Physician’s Odyssey

Chapter 920 - Even Gods couldn't Resis

Chapter 920 - Even Gods couldn't Resis

Ma Xiangming knew that he had offended someone he shouldn’t have. His father was the Vice-CEO of the Nonferrous Metals Group, so he had been spoiled since he was a child.

He was even involved in gangs and fought for turfs. But the underworld was more crueler than he’d imagined.

There was once where Ma Xiangming was jealous of a green-haired man in a bar. In the end, the other party called two cars of men over. Not only did he have to cut off one of his fingers, but he was even made to pay ¥500,000. Since then, he knew that he wasn’t suitable for the underworld and went back to the Nonferrous Metals Group’s social circle.

Who would’ve thought that a poor bloke who sells supper in the street would have such influence?

Ma Xiangming’s mood was completely ruined. When dawn came, he immediately rushed to the Provincial People’s Hospital with his crutch and found Wu Jun’s ward.

Wu Jun was lying on the bed with his mother feeding him porridge. After Su Tao’s treatment, Wu Jun’s injury quickly improved and he was now able to eat.

Ma Xiangming stood outside the door and hesitated for a long time before a voice rang out behind him, “What are you doing here?”

When He Duo saw Ma Xiangming sneaking around outside, his first reaction was that this man was up to no good.

He Duo wore a pink coat today with her hair draped down her shoulders. Her facial features were exquisite as she wore pink lipstick. Her eyes looked gentle, sparkling like gems because of her constant lenses.

Looking at her curvaceous figure, Ma Xiangming couldn’t help but to stare at her blankly.

“I’m here to apologize.” Ma Xiangming quickly came back to his senses and chuckled. “I know that I was in the wrong and I came to realize my mistake. So I’m here to hope that Mr. Wu can forgive me.”

“Why are you telling me that? You should be telling that to Wu Jun instead.” He Duo frowned, shaking her head.

Ma Xiangming thought that He Duo had a relationship with Wu Jun. Otherwise, why would she help Wu Jun? So wasn’t speaking to her the same as speaking to Wu Jun?

“Oh, right. I still have to apologize to Wu Jun.” Ma Xiangming smiled.

Feeling uneasy, Ma Xiangming walked into the ward and kneeled down, kowtowing desperately, “Big Brother Wu, please forgive me. I know that I was in the wrong, and I’m here to apologize to you sincerely. It’s all my fault. This card has ¥500,00 in it, and the pin number is 888888. If you think that the compensation isn’t enough, we can renegotiate it.”

Ma Mingxiang’s actions left everyone dumbfounded. Who could’ve imagined that Ma Xiangming would undergo such a great change in just one night?

He Duo was also surprised. A man’s dignity laid in his knees, and Ma Xiangming had lowered himself by doing that.

Wu Jun’s parents were honest people. They would've cared if Ma Xiangming was arrogant. But when they saw Ma Xiangming begging for forgiveness, they began to hesitate.

Wu Jun looked at Ma Xiangming coldly and spoke in a hoarse voice, “I won’t forgive you. Get lost!”

Ma Xiangming nearly lost his life. If he died, then his parents would be left alone. The family was already in debt. He couldn’t imagine what his parents would go through if he died.

“Ah!” Ma Xiangming immediately nudged forth when he saw that Wu Jun was so indifferent. “Please! Forgive me! I really realize my mistake!”

Wu Jun’s eyes slowly changed when he looked at Ma Xiangming. It was because Ma Xiangming’s reaction was unusual, as if he had been frightened. But what was he frightened about?

Was he afraid that he would risk his life to kill Ma Xiangming after he recovered? There was no way Wu Jun would do that. If that was the case, then he would be irresponsible to his parents.

Wu Jun cherished his life, especially after going through a near-death experience. So in his view, his life was more precious than Ma Xiangming!

Ma Xiangming was already brawling. He became more frightened when he thought about it. He couldn’t imagine what sort of revenge Wu Jun had waiting for him.

Suddenly, the card disappeared in Ma Xiangming’s hand. He Duo took it from him and placed it beside Wu Jun, “You should take the compensation. It belongs to you. As for whether you decide to forgive up, it’s up to you. It has nothing to do with the money.”

Wu Jun moved, trying to refuse it, but He Duo gave him a wink.

In the end, Wu Jun sighed. There was indeed, no need to refuse this compensation. He just had a near-death experience. If it hadn’t been for Su Tao, he would be dead by now.

He knew how significant this compensation was to him. He would be able to pay his debt and his parents wouldn’t have to work so hard anymore. He could even rent a storefront to run a snack bar. He no longer needed to wander around to earn money. After stabilization, he could even improve his family environment.

