Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 1331 - Singularity (Finale)

Chapter 1331 Singularity (Finale)

“Why would it be like this?!” The Mechanical Emperor asked coldly.

The other emperors didn’t feel good either. If they couldn’t subjugate this new emperor while he was breaking through, then all of them combined wouldn’t be a match to him after all.

Thinking about this, everyone felt cold.

The Elemental Emperor surged around, and slowly he said, “Release the Barren Emperor.”

Everyone was stunned.

The Elemental Emperor coldly said, “What are you waiting for?! As long as he comes out and takes back the body law, we will be able to sense where that guy is breaking through!”

The Divine Empress hesitated. “But if he comes out, he would wreak havoc. The universal barrier is already very weak. Can it be handled?”

The Heaven Emperor no longer had a smile on his face. “What? Are you willing for that emperor to come out and suppress us? I agree with the Elemental Emperor.”

The Mechanical emperor nodded. “I agree too.”

Insectoid Mother smiled. “Me too.”

The Star Spirit Emperor felt cold at heart. “If the Barren Emperor leaves the seal, the universal barrier will shatter within a hundred years. We will all be devoured by chaos.”

His tone was emotionless.

The Heaven Emperor smiled. “As long as we capture the being breaking through and find the secrets to the beyond, a hundred years is enough for us to break through.”

The Elemental Emperor said coldly, “Being devoured by chaos is better than waiting for this unknown being to suppress us completely!”

The emperor who knew all laws was too much of a threat for them.

If he broke through, they would no longer be the strongest in the universe.

They couldn’t accept this.

The Star Spirit Emperor sighed and said coldly, “With you guys, the universe would eventually be destroyed.”

The other emperors looked at him.

The Heaven Emperor narrowed his eyes and said, “Star Spirit Emperor, what do you mean?” Starlight surged around the Star Spirit Emperor. All the stars in the universe glowed, and his chi rattled.

Everyone retreated from him.

The Elemental Emperor yelled, “Star Spirit Emperor, what do you mean? Are you going to attack us?”

They weren’t scared. Even though the Star Spirit Emperor held the source power of the universe, there were five of them! No matter how strong he was, he could not fight alone against five!

The Star Spirit Emperor waved his hand. Beams of starlight attacked all the emperors. Those starlights seemed to contain the birth and death of the universe. It contained extremely great power. All the emperors felt a little worried.

They used their own laws and clashed with the starlight.


In just one clash, the universe shook.

Countless planets were destroyed in the barren realm.

Far away, all living beings including the Emperor Race were shocked. “The emperors are fighting?!” “Run!!”

Everyone rushed out to the barren realm.

At the border of the universe, the barrier shuddered. Its repair speed slowed down, and streams of chaos chi entered the universe.

Lu Ze and the girls felt this terrifying clash.

They knew that the emperors were fighting!

Did they find out about their breaking through?!

This made them feel desperate.

Their breakthrough hasn’t ended yet.

After that clash, the Star Spirit Emperor was smashed into the deepest level of the warp dimension.

The Elemental Emperor said, “Star Spirit Emperor, even if you don’t want to help, don’t think about stopping us!”

As soon as he said this, a beam of bright starlight sent the Elemental Emperor falling heavily. The Mechanical Emperor watched the Star Spirit Emperor fly out. “Why stop us?!”

The Insectoid Mother looked at him. “Is it because you know who is breaking through?! You’re helping him!”

Hearing this, all the emperors looked at the Star Spirit Emperor with greed and fury.

“Damn it! Tell us who it is!”

“Tell us the secrets to the beyond!”

Watching them force closer, the Star Spirit Emperor said slowly, “He’s the hope of preserving the universe in the future. How can I tell you?”

“You know indeed!”

The emperors roared.

“Ha…” The Star Spirit Emperor laughed. Gray light surged in the depth of his eyes.

At the same time, all the chaos chi that entered the universal barrier was sucked into his body.

His body shuddered. The starlight around him wavered before forming a gray mist.

Seeing this, the emperors were shocked. “Chaos chi?!”

