Pet King

Chapter 1359 - Deep in Sleep, Not Knowing How to Return

Chapter 1359: Deep in Sleep, Not Knowing How to Return

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Famous woke up. It was hard to say whether his own biological clock had awakened him, or…the Galaxy in his mind had awakened him. Whatever the case, he was now awake.

This seemed to be a very ordinary morning. The only difference was… When he woke up, he unexpectedly discovered that Zhang Zian was still lying in bed.

If the indication that the business had closed for the day in the pet shop was Fina jumping off the cat tree and returning to the second floor, then the signal for the beginning of the day at the store was definitely Zhang Zian getting up. Although the movements he made when waking up were rather light, the sound-sensitive elfins could often hear them. As soon as they heard them, they would either wake up immediately or wait a little longer. The choice was entirely theirs.

Famous was a little confused. Had it woken up a little too early?

No—not only was he awake, the rest were awake as well.

There was also a figure sitting in front of Zhang Zian’s bed. It was…

Famous, who was still rather confused having just woken up, suddenly became alert and immediately stood up. His muscles were tight, as if he were awaiting an enemy.

Upon seeing them, he realized that the figure was exactly the same one he’d seen in his own dream. The figure sitting in the open space beside the forest… It was exactly the same one.

It was Galaxy.

But he was not sure if this was really Galaxy…

Famous’ movements were loud, and the other elfins were woken up by them.

Immediately, they also noticed that Zhang Zian was still lying in bed.

“Hey, useless servant, it is already so late, and you still don’t want to get out of bed?” Fina sat up from her princess bed and asked this with a cool look. “Do you need me to invite you to wake up?”

“Hey? Who is that again? I only know of a lousy man! Is this idiot lovesick again?” Richard usually got up late but was extremely sensitive upon hearing certain keywords. The words he heard got him up out of his bed.

With the ruckus Richard made, all the elfins woke up.

Vladimir climbed out from under the bed and looked up at Zhang Zian with a puzzled expression. “Eh? I thought I heard the him getting up. Did he wake up and then fell asleep again?”

The weather was hot, so Old Time Tea’s electric blanket was not plugged in. He simply used an ordinary padded blanket and wore a shawl. He glanced at Zhang Zian and found something strange.

“Zhang ZIan seems to sleep very little…” he said quietly.

“I know why.” Snowy Lionet licked its paw and said with some hints of hatred, “This stinky man’s ability to skive has gotten better and better. He can now be ranked among the top seven… However, I will castrate him soon!”


Pi opened its eyes and jumped from the hanging basket wicker chair to another chair. The lid of the laptop was open. It pressed the power button, and the computer started up. It ran to the bathroom to wash its face while waiting for the laptop to complete its startup.

The sound of the water that it used to wash its face woke Sihwa up as well.

She emerged from the water, wiped her face casually, stretched her neck, and shouted, “Zhang Zian, give me a hair dryer to blow-dry my hair. Today I want to broadcast myself! My hair is all stuck on my head. It does nothing to reflect my beauty. I look like a female ghost now!”

Before, when Sihwa had gotten up in the morning, she’d waited for the hair to dry naturally before starting to broadcast live. Later, she’d found an artifact called a “hair dryer” in someone else’s live room. After asking around, she realized that Zhang Zian also had one and that it was downstairs. In addition, after their showers, the cats and dogs also enjoyed the treatment of this hair dryer. She was furious knowing this. She finally realized how much precious time she had wasted waiting for her hair to dry naturally.

She asked for the hairdryer to be placed on the bathroom cabinet so that she could get it when she reached her hand out, but Zhang Zian did not agree to it. It was very dangerous to use a hair dryer in the bathtub. Once her hand slipped and the hairdryer fell into the bathtub, she would become fried fish… She did not quite believe him, but there was no other choice. Thus, she could only ask him to grab the hair dryer for her every morning so that she can blow-dry her hair with it.

Her voice was sharp and brittle, and the decibel level was very high. Even if Zhang Zian couldn’t hear the sounds the other elfins made while sleeping, he would at least be awakened by her voice.

However, he was still lying in bed, not waking up.

“Ah! Zhang Zian!”

She raised her volume to a very harsh level and waited for a while. However, he did not respond. He was often worried that her voice would spread outside of his place, causing his staff to think he hid prostitutes in his house. Thus, he would always come in to get her to stop.

“Hey! Hey?”

Pi was sitting in front of the computer and started typing a few words. However, he stopped typing upon sensing the weird atmosphere in the room.

Besides Famous eyeing Galaxy’s back closely, and Sihwa, who was in the bathroom, all the other elfins were concentrated on Zhang Zian.

The air was silent.

There seemed to be something wrong with it.

“Galaxy? Are you Galaxy?”

Famous’ question stunned the other elves. What was the problem?

Galaxy turned his head.

For a moment, Famous relaxed himself. His body was also a little weak after the abrupt tension he’d subjected himself to. He confirmed once again that it was the Galaxy he knew, no doubt about it.

Famous cared about the authenticity of Galaxy, while the other elfins cared more about the abnormal state Zhang Zian was in.

There seemed to be an ominous premonition in Old Time Tea’s heart. He walked to the bed, carefully observed Zhang Zian’s face, and prodded his nose with a front paw. He looked for signs of breathing and, through his breathing rate and body temperature, tried to find out his physical condition.

People who ate random and bad food would inevitably get sick. Although Zhang Zian had been very good with his diet and looked no different from his boxing days, over the last few days, he had been running around to solve the problem of the insects. He may have gotten a cold or a fever from all that running around.

Zhang Zian’s breath blew on the hair on the tips of his claws.

His breathing rate was normal, and his body temperature was also normal. He did not appear to be sick.

It quickly recalled that Zhang Zian had still been normal before going to sleep yesterday. He’d been alive and kicking, as usual. He had been talking rubbish as usual and showed no signs of being sick.

It had heard that many caterpillars were more or less toxic. Zhang Zian’s protective measures had always been top-notch. However, perhaps he may have missed a spot and been stung by one of the many caterpillars. The ailment had been lying dormant last night and only just acted up.

However, this situation was very unlikely, because when attacked by caterpillars, humans would be in pain immediately. It was unlikely that they would not feel the pain. If he hadn’t, he must be really numb to it to finally feel it after so much time had passed.

Old Time Tea used his claw to pull at his eyelids, and the state of his eyelids and his eyes looked normal.

It gave Vladimir a look, and the latter knowingly jumped to the window and pulled the curtains apart.

The morning sun spilled into the room.

His pupils’ response to light was also normal.

The other elfins were aware that Old Time Tea knew some traditional medicine, and they waited for its judgment silently. Only the uninformed Sihwa yelled from the bathroom.

“Hey! Why aren’t you talking? Ah, where is Zhang Zian? Are you going traveling and intending to abandon me here?”

Old Time Tea retracted its claws and lowered its head.

“What happened to him?” Fina asked coldly. “Is he sick or is he trying some method to fool me?”

After thinking about it, Old Time Tea looked up and replied, “Your Majesty… He seems to be…asleep.”

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