Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 4: Li Ran's fierce offensive!

Chapter 4: Li Ran’s fierce offensive!

Leng Wuyan looked at “Li Ran”, her mouth slightly opened and her phoenix eyes widened.

She was shocked to the extreme. If she heard it right… It was a confession.

Li Ran’s image was still whispering, “I found that I liked you very much yesterday, and I like you very much today, and I have a hunch that I will like you more tomorrow. In my eyes, billions of stars can’t match your beauty.”

“Shut up!” Leng Wuyan’s clothes fluttered and the snow on the entire Demon Peak shook under her powerful cultivation.


Just too despicable!!!

Looking at Li Ran’s image she was shaking uncontrollably.

Leng Wuyan had been single for hundreds of years. If there was a ranking for single dogs, she would be the strongest monarch on that list. Although it was her own decision to abandon love, the fact also was, no one had confessed to her at all. She was too powerful and her methods too ruthless. Her sight either garnered incessant flattery or evoked quaking fear in people. No one dared to pursue her. So she just remained single as a matter of course.

But now, this status quo has been broken. Someone pursued her barefaced. Besides, this person was unexpectedly her disciple, her most outstanding disciple at that!

As Leng Wuyan looked at Li Ran’s image her hands trembled uncontrollably. “This rebellious scoundrel! You not only violate our sects taboo, but the one you pursue is me!?”

Leng Wuyan was shaking. She was pretty sure this was not a prank. The sect had a ban on marriage and love after all. Joking about this kind of thing was equal to openly seeking death. This was indeed Li Ran showing sincerity!

Leng Wuyan withdrew from the Shadow Stone. Her eyes reflected her complicated state of mind.

She wanted to crush the stone, but when she recalled Li Ran’s affectionate look and “sincere” words, she suddenly lost all of her strength.

“Is this how it feels to be confessed to…”

“Ran’er… he likes me?” Leng Wuyan’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and a myriad of complex emotions emerged in her heart.

“Ran’er is so indifferent most of the time. Even if I’m his teacher, he never really got close to me, but I didn’t really expect him to have hot emotions such as this buried in the depths of his heart!”

“He is extremely talented and owns a Daoist Mark. He will definitely surpass me in the future. From this perspective, he is indeed a well-matched Dao Companion.”

“Considering his looks, he actually is a handsome man!

“How about… I give him a chance?” Thinking of this, Leng Wuyan’s heart started beating even faster. But then, she remembered something.

Youluo Temple strictly prohibits romantic relationships, and those who violate this will be expelled.】

This was the rule she personally set. Now, not only did she want to break it herself, but the other person was her own disciple. If this spread, she would turn into the world’s laughing stock!

“No, absolutely not!” Leng Wuyan shook her head vigorously.

She took the stone into her arms. “Anyone there?”

“Yes, what is your command?”A shadowy cloud squeezed in through a crack in the door, quickly coalescing into a human shape, kneeling on one knee.

“Tell our Sheng Zi to come see me.”

“Yes.” The shadow disappeared.

Leng Wuyan looked at the heavy snow falling outside the window, not knowing what to think.

At this moment, Li Ran paced across the room, a bit fidgety.

Logically speaking, after seeing the Video Capture Stone, the junior sister should come to him as soon as possible. But now, it started getting dark, and there was still no movement outside.

“Did the box fall into the wrong place and she wasn’t able to find it yet?”

Just when he was about to go out and check the situation himself a knock sounded from the door.

He hurriedly sat back down. “Come in”

The door of the room opened, a cloud of black mist swept in. A deep voice rang in the air. “Sheng Zi, the sect master has summoned you. Proceed to Demon Peak.”

Li Ran’s heart beat faster. “Okay.”

The black mist dissipated as if it had never appeared.

The master wants to see me now? Besides, she even sent her shadow guard to inform me… Is something big happening?” Li Ran had a bad feeling about it.

Whereafter, he casually put on a coat and left quickly.

The Xuanling Mountains stretched for hundreds of miles. The Demon Peak was the highest mountain of the chain, towering into the clouds, and the peak’s top was covered with snow all year round. Sect Master Leng Wuyan’s palace was located just there.

Li Ran was feeling nervous walking all the way towards the peak’s top.

He saw Leng Wuyan standing in a pavilion nearby, her back turned towards him.

“Master, did you summon me?” Li Ran stepped forward respectfully.

Leng Wuyan turned to look at him with a complicated expression. “Ran’er, I think your cultivation base has made no progress for half a month. Are you focusing on your cultivation? Or is your mind focused elsewhere?”

Li Ran’s heart jumped, and he hurriedly said, “My mind has indeed been upset recently, which has affected my cultivation. But Master, rest assured, I will definitely adjust myself well.”

Leng Wuyan snorted.  If you think about that kind of thing every day, of course, you will get distracted!

“You are very talented and have the prospect to become a great immortal emperor. In the future, you will definitely surpass me. You must concentrate on cultivation, and don’t always think about those… strange things.” Leng Wuyan persuaded.

Li Ran’s expression immediately turned serious and said, “Master, rest assured, apart from you and cultivation, I can’t hold anything else in my heart!”

He originally intended to flatter her, but when it reached Leng Wuyan’s ears, the meaning completely changed.

She blushed. Her eyes panicked, and she said, “What are you talking nonsense? Why should you put me in your heart?”

So strange, this was not like Ran’er’s character, the offensive is too fierce!

Li Ran was also a little puzzled, feeling that his master was weird today.

“Alright, since you mentioned that, we should have an open talk! I want to ask you, how are you going to explain this Shadow Stone?” Leng Wuyan took out a cyan-colored stone.

Li Ran was so frightened his soul almost departed his body.

Shit! Isn’t this the video of my confession to the junior sister!

Damn it, this is game over, I’m exposed!

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