Pet King

Chapter 1810

Chapter 1810: [Side Story] the lie of the cattery

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Those who didn’t know anything about pets might not be intimidated by the girl in red’s words. However, most people would have some knowledge about pets before buying them, especially when it came to cat plague. It was said as if it was dog shit that could be stepped on anywhere.

In the past, Zhang Zian had met a woman who strongly advocated not eating dog meat at the door of a dog meat restaurant. Although he also did not agree with eating dog meat, he did not blindly advocate that dogs were human friends, so they could not eat dog meat like her. Instead, he analyzed it from the perspective that there were no large-scale dog meat farms China.

From Baidu, it seemed that countless dog meat farms could be found. In fact, those were all disguises. Even if those farms really existed, they were also used as a cover for the boss. The boss actually bought pet dogs from the dog thieves, slaughtered them, and then sold them as dog meat. Anyway, they had already been slaughtered, so who could tell whether they were pet dogs or meat dogs for breeding?

There was not much meat on a puppy. If they wanted to make a profit, they could only raise it and then slaughter it. However, it was too difficult to raise a meat dog. Dogs were not herbivorous animals such as cattle, sheep, chickens, and ducks. They could not be raised in groups like poultry and livestock. Otherwise, they would bite and fight with each other when they were a few months old. Dogs such as Huskies could not fight, but who would raise a Husky as a meat dog?

As long as one wasn’t a fool, they would know that in order to make money, it was better to keep a pet dog. After keeping it for three months, it could be sold for money. A three-month-old breed dog was more valuable than the meat of an adult dog. In that case, who would raise a meat dog for the sake of faith?

Therefore, a conservative estimate of more than 95% of the dog meat on the table was poisoned by poison needles and tranquilizer guns. Usually, when it came to food safety, everyone was filled with righteous indignation. Now that it was his turn, he even dared to eat this kind of meat?

At that time, when he said this analysis, the others were speechless, because they could not refute it logically.

He wasn’t going to argue with the girl in red today. Instead, he planned to refute some of her fallacies about the cattery. At the same time, he would let the staff listen so that they wouldn’t be so clumsy the next time he met a similar cat police.

“You said that the cattery allows customers to pick their cats at the door, which may cause the kittens and breeding cats to be infected with infectious diseases such as the cat plague, right?” Zhang Zian asked. This was the most common excuse when a cattery rejected customers.

“That’s right, do you have an opinion?” The girl in red said provocatively. Then she turned to the other customers and added,””You don’t know how difficult it is to run a cattery. In the past, you could visit the cats at the cattery. Later, a competitor deliberately brought the cat plague to the door and pretended to be a customer. As a result, all the cats in the cattery were infected with the cat plague. Not a single kitten or breeding cat survived. It was terrible!”

The few customers were shocked when they heard this. They thought about it and felt that it was indeed possible. There was too much competition in doing business in China, and it was common to hear people deliberately do bad things to their competitors.


“Alright,” he said. Zhang Zian nodded.”Then let me ask you, you can’t visit the cattery, but you can visit the Pet Shop, right?”

“Yeah, isn’t this what you’re doing?” The girl in red glanced at the kittens in the shop.

“If the cat plague is so easy to spread, all the pet shops China … No, all the pet shops in the world should have closed down a long time ago, and all the owners of the pet shops should have committed suicide. Otherwise, why would the so-called competitors only open catteries and not pet shops?” He asked.

“According to what you said, as long as one pet shop owner has an evil intention and brings the cat plague virus to all the other pet shops in Binhai city, all the cats in these shops will be done for, and the entire pet market in Binhai city will belong to him … No, this is not enough. Let’s bring in the canine disputes and minor viruses along the way and kill both cats and dogs. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Zhang Zian looked at the customers and shrugged,”but have you ever heard of such an incident?”

The girl in red was tongue-tied.

She was desperately thinking of a way to refute, and Zhang Zian took advantage of the victory to pursue her.

“Let’s take a step back and assume that what you said is true. There are indeed people with evil intentions who deliberately spread the cat plague to the cattery, but the cattery doesn’t have any way to guard against it?”

Zhang Zian walked to the pet shower room on the first floor and pulled the sliding door open.”The cattery divides a room into two parts with a sliding door. The kittens to be selected can stay on one side, and the customers can stay on the other side. You can lock the sliding door in the middle, or you can even make an immovable floor-to-ceiling glass instead of a sliding door to completely isolate the two sides. Is that not possible?” In this way, it was impossible for customers to spread the cat plague, and it was also impossible to scare the kittens. Then, they asked the customers to wear disposable shoe covers and disposable masks when they entered the house. But why were few catteries doing this? Don’t say that the cattery can’t afford the cost. ”

Some of the customers had already sided with the girl in red, but after hearing his analysis, they sided with him again. The way they looked at the girl in red was clearly saying,”Can you please explain this problem?

If the cattery could do it but didn ‘t, it could only be considered as deliberately making things difficult for the customers and creating obstacles for the customers to visit the cats. What was the purpose?

The girl in red racked her brain and tried to explain to the customers,””Many catteries are family catteries, all of which are ordinary residents in residential areas, and many owners are young single women. It’s not good to let anyone come to see the cats, right? There might be danger? Am I right?”

It was hard to convince others with this.

Zhang Zian sneered,”so, in the end, it’s not for the good of the cats or the customers, but for the good of the owner?”

The boy also chimed in,””They’re all for sale, and young single women at that … I’ve never seen any of those ‘female-use’ items on idle fish that are really for female-use.”

Zhang Zian said,”can a young single woman run a cattery on her own?” It’s not completely impossible, but it can only be a small cattery with a few cats. Otherwise, everyone can just open a cattery and make a fortune … I dare to say this, none of the famous catteries on Weibo are run by young single women!”

“Also, hehe … Family catteries, none of the family catteries in the residential area you mentioned have a business license. Which one of them will pay business tax? Which company will pay the value-added tax?”

“Those family catteries even have to avoid paying taxes to the country in order to make money, but you believe that they love cats and abide by the morality of cats?”

After Zhang Zian said this to the customers, he asked the girl in red a question that she would never dare to answer.

“As a China citizen, is the country’s morality more important or is the pet’s morality more important?”

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