Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 37: Sheng Zi is a soft person with a cold exterior!

Chapter 37: Sheng Zi is a soft person with a cold exterior!

A system notification sounded in Li Ran’s mind.

【Mission Issued.】

【Immortal path is illusory, and opportunities are fleeting. The Hundred Thousand Mountains Secret Realm is about to open, find a way to enter it.】

“So she wasn’t lying, there really is a secret realm here…” Li Ran gave Xiao Qingge a serious look.

This person had some background!

Xiao Qingge said in a low voice, “Senior was a saving grace for me. I didn’t deserve to negotiate with you, but this secret realm is far too important. There is no other method.”

“What you just said… What kind of deal do you want?” Li Ran asked.

Xiao Qingge’s spirit was refreshed. “I’m willing to share all the information I have with you. I only want Senior to bring me into the secret realm! As long as we can enter it, we can rely on our own abilities to obtain any fortuitous opportunities!”

“Ability?” Li Ran sneered. “You’re just a mortal. If I enter the secret realm and kill you, wouldn’t you be making a fool of yourself?”

Xiao Qingge’s face turned pale. How could she not have thought of this?

She gritted her teeth and said, “The matter has come to this point. I can only gamble!”

“What are you betting on?” Li Ran asked.

Her eyes were clear. “I’m betting that you’re not a wicked person!”


Li Ran shook his head. In front of Immortal Destinies, even one’s family members would turn against each other.

She actually believed in a stranger?

He didn’t know if she was too stupid or naive…

“Senior, can you consider?” Xiao Qingge asked carefully.

Li Ran looked at her scarred appearance and casually tossed a healing pill. He said indifferently, “Before we reach the secret realm, you better not die so quickly.”

Then, he turned around and left.

“That’s great!” Xiao Qingge heaved a sigh of relief.

Her tensed nerves relaxed, and exhaustion and pain immediately emerged. Her legs nearly fell to the ground.

Lu Xinran gently supported her. “Be careful. Go over there and sit with us.”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Qingge looked at her gratefully.

Sitting beside the bonfire, Xiao Qingge swallowed the medicinal pill and her injuries began to heal rapidly.

After all, to her mortal physique, this was a true ‘immortal pill’…

Lu Xinran smiled and said, “Don’t look at our Sheng Zi from his cold personality. He’s actually enthusiastic. He’s just not good at socializing.”

“Yes, I can tell that Senior is indeed an ardent and righteous man.” Xiao Qingge nodded.


Lu Xinran could not help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Xiao Qingge was puzzled.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I feel a bit strange listening to you calling him senior.” Lu Xinran shook her head and said, “Obviously, Sheng Zi is only eighteen years old this year. You called him like he’s eighty, haha!”

“Eighteen?!” Xiao Qingge was shocked.

“To be able to kill this Demonic Bear, he has to at least have a Golden Core realm cultivation. How could he be just eighteen?” She was speechless.

Even with her previous talent, she was only at the late Foundation Establishment Realm at that age, barely touching upon the threshold of the Golden Core Realm.

Lu Xinran shrugged her shoulders. “But Sheng Zi is indeed in the Golden Core Realm and he is indeed eighteen.”

“How could it be…” Before Xiao Qingge could finish speaking, she suddenly thought of something.

With such a heaven-defying talent, apart from that person in her heart, who else would there be?

She hurriedly asked, “Sister, which sect are you all from?”

Lu Xinran scratched her head, “Promise me that you won’t be afraid of us… we’re disciples of Youluo Temple. We’re here for the Grand Myriad Mountain Range trial.”

She quickly added, “But don’t worry. Although we are the so-called Devil Sect, we won’t slaughter the innocent.”

“They’re really from the Youlou Temple!”

“If you say that, isn’t Senior…”

“He’s Li Ran, the sect’s Sheng Zi, the strongest genius in the vast lands!” Lu Xinran said proudly.

“It really is him!” Xiao Qingge looked at Li Ran in a daze, her eyes blank and bewildered.

She had imagined ten thousand scenarios, but she would never have imagined that they would meet in this way.

I haven’t seen him in ten years, he has changed a lot…

His personality is colder than before, but his talent is still so terrifying.

With his current strength, he had already stood at the top of the younger generation.

What about me? I’ve lost my cultivation and became a mortal.

We are from a different world, I’m afraid he won’t remember me anymore……

Mist filled Xiao Qingge’s eyes…

At this moment, a white robe was thrown at her. She raised her head blankly and saw Li Ran’s back facing her.

His voice was indifferent as he said, “Your clothes are torn and tattered. They are unsightly. I haven’t worn these clothes yet, take them and wear them in the meantime.”

Xiao Qingge’s clothes were ragged and her fair skin was exposed. She really couldn’t wear her old clothes anymore.

“Thank you.” She wore the white robe as the fresh fragrance blew past her nose. Her face turned red for no reason.

Her heart seemed to be filled with warm water, filled with indescribable warmth.

Lu Xinran suppressed her smile and leaned against her ear and said, “See? I already told you that Sheng Zi is a soft person with a cold exterior!”


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