Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 31: Li Ran’s Shadow!

Chapter 31: Li Ran’s Shadow!

This was an annual gathering, where all the great clans of Wuyang City gathered.

Xiao Qingge was once again an influential figure. For a moment, all eyes turned to her.

There were sighs, banter, greed, and coveting gazes…

Once upon a time, she was a fairy of exceptional beauty and hope. Now that this immortal fortune had been completely lost and fallen into the mortal world, it naturally attracted many people’s attention.

“Xiao Qingge? I did not expect that you would really come.” A young man with a vain expression stood in front of her with a playful smile on his face.

It was Li Sheng, Li Ran’s cousin. A superior-grade talent, and an Inner Sect Disciple.

“Although the Supreme Dao Palace had already released the news, your Xiao family had never come forward to admit it. Now that you’ve come to the Immortal Ascension Conference, aren’t you announcing to the world that you, Xiao Qingge, are crippled?” Li Sheng emphasized the word “cripple”, making sure that everyone could hear it.

Xiao Qingge was expressionless as she turned to leave.

“Are you mad? Still acting cold? I thought that you were the Fairy Qing?” A trace of displeasure flashed through Li Sheng’s eyes as he reached out and grabbed her arm.

Xiao Qingge frowned.


This grip almost crushed her bones. The strength of a mid-Foundation Establishment cultivator wasn’t something a mere mortal could bear.

On the other hand, the disciples of the Xiao family turned a blind eye to this. They all looked elsewhere as if they did not know her.

Her family was in this state. They were totally cold towards her, anyone could see it!

Li Sheng couldn’t help but feel even more proud.

“Losing cultivation and being expelled by the sect… Not to mention, your Xiao family actually wants to marry into my Li family?”

“You don’t even have an old ancestor to watch over your family, yet you wanted to marry into my Li family? What a joke!”

“As far as I know, the matter of marriage annulment has come to an end. You better think about what other uses you have left!”

Xiao Qingge said coldly, “Let go.”

Aiyo, I’m so scared!” Li Sheng sized her up and smiled wickedly. “Look at how pretty you are. Why don’t you be my human cauldron*? I’ll keep you safe!”

[TL/N: Again, a euphemism for sex slave]

“Do you think you deserve me?”

“What did you say?!” Li Sheng suspected that he had misheard.

Xiao Qingge raised her head and coldly stared at him. “As long as the engagement isn’t annulled, I am Li Ran’s fiancée! Have you considered the consequences?”

“Li Ran?” When Li Sheng heard this name, his body couldn’t help but tremble. A trace of fear flashed across his eyes.

“You, who are you scaring…”

“Let go.”

“……” Li Sheng looked at her with calm eyes, and he suddenly felt a little shocked. He involuntarily released his grip on her.

“That’s right, I lost my cultivation and became a mortal. That’s right!” Then, she turned around and left.

Li Sheng panted heavily, his face turning red and white, veins popping out on his forehead.

These words deeply pierced into his weakness. Under Li Ran’s shadow, he would never be able to lift his head!

“Xiao Qingge, when the Li family annuls the engagement, I will definitely make you pay the price!” His eyes were filled with ferocity.

Xiao Qingge returned home and locked herself in her room. Her entire body seemed to have been emptied out in an instant. She sat on the chair feebly, her eyes filled with confusion.

No matter how strong she was, she was only a teenage girl. The sudden fall from the clouds to hell wasn’t something she could bear.

Thump thump thump.

Someone was knocking at the door.

She restrained her expression and stood up to open the door.

Outside the door stood a burly man. It was the head of the Xiao family, her biological father, Xiao Nian.


“Father.” Xiao Qingge lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

Xiao Nian sighed helplessly. “Go on and tell me.”

Xiao Nian set up a soundproof formation and then said aloud, “Qingge, you shouldn’t have gone to the Immortal Ascension Conference. This will only make things worse.”

Xiao Qingge shook her head and said, “The Supreme Dao Palace has already released this news. This matter can not be hidden… And I want to try again…”

“I understand.” Xiao Nian sighed and said, “Ever since the death of the old ancestor, the Xiao family is like a candle in the wind. There are tigers and wolves in Wuyang City. I’m only worried that I can’t protect you!”

“This daughter’s incompetence has made father worry.” Xiao Qingge whispered.

“If we can get the support of the Li family, everything will turn around. Unfortunately…” Xiao Nian shook his head.

With Xiao family’s current state, it was almost certain that the marriage would be annulled.

“Qingge, is it really impossible for you and Li Ran?” Xiao Nian could not help but ask.

“Li Ran?” Xiao Qingge’s eyes were confused. The appearance of a young boy flashed through her mind.

Playmates from childhood, agreements under the tree, parents’ orders, words of matchmaker…

She had been willing!

“It’s impossible.” Xiao Qingge bit her lip. “Li Ran is the Sheng Zi of Youluo Temple. The sect prohibits marriage. Even if he doesn’t annul the marriage, the marriage still could not proceed.”


Xiao Nian’s heart was filled with helplessness.

Li Ran was the only solution that could turn around their situation. Only if he stepped forward could Xiao Qingge be completely protected.

With Xiao Qingge’s personality, she would rather swallow a broken tooth*. How could she be willing to go beg him at this time?

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