Physician’s Odyssey

Chapter 899 - New Cooperation with the Aqua Cloud Stream

Chapter 899 - New Cooperation with the Aqua Cloud Stream

Pan Zhuyun treated Mo Sui’er as her own daughter. So how many mothers in the world would be willing to let their daughters cross the ocean?

Liu Ruochen chatted with Pan Zhuyun for a long time that night. In the end, Pan Zhuyun decided to learn about Mo Sui’er’s true thoughts and rushed to Hanzhou City 3 p.m. the next day. As Liu Ruochen had informed Su Tao in advance, he wasn’t surprised to see their arrival.

Pan Zhuyun called Mo Sui’er into the room and started to talk among themselves.

On the other hand, Su Tao and Liu Ruochen drank tea in the office and chatted with each other. After all, it had been a while since they last met.

However, they had never broken contact. Liu Ruochen knew Su Tao’s movements well. Who could’ve expected Su Tao to make such rapid progress. Not only did he join the National Healer Team, but his career also grew bigger. He had recently invested in a medicine factory, which achieved good results.

Liu Ruochen was feeling a little uneasy and sighed, “Based on my understanding of my master, I’m afraid that she won’t let Sui’er go. My master is also a stubborn person. Back in the car, she wanted to fetch Sui’er back to the sect.”

“What do you think?” smiled Su Tao. He wasn’t surprised by that.

“I’m on my master’s side. Sui’er is still too young.” said Liu Ruochen.

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “Age isn’t an issue. I’m afraid that there must be other reasons.”

Wearing a helpless smile, Liu Ruochen lowered her voice, “I won’t hide it from you then. Do you know why my master never married? She fell in love with a foreigner when she was young and got dumped. So she’s worried that Sui’er will repeat the same mistake. She doesn’t like men, especially foreign men. So agreeing to let Sui’er go abroad is the same as sending Sui’er into the wolf’s den.”

Su Tao had actually gotten to know this story from Mo Sui’er. With a confident smile, Su Tao replied, “Sui’er will convince your master.”

“I don’t know where you get your confidence from.” sighed Liu Ruochen, shaking her head.

“Don’t forget that I’m a physician.” smiled Su Tao.

Liu Ruochen smiled, “What has it got to do with you being a physician?”

Su Tao snapped his fingers, “Why don’t we bet?”

“What is it?” Liu Ruochen’s curiosity was piqued.

“If your junior sister manages to convince your master, then you must promise me one thing.” Su Tao spoke. When he saw the changes in Liu Ruochen’s expression, he immediately added, “Don’t worry about it. It won’t be anything difficult.”

Liu Ruochen hesitated briefly before she bit her lips and nodded her head. She smiled, “I want to see what you’re hiding.”

Sitting in the room, Pan Zhuyun said solemnly, “Sui’er, escape isn’t the solution. I know that Guofeng’s death has a great impact on you, but don’t be willful. You’re still young. How can I be rest assured with you going abroad?”

“Master, I’m not young anymore. You and senior sister wanted me to be in the Three Flavour Hall to train myself. I believe that I will be able to train myself better going abroad.” Mo Sui’er said firmly.

“I’m afraid that you will be deceived. Why aren’t you listening to me at all? There’s no negotiation to this matter. Pack your things. We’ll return to the Aqua Cloud Stream.” Pan Zhuyun’s tone was cold without any rooms for negotiation. She knew Mo Sui’er well.

“Master, I know that you’re afraid that I will be deceived when I go to Japan. So I have already written a letter of commitment. You can take a look at it!” Mo Sui’er took out a piece of paper and handed it to Pan Zhuyun.

Taking a glance at it, Pan Zhuyun’s face changed, “Are you sure that you can do it?”

Nodding her head, Mo Sui’er replied seriously, “Senior Brother Guofeng’s death exposed me to another side of the world. I want to go find a new environment in Japan. I promise that I will not fall in love. If I violate it, you can punish however you want.”

Aside from that, Mo Sui’er also wrote some requirements on herself in life and her medical skills. This was something that Su Tao got Mo Sui’er to write after their talk.

Pan Zhuyun wasn’t so old-fashioned. She was just worried that Mo Sui’er was just going to Japan on a whim. So Su Tao got Mo Sui’er to write a letter of commitment to give Pan Zhuyun reassurance.

Seeing Pan Zhuyun’s silence, Mo Sui’er knew that things were going according to Su Tao’s analysis. Squeezing out a smile, she replied, “Master, I’ve already started to learn Japanese. You know that I have a good memory. I can already communicate with Japanese fluently. Isn’t it your dream to bring Aqua Cloud Stream’s medical skills abroad? I’m also making an effort for your dream!”

Mo Sui’er has an excellent memory. So learning was faster for her compared to others.

