Pet King

Chapter 22: Wang Haige Forum

Chapter 22: Wang Haige Forum

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Zhao Qi posted immediately, "My new family member, the little angel Lan Lan."

There were more than one hundred pictures that had been taken but not used. She added dozens of lovely pictures from different angles to her post and put all her effort into editing this post to be as nice as possible, and then she clicked "Post."

"Pet in the house" was a popular online social platform for pet lovers in Binhai City. After playing with Lan Lan for a while, Zhao Qi checked her post to find several comments already.

"Humph, British Shorthair? Nice… Three or four months old?"

"Welcome, new members, to our pet lover family." This guy seemed to be the section administrator.

":) Lovely BSH! One more BSH owner!"

"By looking at the hand holding the cat… the poster must be a lady, please date me!" This one had the potential to be Mr. Holmes.

"I have a BSH too, what is your location? Request mating!"

"Hey upper poster, asking for mating with a three or four-month old cat?"

"Upper, my area is from cradle to tomb LOL."

"WOW, who was asking for MATE? You or Your lord?"

The dialogue became unserious from here.

There were some professional comments as well, "The most significant feature of BSH is ‘round’: round eyes, round face, round paws, round tail end, and round body. The cat in this post looks great and has the capability to be a breeding cat, which is a good deal."

Zhao Qi was so delighted that she didn’t care whether Lan Lan was a breeding cat or not, she just felt happy that her cat was being complemented by others.

She observed Lan Lan in her arms. It looked exactly like what that guy had described: fatty and round, bell eyes and moon face, and alluring and lovely. The longer she observed the cat, the more correct she thought buying this cat was.

She kept refreshing and replying to her post, sharing her joy.

The latest comment: "Could I ask… where did the poster get the cat? All these comments made me feel like getting one."

"South end of Zhonghua Rd, Amazing Fate Pet Shop."

After following her post awhile and finding no new comments, she refreshed the front page of the pet section again and saw a Q&A post: "Need a cat, which shop is good in east Binhai City?"

The name on the post looked familiar to her and had the same ID as the last comment on her post.

Usually, she would never click those Q&A posts since there were too many people asking for help. How could she help all of them? But today was different. She was in a good mood and was willing to help others.

She clicked in, and there were a few comments already.

"It’s better to have a kitten born at home than bought from a shop."

"Buy a cat? There are so many homeless cats, you can adopt one."

"Buy it online, pets are too expensive in local shops and cheaper in online shops."

"Stars Pet Chain Super Market! One of the leading brands in national pet market, you will never be frustrated there! How could a big name lie to you? NEVER, NEVER go to those small shops, who knows whether they will continue to be open tomorrow? I was fooled once and that is the reason for me saying this."

Zhao Qi commented as well, "I bought my cat from Amazing Fate Pet Shop on the south end of Zhonghua Rd. Good reputation, you can take a look. Nice and professional shop owner. Not too many pets there due to recently opening."

After finishing the comment, she was surprised as she was not aware that it was 10:00 PM. She shut down the computer and got ready to go to bed.

If there was anything she regretted getting, it was that cat bed. She needed Lan Lan to sleep with her in her bed!

She never imagined that her comment would ignite a huge war on the Wang Haige forum.

From noon till night, only one customer, Zhao Qi, stepped into the Amazing Fate Pet Shop. The unchosen Siamese and Samoya were less energetic, but they looked much better after Zhan Zian fed them more food.

In the early evening, Galaxy moved its ears and its head after a long, deep sleep, yawning with satisfaction.

"Galaxy, you’re finally awake!" Zhan Zian relaxed a bit, "What’s up? Feeling okay?"

The whole afternoon, he had been worried about Galaxy, but it looked fine, judging by its energetic eyes after it woke up.

"Meow, Galaxy is feeling great! Hide and seek again?" Galaxy, who was now recovered, was eager to play.

"Promise me one thing before we play hide and seek." Zhang Zian stretched out a finger.


"Please do not use your ability for some small issue again. Don’t you know how worried I was about you?" he said grimly.

"Meow, that was a present! A present to Zian from Galaxy!"

Zhang Zian was touched, Galaxy had a beautiful mind as pure as crystal. Although it was abused repeatedly in people’s imagination, it had never been ruined.

"Okay! I accept this present and this will be the only one. If you use your ability for some trivial issue again, I will never play hide and seek with you again!"

His warning was quite effective, as Galaxy instantly became nervous.

"Meow, hide and seek… Galaxy promises! Galaxy promises!"

"All right, let’s play hide and seek!"

Zhan Zian locked the door, ending today’s business.

The next morning, Zhao Qi was woken up by the alarm clock, feeling wet and itchy on the tip of her nose.

She opened her eyes and found Lan Lan sitting beside her pillow, licking her nose with its little tongue.

"Yo, sweetheart, a morning kiss!"

Zhao Qi opened the quilt and held Lan Lan in her arms, hugging it.

After playing for a while and completely waking up, she began her morning routine and prepared her breakfast.

In the bathroom, she stared at the familiar face in the mirror, feeling something was missing....

"OMG! I forgot to do my mask last night!"

"How can I go out today?"

"What should I do…? How about taking the day off?"

Of course, taking a day off was a joke. Doing so for such a small issue was just looking for trouble.

Time went by fast in the morning. Not only did she need to get ready herself, but she also needed to prepare a day’s food and water for Lan Lan.

After she dug out the cat-litter shovel from the package, a sense of sorrow came to her.

"Eventually, I become a slave to a cat..." She sighed, depressed.

Her wonderful single life had gone.

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