Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 39: To the Secret Realm!

Chapter 39: To the Secret Realm!

After sending off the disciples of Youluo Temple, Li Ran brought Xiao Qingge back to the forest. Along the way, Xiao Qingge looked at his gloomy expression and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t be angry, you can treat me like you’re not soft, okay?”

“Lao Tzu is not!” Li Ran’s face darkened even more.

“Got it!” Xiao Qingge was also afraid of provoking him, so she changed the topic and said, “However, what you said earlier was indeed very inspiring. It directly matched my thoughts.”

“Which words?” Li Ran asked.

Xiao Qingge said, “Even if I want to bravely tread forward, my firm belief is more important than my talent. I benefited a lot from your words!”

“Oh, I said that.” Li Ran said indifferently, “I lied to them.”

“Ah? You lied to them?” Xiao Qingge was stunned.

“You don’t genuinely believe faith is more important than talent, right?” Li Ran replied.

“Of course. Faith is very important!” Xiao Qingge nodded.

Li Ran smiled. “You, a mortal, must have a very firm belief that you can survive in this demon land for five days alone.”

“But what use was there? You probably can’t even beat a Sharp-toothed Tiger.”

Xiao Qingge became silent.

This was the truth she could not refute.

“Many of them might not be able to become Golden Core cultivators in their entire lives.”

“I’ve only cultivated for ten years, yet I’ve already reached a level that they can’t reach in their entire lives.”

“They can only receive a few spirit stones per month, but the resources of the entire sect are at my disposal.”

“This is the difference in talent that can not be made up by anything.” Li Ran’s voice was calm as if he was merely stating the truth.

How could Xiao Qingge not understand this fact?

When she was still a super-grade talent, the Supreme Dao Palace had treated her like a treasure.

However, when her talent disappeared, the sect expelled her without a shred of empathy.

“Since that’s the case, why are you lying to them?” Xiao Qingge was puzzled.

Li Ran smiled, “Because faith is the only thing they can control.”

“Cultivation is a long and arduous process. In the next few days, they will face endless setbacks.”

“I hope that today’s encouragement will become their motivation when they are in despair and will support them as they go.”

“I told them from the beginning that my only request to them…

… It’s for them to live.”

Li Ran was not a cold-blooded animal. Although he felt that this group of adorable new disciples was troublesome, their admiring gazes gave him a sense of responsibility.

Xiao Qingge looked at him for a long time and said seriously, “Li Ran, you are truly a good person.”

“……” Li Ran’s mouth slightly trembled.

“You are a good person. Your entire family is a good person!”

“You’ve honored me!”

“Senior, the secret realm is about to open, but we still have fifty kilometers to go!” Xiao Qingge said anxiously, “I think we’re too late!”

There was a taboo in the Grand Myriad Mountain Range.

After crossing the outer zone, flying is prohibited. Otherwise, it would be very easy to attract the attention of the vicious beasts in the depths of the region, inciting troubles on themselves.

As for this place, the forest was dense, the roads were rugged, and demon beasts could be seen everywhere.

Plus, she was a mortal, so her speed could not be raised at all.

“We’re too late?” Li Ran glanced at the map. “Then let’s speed up a bit.”


Just as Xiao Qingge was about to speak, her body suddenly became lighter as the surrounding scenery quickly retreated.

Li Ran was hugging her waist and running forward.

He didn’t bother dodging, and like a tank, all the trees in front of him were destroyed with a single leap.

When he reached the steep terrain, he leaped forward and landed on the ground like a meteor, leaving behind a huge crater. Then, he continued to run as if nothing else had mattered to him.


The demon beasts noticed him and pounced over with a howl. However, silver light appeared, and blood splashed everywhere. Li Ran’s footsteps didn’t stop, leaving behind only a single piece of flesh.

The wind in Xiao Qingge’s ear fluttered, and waves of heat came from his large hand that was wrapped around her waist.

Looking at his statue-like side view, her heart began to run rampant. A strange and green feeling filled her heart.

“Li Ran…”

The closer they got to the secret realm, the more savage the demon beasts appeared to be.

In just one cup of tea, he had already encountered two Foundation Establishment demon beasts.

Although they were no match for Li Ran, they prevented Li Ran from advancing at his full speed.

He cut the demonic python into two and advanced a few more miles. When the secret realm was not far away, Li Ran suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Xiao Qingge asked.

He put her down and said, “Let’s find a place to hide.”

Xiao Qingge was stunned. Then, her expression became serious as she silently hid behind a tree.

At the same time, two scarlet lights lit up ahead.

A huge tiger slowly walked out. It was three times the size of an ordinary Sharp-toothed Tiger. Its entire body was covered in raging flames, and they could feel the terrifying heat from afar.

However, the leaves beneath its feet were unscathed.

Xiao Qingge covered her mouth and almost cried out in alarm!

Scarlet Flame Tiger!

A terrifying demon beast with a Golden Core cultivation!

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