They seemed to have realized something. “Damn it, it’s you! You were stopping us from finding that being?!” The Insectoid Mother roared.

The Divine Empress said with some disbelief, “Star Spirit Emperor, stop! If you’re completely devoured by chaos chi, your consciousness will dissipate too!”

r CO


At this moment, the Star Spirit Emperor’s bright starry eyes turned gray.

The universe shook heavily. The stars glowed blue as if to mourn for the Star Spirit Emperor.

Shuo Yuan and countless star spirits looked up with blue eyes.

They were extremely sad.

“The emperor… is dead?!”

Ying Ying suddenly stopped playing games. She felt this inexplicable sadness.

Big teardrops dripped from her eyes.

She felt that something important was forever gone.

The Star Spirit Emperor looked at the five emperors and charged up.

Although his consciousness was gone, his will still made the chaotic gray figure attack the five emperors. “Damn it! Destroy him!” The Elemental Emperor roared.

The emperors fought at full force.

With the death of the Star Spirit Emperor, the starlight chain on the golden orb in the center of the barren realm shattered.

The sealing power of the orb also weakened.

Sensing this, the Barren Emperor roared like crazy as he kept charging at the seal.

Gradually, cracks appeared.


The battle continued. An emperor-level battle rattled the entire universe.

More and more chaos chi surged inside the universe. The cracks on the universal barrier couldn’t even repair themselves anymore. Emperor-level battles exhausted countless powers. The power used to fix the barrier had decreased.

However, no emperor could care about this matter now.

They had to kill this Chaos Star Spirit Emperor and then find that new emperor to learn the way to the beyond. Only then could they live.

Although the Chaos Star Spirit Emperor was very strong, he was still facing five emperors. The chaos chi was slowly weakening.

Finally, a huge hole was blown in the Star Spirit Emperor’s chest by the Mechanical Emperor’s beam of order.

He was dispersed into chaos chi.

The emperors breathed easy.

“Hurry up and find where that guy is!” The Elemental Emperor roared worriedly.

The universal barrier couldn’t stop the chaos chi at all now.

At this moment, a roar sounded. The emperors looked at the center of the barren realm.

That golden orb was covered in cracks.


There was a shattering sound. A hideous-looking, golden-scaled beast roared.

Seeing this, everyone’s face changed. An endless golden light was sucked from the barren realm into the Barren Emperor’s body. At this moment, everyone looked at a region of space. There were some strange waves there.

“It’s there!” the Insectoid Mother called.

At this moment, the girls walked out.

Their faces were calm as they sucked in source runes into their body.

When the emperors fought, they finally learned one god art to the law level.

They could’ve learned more laws, but they didn’t have time, so they could only stop and fly out.

After Nangong Jing looked at the Mechanical Emperor, the Heaven Emperor, and the Insectoid Queen, she opened her mouth and said, “We must not let them interrupt Ze’s breakthrough.”

The girls nodded.

Qiuyue Hesha squinted and glanced at the six great emperors, and said with a chuckle. “There are six emperors and only five of us. I wonder if we can stop them.”

Alice took out a summoning crystal. There was a black dragon inside. “Senior gave this to me before.”

Lu Li suddenly pouted. “Wow, Lu Ze, that bastard is really unfair!” The others nodded.

Lin Ling said, “Let’s show him what’s good later!”

The emperors were stunned as they looked at the girls.


“How is this possible?!”

“All of them? Five emperors?!”

How could there be so many emperors suddenly?! At this moment, Alice used the black dragon summoning crystal. “Roar!”

A roar filled the universe as a huge six-winged black dragon appeared next to Alice.

The emperors were stunned again.

They found that this black dragon also had body law.

Even the Barren Emperor was confused.

The Mechanical Emperor said, “Impossible! How could there be two emperors having the same law in one universe?! This isn’t right!”

“We must annihilate them!”

The other emperors charged at the girls.

The source runes of the girls also appeared.

Nangong Jing had ice law. Qiuyue Hesha had a mental force law. Lin Ling had space law. Lu Li had darkness law, and Alice had fire law.

