Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 979 - 979 One Lotus, One World

979 One Lotus, One World


When Lin Feng’s mental power enveloped this miraculous lotus seed, his eyes lit up. Then, the surrounding space blurred. When it returned to normal, he realized that he was “inside” a white cloud.

“This… This is the sky?”

Lin Feng’s eyes widened. He realized that currently, his mental power was indeed lingering in the sky. This seemed to be an unfamiliar world. White clouds were drifting, and the weather was very fair. Below lied a surging sea and a continuous stretch of coastline.

Lin Feng’s mental power continued to extend downwards. The continuous coastline outlined a huge continent. On the continent, lush trees loomed, and prehistoric behemoths roamed about.

These beasts were all massive, and their bodies innately possessed terrifying power. Although they were far inferior to the 3,000 Universe Daemons, they could be considered invincible hegemons in this world, about equivalent to half-Chaotic lifeforms.

However, there were not many living beings here, especially since there did not seem to be any intelligent lifeforms that reproduced in large numbers. Huge prehistoric beasts were constantly fighting everywhere. The Laws of the entire world were already very complete.

Lin Feng scanned the area with his mental power. The entire world was not too big, only about the size of a hundred of his home planet. Moreover, the ocean occupied more than 70% of the area.

However, with all kinds of Laws perfected and lifeforms reproducing naturally, it could already be considered a complete world.


Lin Feng stayed inside for a long time, but when he exited, he realized that only a short while had passed. This meant that there should be a difference in the flow of time.

Ordinary weak worlds actually had a difference in the flow of time compared to powerful worlds. For example, Lin Feng’s internal universe actually had a difference in the flow of time, compared to the Chaos. However, as Lin Feng was in the Chaos, he was more willing to use Chaotic time.

Compared to the internal universe, the flow of time in this small world just now was also different, and there was even a huge difference.

Perhaps ten years had passed in that small world, but only a few months had passed in the internal universe, or even less.

Lin Feng looked at the strange lotus seed on the Chaotic Lotus. An idea flashed through his mind. He somewhat understood what this lotus seed was. Could this be the kind of world lotus seed nurtured by the Chaotic Lotus, where a world was nurtured in a single lotus seed?

“One lotus, one world. How incredible.”

Even Lin Feng found it a little unbelievable. He had heard of a world with a grain of sand, but he did not expect that a lotus seed could also transform into a world. This was different from his internal universe. Although Lin Feng’s body also contained a huge universe, he had exhausted all his effort to cultivate it step by step.

Back when he transformed into the universe, he had endured countless hardships. But now, just by devouring the energy of a divine stone, the Chaotic Lotus could already nurture a world, and a world with complete Laws at that.

No matter how one looked at it, this was a complete world.

Lin Feng thought that the world lotus seed could also be refined and controlled.

Hence, Lin Feng slowly studied the world lotus seed. As expected, his mental power could quickly engrave his imprint in the world lotus seed, as easy as refining a Chaotic spirit treasure.

More importantly, a world had infinite possibilities!

For example, some special Chaotic spirit treasures that required the Universe Origin to nurture could be put into the world. After billions of years of continuous nurturing in the world, it was very likely that a shocking spirit treasure could be nurtured.

Or perhaps, if some talents needed to be trained, they could be put into this world to be trained, and so on. In short, there were many benefits to controlling a world that were not necessarily an increase in strength.

Moreover, this was only one world. If he came across more divine stones in the future, would a second world lotus seed be nurtured, and a second world be born?

This was very likely. Moreover, through the world lotus seed, Lin Feng was also certain that this Chaotic Lotus in his internal universe should be the miraculous Chaotic Lotus of the Chaos. It was already almost a legendary miraculous item. Unexpectedly, Lin Feng obtained it by chance.

Back then, Lin Feng had only obtained a lotus seed. However, ever since he transformed into a universe and it fused with the universe, it had grown into a towering true Chaotic Lotus.

Lin Feng’s internal universe and the Chaotic Lotus could be considered to have aided each other. It was precisely because of each other that both parties achieved their current results.

“It’s time to leave.”

Looking back, Lin Feng had been on the Hallowed Beast Continent for a long time. What Perfected Lord Long said made sense. If the Perfected Deity behind the Fortune Chamber of Commerce was enraged, and took his anger out on the Hallowed Beast Continent, it would be troublesome if Lin Feng did not leave now.

Hence, Lin Feng left the secret chamber and gathered some Perfected Lords through the Mystic Sky Palace.

Lin Feng summoned many Chaotic Perfected Persons and Chaotic Perfected Lords related to him to the Mystic Sky Palace, such as Perfected Lord Empyrean and Perfected Lord Mystic Stone.

Lin Feng only had one goal. He wanted to ask for their opinion on whether they were willing to leave the Hallowed Beast Continent and follow him to the holy cities of Chaos.

This was a huge opportunity. Perfected Lord Empyrean, Perfected Lord Mystic Stone, and the others immediately agreed. Some Chaotic Perfected Persons who were familiar with Lin Feng back then were also incomparably excited.

This was an opportunity to go to the holy cities of Chaos. They had never dreamed that they would one day have the chance to go to the holy cities of Chaos.

Some Chaotic Perfected Lords even learned through special channels that Lin Feng was gathering people to head to the holy cities of Chaos. All of them requested to meet Lin Feng through various channels, and even offered all kinds of precious treasures.

However, at this moment, Lin Feng did not soften his heart, nor was he tempted by these treasures.

Although he had the Chaotic spaceship that could allow many people to follow him to the holy cities of Chaos, these were all people he trusted. Everyone had stayed by his side for a long time.

As for strangers?

Lin Feng shook his head. He was not apathetic, but could such an opportunity be given out freely?

Such a great opportunity belonged to those who were destined for them. Otherwise, it would not be a blessing, but a curse. Lin Feng did not want there to be any hidden threats in the Chaotic spaceship, and these people could also become his subordinates if they followed him to the holy cities of Chaos.

In the holy cities of Chaos, experts were everywhere. Lin Feng could not rely on only himself.

“It’s about time. Let’s set off!”

Three days later, Lin Feng summoned everyone he was familiar with into the Chaotic spaceship. In the name of the Mystic Sky Palace, he announced that it was very likely that a supreme Perfected Deity would take his anger out on the Hallowed Beast Continent. Hence, he asked some Perfected Lords and Perfected Persons to leave the Hallowed Beast Continent for the time being to lie low.

After all, Lin Feng did not know if the Perfected Deity of the Fortune Chamber of Commerce would be enraged and take his anger out on the Hallowed Beast Continent. However, it was always better to be prepared.

“We’re leaving…”

Lin Feng, Perfected Lord Ziyuan, Perfected Lord Empyrean, Perfected Lord Mystic Stone, and the others had stayed in the Hallowed Beast Continent for a long time, and some had never even left it.

Now, as the Chaotic spaceship slowly took off and was about to leave the Hallowed Beast Continent once and for all, many people also felt a faint trace of reluctance. However, they were cultivators, and they were all pursuing higher realms. Although they might be reluctant to leave at this moment, more people were curious about the holy cities of Chaos that they were about to head to.

Those were the holy cities of Chaos, the center of the myriad worlds, the holy land of cultivators in the Chaos. It was where everyone yearned for. Many people longed for the holy cities of Chaos.

The Chaotic spaceship was also accelerating. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the depths of the Chaos, flying towards the holy cities of Chaos that everyone yearned for.

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