Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 157: Filial Piety Affects the Sheng Zi!

Chapter 157: Filial Piety Affects the Sheng Zi!

Although the speed of the airboat was not fast, with the help of the teleportation array between the cities, they still arrived at Central City within two days.

Once again, Li Ran couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

It hadn’t been long since he had returned.

However, too many things had happened in the middle, making him feel as if he had passed away.

In order not to cause a commotion, the girls had already changed into casual clothes, and the veil covered their pretty faces tightly.

But even so, her graceful figure attracted the attention of the crowd.

Sheng Zhixia invited, “I want to return to the palace to report. Why don’t you come to the palace with me?”

Qin Ruyan and Yue Jianli didn’t reply. Instead, they looked at Li Ran.

Li Ran decisively refused. “What’s so fun about going to the palace? When the time comes, just send someone to deliver the spirit treasure to Li Manor.”

“Then, I won’t go,” Yue Jianli said.

She would follow Li Ran.

Qin Ruyan said sweetly, “A place like the imperial palace isn’t suitable for this servant. A brothel is more intimate.”

Sheng Zhixia nodded and said, “Alright then, I’ll take my leave first. When Imperial Father announces to the world, I hope that everyone will be present there.”

She felt a little reluctant to part for now.

She was from the Royal Family.

Her status was noble, and she had eaten only the best from a young age.

Everyone was respectful when they saw her. Even for her genius peers inside the sect, they had to respectfully call her Princess Sheng.

But because of this, she had never had a real friend.

On the other hand, Li Ran and the others were completely different. They didn’t even care about her identity as a princess. This made her feel very natural and comfortable.

Sheng Zhixia hesitated for a moment before he walked to Li Ran and whispered, “Sheng Zi Li, you will keep our secret, right?”

Li Ran nodded. “Don’t worry. I will do as I say.”

“Okay,” said Sheng Zhixia.

A blush flashed across Sheng Zhixia’s face. “I trust you!”

After saying that, she turned around and ran away.

Li Ran shook his head.

As long as it did not affect Yue Jianli, he would not harm a girl’s reputation.

He couldn’t do such a useless thing.

Qin Ruyan said curiously, “Master Li, what kind of secret do you have with Princess Sheng? It’s so mysterious.”

Li Ran glanced at her. “If I told you, could it be called a secret?”


Qin Ruyan rolled her eyes at him and said, “In these two days, I felt that her soul was out of control. Something must have happened between you two.”

Li Ran narrowed his eyes. “Isn’t there a secret between Saint Qin and me?”

“Ah?” Qin Ruyan was stunned.

Li Ran leaned into her ear and whispered, “If you leak out the secret, I will definitely kill you.”

The hairs on Qin Ruyan’s back stood on end as her body froze in place.

Li Ran grinned and turned to rub Yue Jianli’s head. “Let’s go home.”‘

Yue Jianli nodded obediently.

Qin Ruyan bit her lips as she watched the two of them walk further and further away.

“I won’t tell anyone about this. Why does he keep scaring people? He even left me here alone…

“Li Ran, you’re really hateful!”

Standing on the busy street, she was like a child abandoned by her parents, feeling extremely wronged.

At that moment, Li Ran turned around and said, “What are you thinking? Why aren’t you keeping up?”

“Ah?” Qin Ruyan pointed at herself. “You’re saying that I’ll come to your house too?”‘

Li Ran replied, “Of course. Where else do you want to go?”

The gloominess in Qin Ruyan’s heart disappeared in an instant. The corner of her mouth curled up slightly as she wiped her eyes.


Li Ran was indeed trying to scare her.

With Qin Ruyan’s personality, she wouldn’t talk nonsense.

Furthermore, when he was trapped in the secret chamber, Qin Ruyan had searched the Grand Myriad Mountain Range for three days. She had even crossed the Vast Land and told Leng Wuyan about this.

Li Ran knew this favor.

Otherwise, he would have recorded a small video of her.

However, he always felt that if he were to record a small video for Qin Ruyan, it might fit her expectations…

The three of them arrived at the Li Residence.

When the guard saw him, he was stunned.

Then, he excitedly shouted, “Young Master is back! The Young Master is back!”

The courtyard was immediately filled with noise. The servants and servants came out one after another and lined up in front of the door.

“Young Master, welcome home!”

Their voices were loud and clear, and they bowed 90 degrees in unison. Obviously, they were well-trained.

Li Ran covered his face.

What a strong feeling.

Li Daoyuan also walked out. He was stunned when he saw them.

“Ran’er, why are you back?”

“According to your tone, you don’t seem to welcome me very much?”

“How could that be? Did you see through this?!” Li Daoyuan looked at the two slim-looking girls with a black veil around him.

“These two ladies are…”

“Oh, they are my girlfriends,” Li Ran said casually.

“Ah?” Li Daoyuan was in front of the three of them, and his eyes were a little dull.

He swallowed his saliva and said, “If I’m not mistaken, this is the head of the Myriad Sword Pavilion, right?”

Yue Jianli said respectfully, “Junior Yue Jianli greets Uncle Li.”

This was her first time seeing Li Ran’s father, and she was extremely nervous.

“Uncle?” Li Daoyuan said doubtfully, “Did you and Ran’er already…”

Yue Jianli lowered her head shyly.

Needless to say, Li Daoyuan understood everything.

“Ran’er, did you forget that your identity as the Devil Sheng Zi? What if the Myriad Sword Pavilion comes?” Li Daoyuan frowned.

Li Ran shrugged. “The Myriad Sword Pavilion won’t know. Even if they were to hear some rumors, they wouldn’t believe it so easily.”

“That’s true, but there are still risks.”

Li Daoyuan rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

He was the head of the Li family, so he had to take the overall situation into consideration. He couldn’t be as carefree as Li Ran.

Then, he looked at another charming woman and asked curiously, “Then this girl is…”

Qin Ruyan sat obediently and said softly, “Junior Qin Ruyan greets Uncle Li.”

“Oh, so it’s Miss Qin… Wait, you are Qin Ruyan? Holy Maiden Qin Ruyan?!” Li Daoyuan’s eyes widened.

Qin Ruyan nodded shyly. “Uncle is right. This junior is indeed the Holy Maiden of the Joyous Unity Sect.”

Li Daoyuan’s throat tightened.

The Myriad Sword Pavilion wasn’t enough, but also the Joyous Unity Sect?

Furthermore, they were all chief disciples. One was second in the Heavenly Genius Ranking, while the other was third on the Heavenly Devil Ranking!

Li Daoyuan looked at Li Ran, his voice trembling. “Brat, you’re planning to eat a feast!”

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