Seeing the fire and ice law, the Elemental Emperor’s eyes flashed with greed.

He was the Elemental Emperor, but only his metal law reached law level.

The others were fake law level. ‘Rumble!!!’

Twelve emperors battled in the universe.

The previous emperor battle hadn’t even calmed for a while, and an even more intense battle erupted.

All the beings in the universe were dazed. Since when were there that many emperors in the universe?!

On the ship, Lu Ze had formed all the laws, and the source runes in his inner world had been formed.

Just when he was going to stop cultivating, that golden orb seemed to have been activated and fused into his head.


His consciousness seemed to have endured countless ages.

He saw that golden orb floating in the chaos, and there was a huge explosion. Terrifying source power squeezed the chaos and gave birth to the universe. Lu Ze’s mind recovered.

He found that he had fused all his laws together. That golden light contained endless knowledge.

He finally knew what the golden orb was.

Singularity, the original point of a universe. The source of everything.

The universe was born from it.

The Pocket Hunting Dimension was just a manifestation of this singularity.

Lu Ze felt that the reason he could transmigrate was because his soul, for some reason, touched the singularity of a universe and brought his soul to another universe.

Who knows?

But he found that he was very strong right


He could create and destroy a universe with one will.

Lu Ze looked at the distance.

The girls were retreating under the attacks of the emperors.

Their faces were pale, but they still guarded Lu Ze’s planet with their life.

Lu Ze felt warm.

He got up and walked forward. Time and space were under his control at will.

He appeared before the girls.

Seeing Lu Ze suddenly appear, all the emperors stopped attacking. Their hearts felt cold as they retreated.

They didn’t even know how Lu Ze appeared.

He seemed to have been standing there since the beginning of time.

“Roar!!” The Barren Emperor had no consciousness. It wanted to continue attacking.

Lu Ze looked at it, and it stopped there.

Then, its huge body turned to dust.

The emperors were dumbfounded.

They gasped.

How was that possible?!

The Barren Emperor was gone like that?

The girls rejoiced.

“Little Brother Lu Ze, you’re finally done. We were almost killed.”

Lu Ze looked at Qiuyue Hesha and smiled helplessly.

He waved his hand, and all of their injuries were healed.

Lin Ling said, “Ze, what is your cultivation level now?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Perhaps, it was the beyond?

“I’m much stronger than the emperor anyways.” The girls rejoiced.

Lu Ze turned around and looked at the emperors.

The Mechanical Emperor opened his mouth and was about to talk, but golden light flickered in Lu Ze’s eyes.

The five emperors froze on the spot. Then, their bodies turned to dust.

The atmosphere fell silent and the corners of Nangong Jing’s mouth twitched. “They’re gone like that?”

“We fought for so many days and got beaten up,” Lu Li said.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “There’s more business to handle.”

He looked at the barrier. Huge cracks were appearing

Chaos was flooding in like a tsunami. Lu Ze glanced at the girls speechlessly.”Let’s go over.”

In the blink of an eye, they were at the border of the universe.

Seeing this terrifying scene, the girls frowned too.

Lu Ze grabbed with his hand, and beams of white light appeared.

They were the power from the death of the previous emperors.

He sucked with his left hand, and all the chaos chi formed an orb.

Then, he inserted the bright beam into the barrier.

Immediately, the barrier that was almost shattered was repaired.

Lu Ze threw the ball of chaos, and it appeared outside the barrier.

Lu Ze patted his hands. “Done.”

The girls asked, “It’s over?”

“Mhm. The emperors no longer exist. The universe would probably be in chaos for a while. I’ll let the elders out now. The Human Race’s power is very strong now.”

At this moment, Lu Ze thought of something. He showed a nervous look and said, “Um, I have a question I want to ask you.”

The girls were bewildered, and they looked at Lu Ze.

“What question?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Are you all willing to marry me?”

The girls gasped at Lu Ze. They covered their mouths and stared at Lu Ze with teary eyes.

Lu Ze looked at them nervously.

Then, the girls smiled and nodded.

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