Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 17: Leng Wuyan's aura!

Chapter 17: Leng Wuyan’s aura!

“Sheng Zi, wake up. It’s time for breakfast,” a voice said from the darkness.

It was Aqin doing her usual morning service for Li Ran.

Li Ran rubbed his sleepy eyes. Ever since he had the Heaven Seizing Cultivation Method, he didn’ t need to meditate, so he simply slept at night.

“Good morning, Sheng Zi.”

“Morning.” Li Ran got up.

As Aqin helped him put his clothes on, she said, “I made your favorite lotus soup today, as well as green jade lotus soup and fluffy snow pellets.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Li Ran rubbed her head.

“Not really.” Aqin smiled, her eyes narrowing like a little kitten’s.

Ever since yesterday her bearing changed. With a little less feeling of servility, her smile became even brighter and her body exuded a youthful aura. Moreover, her gaze towards Li Ran became even more attached.

“Eh? “You’ ve already entered the Qi Refining Realm?” Li Ran sensed that she had a completely different temperament and couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Yes,” Aqin replied. “According to the Mysterious Light Sutra, Aqin should be at the early stage of Qi Refining Realm.”

Li Ran was astonished. The Maiden Spirit Body was indeed worthy of being a divine constitution. Apart from its top-level ‘dual cultivation ability’, it was also extremely fast progressing.

Coupled with the extremely profound Mysterious Light Sutra, it actually had the astonishing effect of reaching Qi Refining Realm in just one day.

Li Ran thought about something and frowned. “Did you cultivate all night?”

Aqin nodded in embarrassment. “Yes…”

Then, she added, “But Aqin doesn’t feel tired at all. Instead, my entire body is filled with energy!”

Li Ran shook his head. “It’s true that absorbing Qi will replenish one’s physical strength, but one’s mental exhaustion can’t be prevented. If you can’t focus your attention during cultivation,you may fall into a state of Qi Derivation going crazy as a result.”

“Oh…” Aqin bit her finger.

Li Ran helplessly said, “Lie down and rest. Sleep right here. You’re not allowed to get up until you’ve slept for four hours.”

“But Aqin wants to cultivate…”

“This is an order!”

“Yes,” Aqin obediently walked towards the bed and laid down.

As she smelled Li Ran’s scent on the bed, her heart began to beat faster. Her face taking on a feverish shade of red.

Her eyes were wide open without a trace of sleepiness.

“Sheng Zi, Aqin cannot sleep…”

“……” Li Ran pointed his hand at her forehead and circulated his Qi within her body. Only then did Aqin fell asleep while being dazed.

“I didn’ t expect her to be so diligent. Coupled with the support of her constitution and cultivation technique, her future is truly limitless.” Li Ran nodded.

“By the way, I wonder if the sect master has calmed down…” Thinking of what had happened yesterday, he couldn’ t help but shiver.

“Eh… I should better take the initiative to apologize to her and plead for leniency.”

On Demon Peak…

Inside the main hall, Leng Wuyan sat on her black and gold phoenix chair. Her gaze fell upon the old woman beside her.

It was an eldery woman with brilliant hair. Her body was hidden under her pure black robe, but her eyes shone brightly, not showing any signs of aging.

“Elder Sun, why did you come here today? Do you need anything from me?” Leng Wuyan asked.

Sun Wei, was the First Elder of Youluo Temple and also served under three generations of masters. Although her cultivation base was far inferior to Leng Wuyan’s, her position in the sect still invoked extrem respect.

Even if Leng Wuyan was the sect leader, she had to give her some face. To Leng Wuyan, this was an elder worthy of respect.

Sun Wei put down her teacup and said, “Did the sect master read the news from the central mainland yesterday?”

“This…” Leng Wuyan was a little embarrassed.

Because of Li Ran, causing her heart to be so chaotic, how could she be in the mood to read any news?

“Recently, I’ve gained some enlightenment in cultivation. I haven’t had the time nor the energy to check the reports yet.”

“Alright.” Sun Wei didn’t doubt it. She nodded and said, “Cultivation is of course the first priority, but you are the head of our sect. You can’t neglect sect matters.”

“Yes, Elder Sun is right.” Leng Wuyan accepted with guilt.

Sun Wei continued, “The Righteous Sects’ movements have been frequent lately, and the Devil Sects are unwilling to take it lying down. The Albizian Sect and the Slaughtering Hell Sect take the lead to set up a Devil Sect Offensive and Defensive Alliance. They want to invite our Youluo Temple to join them.”

“Offensive and Defensive Alliance?” Leng Wuyan sneered, “Since when did those Devil sects learn such tricks?”

“I think the Righteous Sects are putting too much pressure on them,” Elder Sun analyzed.

“Both of these devil sects have been acting rampant recently. No wonder it touched the imperial courts’ and righteous sects’ bottom line. Now that they are being targeted they plan to pull others in their muddy waters? Do they really think I’m some kind of fool?” Leng Wuyan sneered coldly.

“What does the sect master think of this?” Elder Sun asked.

“I don’ t care about those sludges!”

Leng Wuyan’s voice was cold. “I’m not interested in what both sides are trying to do, but better they don’t provoke us, or else I’ll kill all of them!”

When saying these words, her eyes were deep, and her black hair fluttered about. Her aura was like an abyss, and she looked as terrifying as a corpse!

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