Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 40 – Apology?!

Chapter 40 – Apology?!

For the sake of stealing Ning Xuemo’s fiancé, Hu Diechang utilised all sorts of underhanded means, hoping to kill Ning Xuemo off.

Ning Xuemo being drugged and ending up locked in the cage was all planned by her.

Since the other person was this type of woman, why would Ning Xuemo have to be polite?!

Just now, she purposely hit Hu Diechang’s acupoints in her leg, making her lose control of her bladder…

She would not let her miscarry right now. However, that fetus would die sooner or later turning into a stone that would remain in Hu Diechang’s belly, preventing her from ever having children…

This serves as Ning Xuemo’s retribution for the unjust death of this body’s previous owner. That girl should not have to die in vain!

To lose control of her bladder under the stares of countless people, for this wealthy big miss, was the greatest shame! Her face got tossed so far away it was now somewhere in the depths of the ocean.

Everyone’s eyes attempted to discreetly look at the wet patch on her skirt. In this lifetime, Hu Diechang had never been so humiliated! Her heart felt extremely uncomfortable, as if a needle bore into it!

Her pretty face alternated between green and white, as her chest heaved. Suddenly, she covered her face and started crying.

Raising her eyebrow, Ning Xuemo appeared as if she did not understand. “It’s just losing control of your bladder. It’s not as if you really miscarried. What are you crying for?”

‘Pa!’ A golden figure flashed and shot towards Ning Xuemo like lightning.

This golden figure appeared too suddenly without warning. Ning Xuemo wanted to dodge, but it was already too late. She could only avoid the brunt of the attack, but that golden figure had already moved behind her, striking her back and causing her to stagger…

Ning Xuemo quickly regained her footing and her head snapped up to see Ji Yunhao’s heavy expression, as he brandished a whip which shimmered with golden light. “Ning Xuemo, apologise!”

The place where she got hit on her back felt scorching hot as if it had been stung by a wasp. Without even needing to turn her head to check, she knew that she was bleeding!

“On what basis do I have to apologise?” Ning Xuemo’s hands slowly clenched.

This bastard dared to demand that she apologise?! Even asking for an apology under the watchful eyes of these people…

“Based on the fact that I was once your fiancé, I have the right to discipline you on your parents’ behalf!” Ji Yunhao’s golden whip once again flashed, aiming to hit her again.

However, Ning Xuemo was ready for it this time. She subconsciously wanted to use the shadowstep technique she had learned in the modern world. However, the moment she tried to move, the place where the whip had injured her felt inexplicably numb. The numbness spread throughout her body, prohibiting her from moving. At this critical juncture, she could only lift her arm to block the whip.

Ning Xuemo looked at her torn and tattered sleeve. The skin underneath showed a purple-red bruise accompanied by a sensation of severe pain and itchiness, which spread throughout her arm…

‘Is there poison on his weird golden whip?’

It could unexpectedly bog down her movements temporarily…

“Ning Xuemo, I’ll say it once more. Quickly apologise to Hu Diechang!” Ji Yunhao with his golden whip in his hand, took one step forward like the Fair Face Asura. He showed a threatening and baleful look.

“Prince, I don’t want this slut’s apology. Whip her to death! Beat her to death!” Hu Diechang clamoured from the sidelines.

Ning Xuemo retreated a step, but because both of her legs lacked strength she stumbled, and with a ‘plop!’, fell on the ground. The onlookers murmured softly, but nobody dared to meddle in the affairs of others.

No matter whether it was the Grand Marshal’s daughter or the Sixth Prince, they were both people the crowd could not afford to provoke. The more influence one had, the more restrictions they faced…

Some people who feared provoking a calamity had already stealthily slipped away downstairs like fish in a pond.

Ning Xuemo had difficulty tolerating the pain. For a moment, she could not even stand up so she glared at Ji Yunhao whose eyes emitted a killing intent, and her heart cooled!

She had been careless! She had thought that since she gained two to three percent of her former strength and knew unpredictable techniques, she would be able to protect herself from harm. However, she had not thought that Ji Yunhao would use his Soul Whip to attack her in front of all these people.

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