Pet King

Chapter 44: Momentary Crisis

Chapter 44: Momentary Crisis

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From Wang Qian and Li Kun’s perspective, their master had ancient wisdom. That conclusion was a matter of course, but the spectators on the forum saw it as clear as a thunderbolt on a sunny day!

The Bumping King and Bumping Sage had been unrestrained on the forum for more than five years. They’d had about one-thousand or eight-hundred small and big online fights, and to whom did they submit?

They disregarded whether they were being reasonable or not, and if they being were unreasonable, they still had to impose some argument points. This pair of live treasures, they finally admitted defeat!

"F*ck! Are you guys saying the opposite?"

"The brain of a spermatozoid also has a limit, you two!"

"Who can contact the forum administrator? The Bumping King and Bumping Sage’s accounts have been hacked!"

A post with red words unexpectedly appeared at the top of the most recent comments.

The admin of the commenter had written, "The Bumping King and Bumping Sage are both logged in on their usual equipment. There is no possibility of them being hacked."

The spectators went into an uproar.

"My eyes! My eyes! The administrator, who has never spoken before, actually commented!"

"Huge worship to the administrator!"

"Two miracles appeared on the forum at the same time: Bumping King and Bumping Sage admitted defeat, and the administrator spoke!"

"Fabulous! There’s no loss in this wave!"

"Could it be that badger apes were pets of the Amazing Fate Pet Shop as well?"

"Above commenter, you are seeking death! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…"

"Above and below commenters, see y’all in the novice area of the forum!"

Wang Qian and Li Kun felt absurd when they read these and promptly clarified, "We are not being hacked. This conclusion was through our careful investigations. We will use our reputations to make a guarantee! If we speak any false words, then these two forum IDs will be closed off forever! May the administrator be a witness!"

Wang Haige forum was previously open registration, but in the last two years, with the nation’s increased reinforcement on internet rumors, it had already been changed to code registration. This meant that if you wanted to register for the forum, you had to obtain a code from an older user. All the registered users of the forum valued their account number very much; now the Bumping King and Bumping Sage dared to use their old forum ID of five years, under the witness of the administrator, to wager a vow. The spectators finally calmed down temporarily and started to take their remark seriously.

"May I ask Bumping King and Bumping Sage, that ID "Qi Qi" said that the Amazing Fate Pet Shop’s pets were very obedient, and you guys were very cynical at first, but now you guys have changed and said that they are obedient. Then to what extent are they obedient?"

"Yes, Bumping King and Bumping Sage, please tell us. We are very curious!"

Wang Qian replied, "Haha, so many four or five month old kittens sit in a row to eat fruits. To what extent of obedience do you say that is?"

"Nonsense! Do you guys have dim eyesight? Are you sure it was kittens and not puppies?"

"We still know the difference between cats and dogs," Li Kun replied.

"F*ck! I really don’t motherf*cking believe it! Do you guys have any common sense? It’s not possible for cats to be obedient to that extent!"

"We also thought that way before we went into the shop," Wang Qian replied.

"As a result, my face was slapped until it was swollen. It still hurts even now," Li Kun replied.

"Did you guys take a picture? Give an excerpt of a video too! How else could we believe?"

Wang Qian replied, "We were too shocked at that moment and were dumbfounded. We didn’t have the time to take footage."

Li Kun also replied, "Seeing is believing. If you don’t believe it, go take a look yourself. All who mess around on this forum are from Binghai City anyways. It’s only a few steps."

"Alright, we will believe Bumping King and Bumping Sage this once! It’s too late today, and I don’t have time. I will go see for myself another day!"

"I will go too!"

"Count me as one!"

"How about we go as a group? I’m a little frightened to go by myself…"

"Frightened rubbish! Just do it if you’re not satisfied!"

"Organizing the group! Private message me to enter the group! And say when you will have time at the same time!"

"One group is full! Opening a second group!"

As a young’un in a new generation with ideals and dreams, Zhao Qi could not possibly stay at home on Sunday, so she went out with Shi Shi early in the morning to shop and look at clothes and makeup, and half a day went by without her noticing. Zhao Qi only window shopped today and did not buy anything, because after buying Lan Lan, she was short of money for the month, and there would be a huge pile of credit-card bills for next month.

She came back home at noon to cuddle and play with Lan Lan for a while, then took a beauty nap. She did skincare after the nap and brushed Lan Lan. Only afterward did she open her computer to go on the forum.

When she logged in to Wang Haige, the "ding" sound of forum messages did not stop. She frowned and opened the message box, thinking that it was Stars’s water army sending private messages to insult her, but she had already blocked the water army’s ID, so she should not be receiving any messages from them.

The first and second private messages were from the Bumping King and Bumping Sage of the forum. Zhao Qi did not go to the chat zone often, but the big names of the Bumping King and Bumping Sage resounded like thunder, and she had even made things unpleasant with them with the event of Stars’s water army.

The Bumping King and Bumping Sage were awful, but their morality was pretty good, and she had never heard them curse anyone with dirty words, so she opened the content of the private message at ease.

Seeing the content of the private message, she was shocked. The Bumping King and Bumping Sage were sincerely apologizing, saying that they had eyes but failed to see Taishan Mountain[1] and looked down at people with their lowly eyes.

"You didn’t have to be so harsh on yourself even if apologizing…" she muttered in her heart.

Private messages had a word limit, so it could not be too long. At the end of the private message, Bumping King and Bumping Sage carefully asked what relationship Zhao Qi had with the pet shop owner, and they also mentioned that it would affect the form of address in the future. Zhao Qi did not understand what the issue with the form of address meant. Thus, she truthfully replied that it was just a relationship between a customer and a shop owner. It was just that she had a very satisfying shopping experience, so she helped the shop manager propagate a few words. As a result, she was slandered as a water army and thus started this crisis.

The other few private messages included some requests for dating and even for one-night stands. After taking one glance at them, she blocked them.

The last message was a system private message informing her that her post had been locked.

Zhao Qi grew angry again. "Why lock my post? Could it be that this moderator of the forum was actually bribed?"

She clicked into the pet area and found that the pet area had a new sticky post: "Regarding the conclusion of the recent crisis in the pet area." The poster’s ID was Silent Hunter.

Silent Hunter was the super moderator of the casual living entertainment area. He was known to be ruthless, with the personal statement of: "Rather kill a thousand than to let one mistakenly go."

She clicked the post and read the content.

The main idea of the post was:

"To reiterate again, the pet area prohibits the stores and water armies that the stores employ from entering. Please post tradings and promotions in the trade area. The results of this event are as follows:

One: ID: xxx, xxxx, xxxxx, xxx, xx, and all the small accounts under the same IP are permanently disabled.

Two: Post ‘Revealed who was the water army of the pet area’ locked due to alleged exposure of privacy.

Three: I have personally confirmed the investigation that the person under the ID of "Qi Qi" was verified, and this person was not the hired water army of the Amazing Fate Pet Shop.

Four: There were some moderators who neglected management of the pet area and are under suspicion of dereliction of duty. Everyone please apply enthusiastically in the recent new recruitment of moderators for different areas.

Five: If there are any objections to processing, please go post complaints to the complaint area."

Zhao Qi read it once carefully, and her anger gradually disappeared. "This recruitment for moderators was pretty fair. Even the moderators of separate areas were about to be dismissed. But when did he go to investigate and confirm?"


[1] A Chinese phrase that describes someone who failed to recognize a great person.

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