Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 227: Another Master Appeared?

Chapter 227: Another Master Appeared?

“Use your heart to stay in the heart, and your mind to stay in the mind. Your heart doesn’t exist outside. It’s quiet inside. Your mind exists inside, and it’s quiet outside.

“Not a speck of dust can be found, a single thought can not be created, the void spirit can not be unknown, it is clear and self-aware.”

“One spirit, one divine light, and great freedom.”

Within the dragon carriage, Yi Qinglan’s ethereal voice resounded.

Li Ran sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, his body floating in the air.

His skin was transparent like jade. A faint white light shot out, illuminating the entire space.

“To be able to enter such a realm after just experiencing the Awakening Technique is truly terrifying!”

Yi Qinglan was surprised.

She had never expected that such a flirtatious person like Li Ran would be so compatible with Dao of Forgetting Emotions.

It had simply overturned her understanding.

At this moment, Li Ran’s heart was clear.

Yi Qinglan’s voice contained the Grand Emperor’s Dao. Every single word of her voice was as if the heavens and the earth were certain of it, and she had engraved the spiritual sense seal onto his Dao heart.

With the support of this vast amount of power, his cultivation rose like a rocket.


A light sound rang out in the air.

The spirit energy seemed to be stirred by the invisible hand as it surged towards him.

Li Ran’s clothes fluttered, his black hair fluttered without any wind, and his aura kept rising.

Yi Qinglan was stunned for a moment before shaking her head with a bitter smile.

“He’s about to break through? What a monster…”


A muffled sound came from within Li Ran’s body, like a huge bell.

A ball of blazing light lit up in his dantian like a scorching sun, making it impossible for anyone to look directly at it.

“One’s determination, embrace one’s fate.

“Your words are broken, your heart is destroyed!”

He opened his eyes, and they seemed to be filled with a dazzling starry river as dazzling light shot out from them, just in time to meet Yi Qinglan’s eyes.

The air stopped for a moment.

The light in Li Ran’s eyes faded and he slowly landed on the ground.

His temperament was somewhat different from before, and his every move carried an ethereal aura.

“Hu, late-Nascent Soul stage.”

Feeling the thick air power in his body, he revealed a satisfied smile.

With a powerful soul that had surpassed the realm, it was only a matter of time before he broke through. However, Yi Qinglan’s Dao voice had greatly shortened this time.

Li Ran cupped his hands and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Daoist Yi.”

“Guidance?” Yi Qinglan shook her head. “The Clear Heart Curse and the Spirit Awareness Technique were the Daoist scriptures passed down from the Tianshu Institute, and only this poor Daoist can cultivate them.”

Li Ran was stunned. “Doesn’t that mean that I’ve become Daoist Yi’s disciple?”

Yi Qinglan sighed. “Although I don’t want to admit it, to a certain extent, you are indeed the successor of this poor Daoist.”


Li Ran scratched his head.

Didn’t this mean that he has two masters?

Both of them were Emperor-levels. Just thinking about it was stimulating.

Wait, that’s not right. So Lin Langyue was his senior sister?

His seniority had plummeted.

When Yi Qinglan saw that he didn’t say anything, she thought he was unwilling, and she grunted coldly. “What? Being a disciple of this poor Daoist has wronged you?”

Li Ran shook his head. “That’s not true, but I’m both a man and a member of the Devil Dao. Will I not ruin the Tianshu Institute’s reputation?”

“What does it have to do with the Tianshu Institute? The sect only recruited female cultivators. Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to enter. You could only be considered… This poor Daoist’s personal disciple.

“Also, don’t publicize this matter.”

The Empress of the Tianshu Institute had taken Sheng Zi of the Devil Dao as her disciple. If news of this spread, it would definitely cause a huge uproar.

At that time, it would not affect her, but the entire sect.

Li Ran nodded. “Disciple understands. We have a secret relationship and can’t be seen in public.”


Yi Qinglan’s face flushed red. “This poor Daoist is upright. What’s there that can’t be seen?”

Li Ran rubbed his chin, “The upright Daoist Yi, not only did he take in a disciple from the Devil Dao, she even sleepwalked into her disciple in the middle of the night… Wu!

Yi Qinglan covered his mouth, and she said with extreme embarrassment, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Li Ran blinked.

Only then did Yi Qinglan react and hastily let go with a red face.

Li Ran laughed. “Master’s hands are really fragrant…”

“Defiant disciple, shut up!”


The dragon carriage flew across the sky.

The night once again enveloped the earth.

Li Ran sat on the bed and asked seriously, “Master Qinglan, are you sure you won’t sleep?”

Yi Qinglan frowned. “Why do you call this Daoist that?”

Li Ran explained, “Master Leng is my master, and you are also my master. I have to distinguish between you, right?”

Yi Qinglan shook her head and said, “Even though this poor Daoist has granted you a title, I don’t need you to address me as Master. If you really wanted to say that, you would have to delete the other word.”

“Oh, okay,” Li Ransaid.

“Qinglan, it’s time to sleep.” Li Ran nodded.

“Ah?!” Yi Qinglan’s pretty face instantly turned red. “This lowly one asked you to remove the last word!”

Li Ran didn’t say anything. “……”

She rubbed the space between her brows. “Forget it, you should call me Daoist Yi.”

Li Ran was serious. “How can I do that? You are my master. I must respect you.”

“There’s no need. I’ve already decided to disown you.”


An hour later…

Looking at Li Ran who was already asleep, Yi Qinglan’s eyes were a little confused.

The relationship between the two of them was already complicated enough, and now there was actually a layer of master-disciple relationship… This made her somewhat confused.

“But if Leng Wuyan knew that Li Ran had learned this poor Daoist’s Dao arts, she would probably be infuriated, right?”

The corner of her mouth curled up slightly, faintly proud.

Two days later,

Xuanling Mountain, Demon Peak.

Leng Wuyan sat on the phoenix chair in the Youluo Temple, listening to the shadow guard report.

“The head of the Tianshu Institute, Lin Langyue, was rescued by Sheng Zi Li, and his cultivation base increased greatly.

“Yi Qinglan went to the Supreme Dao Palace as a guest and parted ways with Chen Yundao. She even severed the cultivation of the Third Elder of the Supreme Dao Palace.

“Patriarch Huanxi attempted to kill Holy Maiden Qin Ruyan, but was killed by Liu Xunhuan with a single palm strike. The entire Joyous Unity Sect is in turmoil.

“Sheng Ye and Chen Yundao have been very close recently…”

Leng Wuyan yawned in boredom.

As the sect master, she had to grasp these changes in the situation.

But her interest was lacking.

“It’s still interesting to chat with Ran’er…”

“Lin Langyue’s also been rescued. Why hasn’t Ran’er returned yet? Could he have been kidnapped by Yi Qinglan?

“Mm, I’ll give him one last day. Otherwise, I will personally go to White Cloud Peak.

“However, that Daoist nun has never paid attention to worldly affairs. Why would she start a fight with that Ox-nosed Old Daoist?

“Chen Yundao… It’s a pity that she did not kill him.”

Just as she was imagining things, she suddenly sensed something.

Her eyes lit up and she suddenly stood up.

“Ran’er is back, there’s still two thousand miles!

“Wait, this aura… That nun is also here?”

Leng Wuyan’s figure dissipated like a bubble.

The shadow guard did not notice and was still seriously reporting.

When he raised his head and looked at the empty phoenix chair, he was stunned.

“Where’s the Sect Master?”

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