Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 32 – The Prince is Absent-minded…

Chapter 32 – The Prince is Absent-minded…

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Ji Yunhao’s face sank before he continued questioning the shadow guard about what things the Marquis’ Mansion had bought recently, as well as the movements of the other people within it…

This time the shadow guard answered very precisely, going over the list of things the Marquis’ Mansion had bought, information he had secretly investigated.

Once Ji Yunhao finished looking over the inventory, his face almost turned green.

Buying tables and chairs he could understand, as these were needed to uphold the prestige and appearance of the Marquis’ Mansion.

Unexpectedly, she also bought a countless number of knives, scissors, bags of embroidery needles, all kinds of threads, and a variety of bottles and jars…

Most importantly, that girl actually bought 5 kilograms of each kind of commonly and rarely seen medicinal herbs. Perhaps, she wanted to open a pharmacy?!

Ji Yunhao glanced at this densely packed list of things and felt his head spinning with confusion.

They could not see through what that brat was up to!

He had also heard about the matter of her attempting to reattach her Second Aunt’s arm. He just did not know what the final outcome of it was.

After all, the Second Aunt was currently inside of the Supreme Court, being heavily watched.

Because it was on the Crown Prince’s orders, even if it was Ji Yunhao’s men, they would not be able to enter to investigate…

Is that girl’s medical expertise so astonishing? Impossible!

Why had he not heard that she had this sort of skill before? Could it be that the Crown Prince had purposely ordered it to be kept under wraps?

Was that his diversion tactic to take that girl?

Ji Yunhao’s thoughts were not something an ordinary person could understand. After dismissing the shadow guard, he sat in the chair and pondered for half the evening but in the end was still unable to make heads or tails of it.

“Prince must be in the mood to enjoy the scenery. At this hour you’re still here to appreciate the moon.” A tender and soft voice floated over, as a woman wearing a green gown turned the corner.

This woman had delicate facial features and a sweet, beautiful figure. When she walked, she was graceful, and she also had a natural sweet charm.

Stepping forward, she seemed to have tripped on something. With an ‘Ah!’, she staggered for a bit before landing in Ji Yunhao’s arms.

A warm, soft, jade-like scent which made one feel contented wafted over. Ji Yunhao’s features also warmed up considerably.

“Diechang, why are you here?”

“Prince hasn’t come to visit Diechang in a few days, so Diechang could only come here to see you.” Hu Diechang replied in an annoyed but lovable voice.

“These few days I have indeed been busy and have neglected you. Right now let me make up for it…” Ji Yunhao did not say anything further as he kissed her, his hands roaming wantonly on her body.

“Ah… You’re so naughty… Bullying me again…” Hu Diechang’s pretty faced turned red as she giggled leaning on his chest, but her body welcomed him to do as he pleased…

Ji Yunhao also got into the mood, his actions getting more bold. The more he took advantage of her, the more passionate he got…

Seeing that he was about to do something impulsive, Hu Diechang suddenly grasped his roaming hand, not allowing him to continue. “My prince, we can’t do this kind of thing. After all, we are not married yet…”

Having been interrupted, Ji Yunhao’s tone was not very good. “Diechang, I will definitely marry you. After a few ****, I will get my Imperial Father to marry us. I definitely won’t betray you. Look, for you, I have even given up the idea of marrying a secondary wife…”

“Prince, Diechang is only looking out for you. If that trash was to become Sixth Prince’s secondary wife, the ones who would lose face would be the people of Sixth Prince’s Mansion. This one is unwilling to become sisters with a waste…” Hu Diechang curled her lips, her tone full of disdain towards Ning Xuemo.

‘Trash? Is that girl really trash?’

Ji Yunhao’s eyes flashed, as he thought of the smiling yet not smiling expression in Ning Xuemo’s eyes, as well as the news he had received these past few days…

He suddenly felt rather fretful and became lost in thought.

“Prince? Prince?” Hu Diechang waved her small hand before his eyes, finally managing to get his attention back on her.

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