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Chapter 41: Pick out two lucky spectators!

Chapter 41: Pick out two lucky spectators!

The green-clothed girl leaned against the tree trunk, a longsword in her arms.

Her hair was tied into a high ponytail, and a strand of her hair was scattered beside her ears. At this moment, her eyes were lowered, and she had no intention of communicating with anyone.

Song Qingsong looked at her and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect Fairy Yue to come too. Is Myriad Sword Pavilion also interested in this secret realm?”

“What? Your Supreme Dao Palace can come, but my Myriad Sword Pavilion cannot?” The young woman in green did not raise her head, and her tone was full of hostility.

A trace of displeasure flashed through Song Qingsong’s eyes, but he still smiled and said, “Fairy Yue has misunderstood. The secret realm is full of dangers, so I feel much more at ease with you here.”

The green-clothed girl did not speak again.

Song Qingsong no longer had the intention to do small talks anymore. He turned his head and said, “This time, the secret realm can hold up to ten people, and the exact ten people present are present here.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this.

This was for the best. There was no need to fight for the spot, so they could enter the secret realm in the best possible state.

The secret realm was filled with danger. Other than fortuitous encounters, they have to watch out for hidden dangers. One more trump card would be an additional guarantee for them.

“The most important thing is that all of us here are fellow righteous path disciples. There isn’t a single devil sect here. This is indeed a great blessing,” Song Qingsong said.

“That’s right. Everyone is from the same path.”

“At the very least, there’s no need to worry about someone stabbing you in the back.”

“We can follow Senior Brother Song’s leadership at ease.”

“Senior Brother Song will definitely protect everyone.”

The others all agreed with him.

Song Qingsong nodded in satisfaction. “If that’s the case, then let’s wait for the secret realm to open…”

Before he finished speaking, the ground suddenly violently trembled.

A gust of wind whistled as the trees were uprooted. Everyone’s body became a little unstable.

“What boundless spiritual power!” The green-clothed girl suddenly raised her head.


A black shadow appeared, followed by a strong wind.

“Be careful!”

Everyone hurriedly dodged, and the black shadow landed on the ground with a bang, stirring up a large amount of dust.


When the dust dispersed, the black shadow revealed its appearance.

It was a Scarlet Flame Tiger.

However, at this moment, its body was shrunken, its bones shattered, and it was on the verge of death.

“This is a Golden Core stage demon beast. Who has such great strength?” someone said with a trembling voice.

Song Qingsong frowned, ” Could it be that the secret realm had already opened and alarmed the Beast King in the depths of the forest?” His first guess was that the Beast King did it.

If it was a cultivator, then the person would be too terrifying.

Just as everyone was discussing amongst themselves, the green-clothed girl suddenly said, “Someone is here.”


They followed the direction of the Scarlet Flame Tiger and saw two people slowly walking over.

The man was tall and handsome. The other person was wrapped in a white robe. Her hood was lowered, and they couldn’t clearly see her appearance. They could only tell from the figure afar that she was a woman.

“My God, did he kick this far?”

Li Ran walked over and squatted down. He stretched out his hand to grab the Scarlet Flame Tiger.

Its eyes were filled with fear as it struggled to escape. However, its entire body’s bones were shattered, unable to exert any strength at all.

It laid on the ground and whimpered as if it was begging for mercy. It did not seem to have the appearance of a Golden Core demon beast.

However, its injuries were too severe, and its aura became weaker and weaker. In the end, the light disappeared from its eyes.

Li Ran shook his head. “If I had known this earlier, why would I even bother?”

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

It was very clear that this demonic tiger had died by his hands. However, this youth was not that old, how could it be…

“Kick… He kicked it to death?” They felt a little furry inside.

Li Ran stood up. “Oh my, how lively is this? Are you all entering the secret realm?”

Everyone’s hearts jumped.

Hearing this, Did he come to enter the secret realm?

But they didn’t have an empty spot left!

At this moment, Song Qingsong cupped his hands and said, “I am Supreme Dao Palace’s direct disciple, Song Qingsong. May I ask for your distinguished name?”

“Youluo Temple, Li Ran,” Li Ran said casually.


“Are you Li Ran?!”

The crowd immediately became heated as everyone took a step back.

Even the green-clothed girl by the side widened her eyes as she stared at Li Ran.

It was actually him!

This young man in front of them was the Devil Sect’s Sheng Zi who had exceptional talent.

A seventeen-year-old with a Golden Core cultivation, a unique existence in the vast land.

As soon as he said that no one from a devil sect had come, the most ruthless one had appeared?


Song Qingsong’s throat tightened. He took a step back, obviously unwilling to start a fight here.

Li Ran didn’t care. “Is there enough people?”

“No…” Xiao Qingge stood behind him and said in a low voice, “This time, the secret realm can only accommodate ten people, but there are already twelve people here.”

She had never expected that this secret realm would attract so many people, and all of them were sect geniuses!

Supreme Dao Palace Song Qingsong, Myriad Sword Pavilion Yue Jianli, Heavenly Daoist Master Murong Chuan…

Especially Song Qingsong, they used to be fellow disciples of the same sect. If her current status was exposed, she would get in big trouble.

She wrapped her robe tighter and lowered her head even more.

“That’s easy.”

Li Ran smiled and said, “Pick out two lucky spectators at random and let them return to the sect.”

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