jing added. “That’s right, Guojian. Don’t be upset over her.”

Xie Guojian kept quiet for a while and sighed. “Huilan is right. I am to concern for Lizhen. Xiao Bing, I am not forcing you to go, and I know this mission is too difficult. I apologize if anything I said made you feel bad.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. He did not feel offended or mad. “You don’t need to apologize. I am fine.”

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