Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 43: Mission Completion, Trial Opening!

Chapter 43: Mission Completion, Trial Opening!

Normally, you would not require a key to enter the secret realm.

As long as the entrance was open, anyone could enter it. Once the maximum number of people was reached, the entrance would automatically close.

This was the so-called ‘Destiny’.

As a result, many larger secret realms would undergo a fierce battle before the entrance opening. The Ying Family would set up various formations to prevent people from taking advantage in the dark.

Not many people knew about the secret realm this time, so the process was quite harmonious.

Although two people were forced to leave, there was no bloodshed.

Everyone looked at the dazzling light.

They were elated by the opening of the secret realm but dared not take the first step.

All of their eyes were focused on Li Ran. Since he didn’t move, and the others didn’t dare to either.

The deterrence was evident.

Li Ran said, “Follow me.”

“Mhm.” Xiao Qingge nodded.

Along with him, she stepped into the white light.

Song Qingsong looked at her back and frowned. “Her back… why does it feel so familiar?”

However, he didn’t have time to think about it. He followed closely and entered the secret realm.

The others hurried in as well. Only Yue Jianli didn’t fight for an early entry, and she unhurriedly entered last.

As soon as she had entered, the stone door closed.

Everyone was wrapped in white light as they passed through the dark tunnel.

When they opened their eyes again, everything suddenly brightened.

They were in an ancient forest.

The ancient trees were so broad that four or five people could encircle to hug the trees. Some of its roots were exposed on the ground, and the huge canopy towered up the sky.

Precious spirit materials could be seen everywhere, and the air was filled with abundant spiritual energy.

“What a miniature secret realm!”

“The spiritual energy here is very dense. One year of cultivation is comparable to three years of cultivation in the outside world!”

“Unfortunately, the secret realm has a time limit. Otherwise, I’d be willing to enter seclusion here!”

“My God, is that a hundred-year-old Scarlet Fruit?”

“There’s also Purple Ivy and the Nether Soul Grass… T-this is the Ancient Emperor’s back garden?”

Everyone was dazzled.

Spirit materials that were extremely precious in the outside world were everywhere.

Even the sect geniuses find it hard to calm down. As soon as they arrived inside the secret realm, they already found such peerless treasures.

If they were to advance further, wouldn’t there be a bigger surprise lying in wait for them?

Perhaps… The Ancient Emperor’s Inheritance?!

Song Qingsong’s breathing became ragged.

At this moment, ripples appeared in the air. One by one, large words materialized from thin air and they were automatically arranged into words.

【Seek the immortality and compete against the heavens, a path filled with bones and overflowing karma…】

【First Trial, Hunting.】

The text was lengthy.

Perhaps it signified that this secret realm was indeed the inheritance of a major powerhouse. This place was the first level of the secret realm and everyone had to complete the trial to enter the next level.

The first trial required them to hunt demon beasts. The top eight people who collected the most demon bones could obtain the qualifications to enter the next level, and the remaining two would be sent out of the secret realm.

“This trial is really simple and crude.” Li Ran smiled, “But I like it.”

After the others had finished reading the mission, they quickly flew into the depths of the forest. The howling of the demon beasts was heard.

Of the chosen ones here, all were extremely powerful. Now, they were faster than anyone else!

Li Ran was in no hurry. He summoned the system in his mind, preparing to receive the reward first.

【Mission was completed.】

【Degree of completion: Perfect】

【Obtained Super Treasure Chest x1.】

Woohoo~ It’s actually a super treasure chest!” Li Ran immediately opened the treasure chest.

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the “Golden Lightning Curse”.】

The “Golden Lightning Curse” was a divine ability that manipulates the Divine Thunder from the Nine Heavens to cause a devastating blow to the enemy.

The higher one’s cultivation base is, the stronger the divine lightning would be.

In the hands of an expert, its might was not even inferior to a heavenly tribulation!

Destroying a city was as simple as chatting and laughing!

“The needle need not poke*!” Li Ran expressed his satisfaction.

[TLN: A Chinese meme that translates into ‘really good’.]

Apart from the Dragon Elephant Zetian, he had another trump card.

“Let’s go! We’re going on a rampage!” After closing the system, he prepared to head to the dense forest to hunt. Only then did he notice that Xiao Qingge’s face was pale.

“I forgot that you were a mortal…” Li Ran scratched his head. “You tried your best to enter the secret realm, but you couldn’t even finish the first round of the trial. What’s going on here?”

Xiao Qingge bit her lip. She was mentally prepared for all of this.

“Senior, being able to bring me here is already a matter of utmost benevolence and righteousness. Our agreement is fulfilled.” Xiao Qingge bowed and continued, “Opportunities are fleeting. Senior, don’t waste time on me anymore. It’s better for Senior to quickly hunt demon beasts. I hope Senior can receive the ultimate inheritance.”

“Oh, okay.” Li Ran nodded and left without hesitation.

“……” Xiao Qingge was stunned for a moment. She did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“This fellow… he is quite straightforward…”

“…The Spirit Fruit… I must obtain it! This is my only chance!”

“Of course, the prerequisite was to survive……”

Li Ran entered the forest.

His intuition told him that Xiao Qingge had a big secret.

However, if there were no secrets on his body, how could he have the nerve to come out?

That was why he was not interested.

The two of them had been in contact with each other for more than ten days. He felt that her personality was not bad. Xiao Qingge was very good towards him.

Li Ran was different from those arrogant Immortal Elders. Even if the other party was an emperor, he wouldn’t care about them. If he took a liking on anyone, even mortals would be considered his brothers.

Therefore, when he left, he quietly placed a talisman on Xiao Qingge’s body…

“Stinky little sister, don’t tell anyone that this brother didn’t cover for you!”

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