Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 240: Leng Wuyans Good Brother!

Chapter 240: Leng Wuyans Good Brother!

Leng Wuyan looked puzzled. “What did you expose?”

Li Ran lowered his head and said, “Master Qinglan must have found out about our relationship.”

“Ah?” Leng Wuyan was stunned for a moment before her eyes widened as she panicked. “What did you say? Wait! Yi, Yi Qinglan knows about your relationship with me?”

Li Ran sighed. “If nothing unexpected happened… yes.”

What the two of them had just said was very clear.

Yi Qinglan guessed the relationship between him and Leng Wuyan. She advised him not to tell anyone about it and said she understood.

Leng Wuyan’s pupils trembled slightly as her cold cheeks turned red.

“My relationship with Ran’er is actually known by that damned Daoist nun?”

Ever since she agreed to Li Ran’s confession, she knew that she couldn’t keep it a secret.

She didn’t care about the secular world, so what if there were rumors?

Just like Li Ran said, at worst, she would just kill everyone in the world.

The only scruples might be the sect disciples.

After all, she was a little embarrassed that she had broken the rules she had set.

But, she never expected that the first person to know was Yi Qinglan!

“That damned Daoist nun will definitely laugh at me if she knows that I am in love with my disciple!

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to raise my head in front of her in the future!

“How about I silence her?

“But she’s not that easy to kill… Hai, what should I do?”

Leng Wuyan pinched her smooth chin and began to ponder.

Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, “Ran’er, how are you sure she knows?”

Li Ran scratched his head. “Thinking about it, I think it was a slip of the tongue.”

He did not reveal anything about the Red Line.

This wasn’t his own secret, it was also related to Yi Qinglan’s privacy.

Furthermore, with his master’s personality, if he knew that he was bound to Yi Qinglan’s soul, she would probably kill Yi Qinglan.

Leng Wuyan nodded and did not ask.

Looking at his guilty expression, she consoled, “It doesn’t matter. Who said master and disciple can’t fall in love? I have a disciple who likes me. Who would dare to have any objections?”

“Master…” Li Ran’s eyes were filled with tenderness as he looked at her blushing yet determined face.

“Even though Yi Qinglan hates me, she’s not a gossipy person. Even if she finds out, she won’t tell anyone.” Leng Wuyan analyzed.

Li Ran nodded in agreement.

The woman promised him that she wouldn’t tell anybody about it. He trusted her character.

“Forget it, I don’t care.” Leng Wuyan nestled in his embrace, her pretty face buried in his neck, rubbing it like a kitten.

Anyway, as long as she could be with Li Ran, she didn’t care about anything.

Li Ran rubbed her head lovingly and said softly, “To be able to meet Master, I really must have done something good during my previous life.”

Leng Wuyan raised her head and rolled her eyes at him. “How did you know that we weren’t together in the past?”

“Master, you’re right.” Li Ran burst into laughter.

Leng Wuyan’s face turned red. “No matter what life we’re in, I’ll always be with you.”

Li Ran smiled. “Then why don’t Master confess to this disciple?”

“Ah?” Leng Wuyan was stunned.

Li Ran pretended to be serious and said, “This time, I took the initiative. Then next time, it’s Master’s turn, right?”

Leng Wuyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You really didn’t suffer at all.”

“Is Master not willing?”


Leng Wuyan glared at him unhappily.

Seeing his indignant expression, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Recalling everything that the two of them had experienced, her heart was filled with a thick honey. She moved closer to his ear and said in a trembling voice, “Brother Ran, Yan’er likes you the most~”

Only after saying that did she react. Her pretty face immediately burned and she lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

“……” Li Ran sat there in a daze, his heart almost jumping out!

His master…

She was so sweet!

He gulped and said with difficulty, “Master, can you say it again?”

“I can’t!”

“Just once!”

“…I really can’t do anything to you.”

Leng Wuyan suppressed her shyness and raised her head. Her face was red as a mosquito. “Brother Ran, Yan’er… Oh!”

Her body instantly stiffened, but very quickly, her eyes rippled and she couldn’t even lift a trace of strength.

Just as the two were kissing, a deacon’s voice came from outside the door. “Reporting to Sect Master, Elder Chang has something to ask…”

Leng Wuyan broke free weakly. Her pretty face flushed red, but her voice was filled with dignity. “I know. Let him wait.”

“Yes.” The deacon retreated.

Leng Wuyan sighed and stood up reluctantly.

Li Ran asked curiously, “Master, why are you so busy today?”

Elder Sun had just come looking for her, then Elder Chang came again…

Leng Wuyan shook her head and said, “The Immortal Ascension Assembly is about to begin. All the elders from the various peaks want to join in on the fun.”

Li Ran immediately understood.

The Immortal Ascension Assembly was the main way for mortals to step onto the Immortal Path.

At this time of the year, a large number of family members would attend and go to the Dao Seeking Platform to test their talents so that they could enter anImmortal Sect.

Because of Li Ran’s strong rise, the other sects were in great danger. They were even more eager for talented seedlings and were especially concerned about this Immortal Ascension Assembly.

Fresh blood was the motive force for a sect to survive.

For the Youluo Temple, their reputation had recently risen greatly and they were in the limelight. It was even more a good opportunity to recruit talents.

The elders of the various peaks all wanted their disciples to lead a team. If they encountered a good seedling, they could also be admitted to their peak first.

Li Ran thought for a moment and said, “Master, why don’t you let me go?”

“Oh?” Leng Wuyan was taken aback. “Why are you interested in something like this?”

Then, he thought of something and snorted, “You want to take this opportunity to meet your little fiancée, right?”

Li Ran smiled wryly and said, “Master has misunderstood. I have made a promise to others.”

Then, he told her about Shen Ning.

Leng Wuyan nodded. “I see. Then I’ll just let them pay attention to her. Why should you come personally?”

She didn’t want to be separated from Li Ran.

Li Ran explained, “Ever since Shen Qin followed this disciple to the Youluo Temple, it has been more than ten years since she returned home. This disciple wishes to take this opportunity to bring her home.”

“Shen Qin?” Leng Wuyan recalled the little maid and nodded,” That girl… Alright, I will let you.”

“Master is the best!” Li Ran smiled and pulled her into his embrace.

Leng Wuyan exclaimed, “Wait a minute, Elder Chang is still waiting outside!”

“Then let him wait!”

“Defiant disciple…”

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