Pan Zhuyun looked at Mo Sui’er. Compared to their previous meeting, Mo Sui’er had grown more delicate. With a bitter smile, Pan Zhuyun replied, “I originally planned to bring you back to Aqua Cloud Stream at all cost. But I won’t stop you since you're so firm about it. Fine, go if you want. But come back if things don't go well for you. You will always be my beloved disciple.”

“Thank you, master!” Mo Sui’er hugged Pan Zhuyun with tears in her eyes.

When Pan Zhuyun and Mo Sui’er came out, Liu Ruochen was surprised to see them talking so intimately. She glanced at Su Tao with a complicated look. She had no idea what Mo Sui’er did to change her stubborn master’s mind.

What Su Tao did was simple. Since Pan Zhuyun had a knot in her heart, Su Tao just had to undo it. This was the reason why Su Tao got Mo Sui’er to write that letter of commitment.

In reality, Pan Zhuyun wasn’t in approval of Mo Sui’er going abroad due to the knot in her heart. She knew that Mo Sui’er would have new opportunities abroad. As a mother, it was natural that she couldn’t bear to part with her. But as a master, she couldn’t bear to hinder her disciple’s future.

In short, Su Tao used human nature to resolve the problem.

It was a piece of good news if Mo Sui’er went to Kyoto’s branch. She was talented in her medical skills and she could control the situation. Furthermore, she had already considered the Three Flavour Hall to be her second home. So there was no question of her loyalty.

Su Tao couldn’t ensure every employees’ loyalty, but at the very least, he needed some assurance for the team’s representative.

Although Mo Sui’er once did something foolish, she was still kind from the bottom of her heart. Su Tao believed that Mo Sui’er would cherish the trust that everyone had chosen to put in her.

Due to the strategic partnership between the Aqua Cloud Stream and the Three Flavour Hall, 30% of the employees were from the Aqua Cloud Stream. The Aqua Cloud Stream provides sufficient talents for the Three Flavour Hall to ensure their expansion while the Three Flavour Hall provides a high-paying job for their disciples.

Pan Zhuyun was a rare guest to Hanzhou City. So Su Tao would definitely not neglect her. He ordered a banquet in the famous restaurant at noon, laid with famous local dishes on the table.

After lunch, Su Tao went with Liu Ruochen to her hotel. Liu Ruochen realized that after a few months of not seeing each other, Su Tao had become more mature.

Although the atmosphere was a little weird, Liu Ruochen wasn’t too worried about it. Pan Zhuyun was just next door, and she could come immediately if anything happened.

As the two chatted casually, Su Tao suddenly cleared his throat, “Alright. It’s time for the main topic now. Can you fulfil our agreement now?”

“Are you serious about it?” Liu Ruochen rolled her eyes.

“Well, I believe that you won’t disagree even without the agreement. I have a project and I wonder if you’re interested in joining?” Su Tao asked.

Liu Ruochen already knew that Su Tao had something to discuss with her. With a smile, she asked, “What project?”

Su Tao took out a document from his medicine box and handed it to Liu Ruochen. Cai Yan had come up with it a few days ago and sent it to Ni Jingqiu. However, she’s still currently waiting for the Ni and Ye Families’ reply. But Su Tao was certain that they wouldn’t refuse it.

But aside from the funds, they still needed a team with experience. Su Tao wasn’t an expert in acquisition nor did he have the energy to do it. So he wanted to entrust it to someone reliable to execute it.

In fact, among everyone he knew, Tan Meimei was a good candidate to execute it. But the Qihuang Charity Funds was also important to him. In the end, he came up with the idea of finding a partner. So when he searched through those he knew, Liu Ruochen naturally came to his mind. She was someone with talent in business among those he knew in the TCM industry. Otherwise, the Aqua Cloud Stream wouldn’t be flourishing now.

Furthermore, the Three Flavour Hall and Aqua Cloud Stream had an intimate relationship. If the Three Flavour Hall’s expansion could increase, the Aqua Cloud Stream would also benefit from it.

Liu Ruochen read through the plan for half an hour. It was made by a professional team and the content was extremely attractive. However, Liu Ruochen also smelled the dangers in it. “Capital is secondary when it comes to the reformation. We need connections to get this matter done. After all, we’re up against powerful opponents.”

“We’ll be bidding according to normal procedure. But if there’s really no way out, we can use connections. After all, Vice-Premier Xiao tasked me to do it. If they’re not giving me any chance, then I’ll bring him out.” Su Tao nodded.

Liu Ruochen pondered for a moment before she nodded, “Alright. I’ll agree with you. But first, we need to come up with a carrier for the acquisition. I’ll handle the preliminary preparations as soon as possible.”

The reason why Su Tao chose Liu Ruochen was because the Aqua Cloud Steam had some experience in this matter. Before they cooperated with the Three Flavour Hall, most of their income came from hospitals.

The only difference was that they weren’t going to take over a department but acquiring the hospital.

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