Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 50 – If There’s a First Time, Then There’s also a Second Time

Chapter 50 – If There’s a First Time, Then There’s also a Second Time

Ji Yunhuang lightly touched the birthmark on her shoulder, and a faint light flashed behind his eyes.

She was not an impostor; she was the real Ning Xuemo…

Twelve years ago, he had seen her as an infant and noticed the birthmark. He even touched it out of curiosity.

Anything else could be faked but not this.

Apart from her parents, he should be the only one who knows about her birthmark.

Perhaps this little girl herself did not even know about its existence…

He cut the pill in half before using water to dissolve it. He dipped his fingertips in the mixture and started to apply it on her wound…

Ning Xuemo felt as if electrical currents flowed from his fingertips; the pain disappeared everywhere he touched, leaving behind a slight warm feeling. Shortly after, a cool sensation seeped in before a slight prickling itch took over.

Ning Xuemo had been injured often in her previous world, so she could tell that this feeling meant that her injuries were healing. The only difference was that her wounds were healing at a much faster rate than in her previous world.

It seems like the crown prince’s unique healing art was very effective!

Soon the medicine was completely applied to her back. Seeing that he was planning to stop there, Ning Xuemo moved her injured arm towards him. “Please treat my shoulder and arm too.”

Ji Yunhuang was chuckling behind her. “Weren’t you reluctant to have me attend to your wounds just earlier?”

“Your Highness has already said that if there’s a first time, there’s also a second time. Since Your Highness has already applied the medicine on my back, then you might as well do so for the other injured areas too. A good deed must be carried through. When sending Buddha, send him all the way to the West.” As Ning Xuemo’s pain eased, her voice also became more melodious.

“You really know how to get what you want.” Ji Yunhuang’s voice held a hint of laughter that wasn’t quite laughter. Seeming as if he was sighing while probing her out, he asked “If you were always this smart, how did you let people bully you? Now it’s like you’re a completely different person.”

Could he be suspecting her identity?

“Has Your Highness heard of the idiom place someone on a field of death, and he will fight to live? I am someone who has died once. Naturally, I would wish for a fresh start. My behaviour changing is to be expected.”

“A change in behaviour is indeed possible. But you suddenly show much more ability now, so much so that it makes people surprised and confused.”

“Haha, maybe it is the Heavens that have seen the countless grievances I suffered and decided to compensate me by giving me many abilities. That way, I could have a reversal of fortune for the first time.”

Ji Yunhuang was utterly speechless.

Ning Xuemo answered every question flawlessly, such that even Ji Yunhuang could not find a loophole. Helplessly sighing, he stopped questioning her and put his full attention on the injuries on her arm and shoulder.

Ning Xuemo observed his actions attentively. She saw that while he was smearing the medicine on her wounds, his fingertips emitted a green glow. Wherever it touched, a cooling feeling seeped into her skin.

‘Could it be that this is a rejuvenating spell, which in order for one to learn, requires the cultivation of wood-element psychokinesis?’

She had seen it before in games, but now she had seen the real thing.

Psychokinesis, what a magical thing! Was there really not the slightest trace of it in her body?

For the first time ever since she transmigrated, Ning Xuemo started getting interested in psychokinesis.

Very quickly, he finished the application of the medicine and helped her dress her wounds. Before heading off to wash his hands, he also went over the things she would need to be careful of during these few days.

Ning Xuemo watched his tall figure disappearing, and she suddenly felt touched.

The reason why this crown prince had been pretty good to her does not matter. Furthermore, he possessed a heavenly talent in psychokinesis, so he ought to have some books on cultivating psychokinesis…

She thought for a bit and then opened her mouth to make a frank request.

Ji Yunhuang was quite surprised. “Don’t you have a crippled physique that can’t cultivate psychokinesis? Even if you read those books, they would be useless…”

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