Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 13 – Memeda! (2)

Chapter 13 – Memeda! (2)

Important note : The words in the bracket are already in English in the raw text…with some corrections to make sense.

When confronted to the Chastity Testing Beast, all the other accused noblewomen were scared to the point of going limp, so the guards would always have to push them in. However, this young girl actually charged in on her own! Just based on this extraordinary courage alone, it makes people wanted to praise her.

Everyone’s attention was completely on Ning Xuemo. They didn’t notice that the Chastity Testing Beast’s eyes suddenly lit up when it heard Ning Xuemo’s last two words!

“[Where are you from?]” The Chastity Testing Beast opened its big mouth and suddenly spoke in English.

“!!!” Ning Xuemo showed a stupefied expression!

The Chastity Testing Beast asked, “[Can you speak English?]” As it looked at Ning Xuemo’s shocked eyes, it used a lot of effort to speak those words once again, “Memeda…” The word spoken was incomparably stiff like it was spoken by a foreigner with an accent.

Finally, Ning Xuemo was able to react!

This commodity could unexpectedly speak English! Could it be that the Chastity Testing Beast was actually another person from her world who had transmigrated over?

“[I’m from China, and you?]” Ning Xue Mo was an international special agent, so her english was pretty good. She learnt the UK English and had a british accent when she spoke.

The Chastity Testing Beast’s eyes lit like two lightbulbs. It was so happy that it nearly shed tears. It has been 100 years and, finally, someone could understand its words!

The happiness filling its eyes were similar to meeting an old friend in a foreign place. It told Ning Xue Mo its origin.

As it turned out, the soul of the Chastity Testing Beast also came from the 21st century. It was an arrogant and unyielding person who was on a trip to China and learnt a few chinese words half-assedly. All the words he learnt were internet slangs.

Before he transmigrated, he was a twelve years old who slipped and fell in the bathroom. When he woke up, he had already transmigrate into the Chastity Testing Beast and was guarded in this iron cage like a monkey in a zoo.

The people around him were all speaking to him in unfamiliar chinese. He spoke in English until his mouth and tongue went dry but no one in this world understood what he was saying. For everyone, the English they heard from him was considered to be some kind of unusual beast’s language.

He was always isolated alone in this cage without being able to go anywhere.

The servant that fed him before was mute and was unable to communicate with him. Thus, even if he wanted to learn Chinese, he was unable to do so.

He had a violent temperament before, and with many years from being shut in, it caused him to become depressed to the point he was almost going insane! His mood was like a bucket of gunpowder which could explode from a little spark!

When a girl was pulled out for a chastity test, the tense atmosphere and inability to understand what they were saying only infuriated him more.

When the women that needed their chastity verified were actually pushed forward, inside his body, something brutal and berserk flared up. It was absolutely impossible for him to examine whether the other party was a virgin or not. It became a bloodbath without the need to say anything more. Following that, he sullenly vented out his extreme anger.

Did he understand how to authenticate whether someone was chaste or not? Absolutely not!

He didn’t understand the concept of chastity as he was still a little virgin boy before he transmigrated!

The Chastity Testing Beast was almost a 100 years old now. At present, he finally came across someone who understood his words. He started talking practically like a broken dam and revealed all the ins and outs of pertaining to his matters.

Hence, the people standing around felt like they were watching a miraculous play unfolding before them.

The tiny Ning Xue Mo stood next to the very tall and big Chastity Testing Beast, babbling with the Chastity Testing Beast in the same language as it. One person and one beast who were chatting very happily.

From time to time, Ning Xue Mo extended her hand and patted the Chastity Testing Beast’s shoulders to appease it.

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