He Duo was also worried that Wu Jun would refuse it because of his arrogance. After all, it belonged to him.

“You can go now. You’re not welcome here!” He Duo snapped in a deep voice.

Ma Xiangming was shocked before he immediately fled. Wu Jun had already accepted his payment, which meant that the conflict would come to an end now.

“Alright! I’ll leave! Please let me off!” Ma Xiangming limped out of the ward. For some reason, he would feel pressured whenever he faced Wu Jun.

After Ma Xiaoming ran off, He Duo stuffed the bankcard into Wu Jun’s hand, “It’s good to have backbone, but you can’t be stupid. This is the compensation that you deserve. There’s no need to refuse.”

Wu Jung glanced at He Duo before shifting his gaze away. He Duo was too pretty, better than all the female celebrities he knew. Most importantly, she was a helpful person.

Nodding his head, Wu Jun sighed, “You’re right. I deserve the compensation. You and Mr. Su has spent a lot of money because of me. I’ll return them to you.”

Seeing that He Duo finally accepted the money, He Duo smiled, “There’s no need for you to return the money in such a hurry. Just focus on getting better.” Then, she placed the fruits and nourishment on the table and left.

Wu Jun dazed off looking at He Duo’s silhouette. His mother naturally knew what he was thinking and spoke out, “Jun’zi, this nurse is pretty and kind hearted. If you’re able to find someone like her as your wife, your father and I won’t have to worry about you anymore.”

“Mom, you’re daydreaming!” Wu Jun muttered. “We’re from two completely different worlds.”

In the elderly woman’s eyes, her son was the best in the world. Shaking her head, the elderly woman replied, “I don’t think so. I think that you’re a good match with her.”

Seated by the side, the elderly man frowned, “What are you thinking? Ms. He is our benefactor and we have to repay her!”

Wu Jun sighed inwardly. He was a loser, while He Duo was a goddess. The story of a lower chasing after a goddess only happens in novels. However, his father’s words reminded him that he should get well faster so that he can repay He Duo and Su Tao.

He Duo stepped out of the ward and took out her phone. After a brief hesitation, she sent a voice message to Su Tao, “Ma Xiangming came earlier to apologize and gave compensation to Wu Jun. Wu Jun’s family is now in stable condition.”

A few seconds later, Su Tao replied with a voice message, “Is that so? That’s great!”

He Duo wanted to ask if anything happened last night. Otherwise, why would Ma Xiangming come to admit his mistake and even went as far as kowtowing?

But she ultimately didn’t talk about it. She wasn’t that familiar with Su Tao. There was a possibility that Su Tao wouldn’t reply to her if she asked too much. It was better to have some things unclear instead.

When she came out of the hospital, her eyes were stung by the sudden brightness as she covered her eyes with her forehand.

After Su Tao replied to He Duo, he walked over to Xie Chang. Xie Chang was waving in his direction and smiled, “Boss Su, leave the rest to us.”

“I’m not a newbie with knifes.” Su Tao smiled.

Su Tao didn’t expect to receive a call from Xie Chang early in the morning. They met up at the bar’s entrance and headed to the foot of Baigu Mountain. After setting up a camping tent, Xie Chang and his men dragged out the corpses of two Mastiffs.

Xie Chang placed a red coat around his body and explained, “Although they’re dead, their blood will definitely splash when we deal with it. Don’t get yourself dirty.”

Seeing that Xie Chang didn’t want his help, Su Tao stood a little further away. Xie Chang smiled, triumphantly, “My ancestor was specialized in dog meat. Baihe City now has two dog meat restaurants. When I went to the Ma Family’s house last night and saw the two mastiffs barking at me, I killed them immediately. Then, I suddenly had an idea and cut off the head of one mastiff and threw it to Ma Xiangming’s bed. You didn’t see how frightened that fellow was. It was a pity that the mastiff grew so fat. In the end, it can only be used to handle my craving. Who could’ve imagined that I would have a Tibetan Mastiff hot pot in my life?”

It was a pleasant scenery on the mountain.

Under Xie Chang’s arrangements’ the stove was quickly built with stones and nearby materials were collected. There were some dry branches stuffed under the counter. The fire soon grew stronger with the pot on the stove. Pouring half a bucket of water in, they waited for the water to boil before throwing a large piece of meat in it. Then, oil was added to the pot along with cloves, nutmegs, anise, tangerine peels, cinnamon, and pepper. The water began to boil before it started to simmer.

After a while, a strong fragrance spread out, that even gods wouldn’t be able to resist. Su Tao was fishing by the river. He wasn’t especially someone into food, but even he felt his craving piqued.

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